11 Awesome Chaise Lounge In Living Room Ideas

The chaise lounge is by far one of the most underutilized pieces of furniture in the living room. In reality, a chaise lounge is one of the best pieces to include in a well-decorated, highly-functional living room.

A chaise lounge is the ultimate solution for decoration and relaxation. This relatively small piece of furniture is the perfect place to lounge (as its name suggests), and its aesthetic qualities are unmatched. In sum, there's no good reason not to include one of these pieces of furniture in the living room.

However, it can be challenging to figure out which style will look best in your living room. After all, chaise lounges vary in appearance, and you'll certainly want to choose one that will complement your living room's vibe. 

To help make this process easier, we created a list of 11 ideas for a chaise lounge in the living room. So without further ado, let's check them out.

Country home chaise lounge by a window and a large mirror, 11 Awesome Chaise Lounge In Living Room Ideas

1. Relaxing By The Fire With Two Chaise Lounges

Contemporary living room with fireplace, two chaise lounges

One chaise lounge in a living room is already uncommon; two chaise lounges in a living room not only makes a bold statement but is highly functional. This living room setup features two identical chaise lounges that exude contemporary minimalism. They are positioned inward to facilitate conversation and relaxation. 

If you have a small living room or a lounging area, utilizing two chaise lounges is the perfect setup. It's a unique spin on the classic living room furniture. Don't be afraid of being bold and going all out with two of these pieces in your living room.

2. Elegant Chaise Lounge By The Window

Luxurious living room interior with blue chaise lounge next to the window and expensive china on a wooden cupboard

This living room is all things classic, chic, and chill, and the choice of chaise lounge certainly supports this theme. The regal upholstery makes the chaise lounge stand out in a positive way. What's more, it is positioned so that it will be cast in an abundance of natural light. Who doesn't love relaxing in the sunshine? This arrangement is perfect for cozy days of relaxing in the sun. 

Want to know what other furniture pieces you can position in front of your living room windows? Read more here: 8 Furniture Items To Put In Front Of A Window

3. Lounge And Enjoy The Scenery

Daybed in living room and nature view

If the view beyond your living room is particularly scenic, consider placing a chaise lounge by the windows. That way you can lay down, relax, and never tire of the view. This mild burgundy chaise lounge pairs exceptionally well with the living room's tan color scheme and the lush green beyond. Consider some additional accent decor like a houseplant to complement the chaise lounge. 

4. Conversational Setup

Traditional living room with chaise lounge in conversational setup

If your living room is used primarily for conversation with friends and family, consider incorporating a chaise lounge like this one. It is positioned to face the other chairs in the living room, helping to facilitate conversation. The chaise lounge's plaid color is everything cozy and homey, and it works well with the room's overall color scheme.

Without the addition of this chaise lounge, the room would be rather lacking. It fills the space nicely without looking overfilled. 

5. Contemporary Chaise Lounge In Sleek Living Room

Modern living room with fireplace, chaise lounge and TV set

This is a more contemporary take on the chaise lounge. It has a low profile and is everything sleek and modern. In this low-key living room, the chaise lounge is the primary piece of furniture. With this kind of setup, who wouldn't enjoy lounging around all day?

Additionally, it's a good idea to opt for a neutral-colored chaise lounge, as it will blend seamlessly with any living room's aesthetic. 

6. Color-Coordinated Chaise Lounge

Modern living room with Christmas tree and gift, color coordinated red chaise lounge on one side

This is another low-profile chaise lounge that serves as the perfect accent piece in this contemporary living room. The chaise lounge matches the accent pillows on the couch and the candles on the coffee table, creating an amazing contrasting color scheme with the surrounding gray. The chaise lounge is also positioned to promote conversation across the room. 

By strategically coordinating the color of the chaise lounge with the surrounding furniture, you can make the piece more or less of a focal point in the room.

7. Luxurious Modern Chaise Lounge By The Fire

Luxurious modern chaise lounge by the fire

This white leather chaise lounge is situated just off the main living room area by this luxurious fireplace. Its color and texture exude all things luxury living, yet it's still relatively minimalist in terms of design. For this reason, this type of chaise lounge will make the perfect addition to virtually any living room.

This chaise lounge has a full body massage feature. It also comes in an assortment of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your living room.

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8. Modern Chaise Lounges With Entertainment Setup

Modern living room with home cinema system with large flat screen, bookcase and two chaise lounges, modern chaise lounges and an entertainment setup

If you love relaxing in front of a big TV, this is the living room setup to try to mimic. It features two sleek black chaise lounges that are both angled toward the oversized TV. The two chaise lounges have a minimalist design so as to not detract from the focal point of the room—the massive entertainment center.

Consider incorporating a contemporary chaise lounge (or two) in your living room in lieu of more conventional furniture to create a similar aesthetic and vibe.

This chaise lounge is perfect for the living room with a modern, luxurious aesthetic. 

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9. Neutral-Colored Chaise Lounge

Villa with a neutral colored chaise lounge, gray sofa, brown accent room

If your living room has a casual aesthetic, consider incorporating a neutral-colored chaise lounge like this one. Being neutral-colored, this chaise lounge isn't the decorative focal point of this living room but rather a functional accent piece that supports the overall aesthetic. Additionally, the fabric of the chaise lounge matches the fabric of the sofa so as to not create too much textural contrast. 

Place the chaise lounge at a slight angle to break up the geometric monotony of the living room and achieve a more unique look.

10. Boho And Trendy Living Room Accent

Living room with chaise lounge, round mirror, carpet, stool and elegant personal accessories

Being a unique and relatively uncommon piece of furniture, a chaise lounge is the perfect addition to a living room with a boho aesthetic. When not in use, a chaise lounge is a great place to put an accent pillow that promotes the room's look. When in doubt, choose a chaise lounge with a neutral color, as it is sure to suit just about any space.

11. Luxurious Ambiance

Beige colored furniture in a living room, walls with moulding and upholstered center table

As mentioned, chaise lounges are often associated with luxurious spaces, and this living room highlights this. This living room features numerous elegant pieces of furniture with the chaise lounge being the most regal and luxurious. When paired with some decorative accent pillows, a chaise lounge (though different in shape) can blend seamlessly with the surrounding elegant furniture. 

Don't forget that a chaise lounge can be dressed up in the same way as a couch. Go all out with the throw pillows and blankets! 

This elegant accent pillow will pair exceptionally well with a luxurious chaise lounge.

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In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some much-needed creative inspiration for your living room chaise lounge. Incorporating one (or two) of this unique piece of furniture is one of the best things you can do for your living room in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Before you go, don't forget to check out these other guides that might be of interest to you:

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