How To Change A Kenmore Central Vacuum Bag

You are probably wondering how to change a Kenmore central vacuum bag. You have come to the right place. We have researched all about Kenmore central vacuums for you.

In order to change a Kenmore central vacuum bag, you need to open the top of the central vacuum and pull it out. You can either dispose of it and replace it or empty its contents and reinstall it. Here is a quick list of how to change a Kenmore central vacuum bag:

  1. Locate the vacuum bag compartment on your central vac.
  2. Remove seal from debris container (if applicable); pull tab/loop to release cloth and paper bags.
  3. Separate cloth and paper bags; shake cloth clean, and either dispose of or empty to reuse the paper bag.
  4. Replace the paper bag and reaffix both bags into the cylinder.
  5. Reseal and close the cylinder.

Don't stop reading now. Keep going to learn more about completing each step to empty a central vacuum bag and how often to do so. We'll also discuss whether or not central vacuum bags are universal, delve into Kenmore central vacuum bags, and whether or not Walmart sells central vacuum bags. There is a lot to learn!

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Kenmore's Central Vac System

Kenmore central vacuum systems are made to last. They are relatively simple to maintain. Kenmore central vacuums are also upgradeable. They are replaceable as well. There are also accessory kits available for Kenmore central vacuums. You can purchase a hanger made for the hose of your vacuum to keep that out of your way. A tool caddy is another accessory available which is convenient for your wands and power brush and nozzle.

What You Should Know About Central Vacuums

Central vacuums are useful because they are efficient, and they eliminate the need for taking a portable vacuum from room to room in your home. Not all central vacuums have bags. Some central vacuums use filters, while others have a container that you can remove and dump.

If your central vacuum has a dirt receptacle on the main unit, you take off the base by twisting it or unlatching it, depending on the make and model. Dump the dirt, dust, and debris into a garbage bag or garbage can. It is best to get rid of this as soon as possible so that you do not forget and throw something away on top of it, causing a big dust cloud to come up into the air. 

Blue-collar cleaning the vacuum cleaner

How do you empty a central vacuum bag?

You should not need tools or materials for removing the bag from your central vacuum. At this point, you can decide to either dispose of the bag or you might consider reusing it. We've got more great tips on reusing your paper vacuum bags below!

1. Locate the Vacuum Bag Compartment

There are three main compartments to your Kenmore central vacuum. There is a compartment for the motor, one for the filtration system, and one for the collection of the debris. Familiarize yourself by identifying the parts of your central vacuum by opening the compartments to find a bag or debris collection container, filter, or motor.

For central vacuums that open from the top, open the top and remove the bag. Some covers of central vacuums do not latch or need to be twisted. Instead, they simply rest on the top of the cylinder because their weight keeps them in place. For vacuums featuring a debris container, you will most likely see a rubber seal around the top of the bag if it contains a bag.

2. Remove Seal, Pull Tab/Loop to Remove Bags

Pull this seal to free it and put it off to the side. Next, you will see a tab or a loop at the top of the paper bag. Pull this tab or loop to disconnect the bag from the machine. Usually, you will see a cloth bag that supports the paper bag, so you need to lift both out of the unit. Do this straight to ensure you remove it properly.

3. Separate Bags: Shake Cloth Bag Clean and Dispose of or Empty Paper Bag

Next, separate the two bags. Do this by pulling the elastic neck of the bag and tie it to avoid having dirt come out of the bag while you are trying to move it. If the cloth bag does not separate easily, pull it down from around the paper bag. You will want to take your cloth bag outside and shake it out really well to discard loose dust particles.

After you go back inside, consider the fact that there should also be filters at the bottom of the cylinder. Now is a good time to clean or replace these filters, too.

4. Replace the Paper Bag, Reaffix Both Bags into Cylinder

After emptying the bag that goes inside your central vacuum, you will need to replace it. Push the new paper bag into the cloth bag, then pull the elastic neck down the outside of it. You want the cloth bag to fit up against the paper bag. Allow the bags to hang down inside of the cylinder for optimal airflow through them.

The top of the bags should remain on the ridge of the cylinder. Check to ensure the tab or loop of the cloth bag is sticking up.

5. Reseal & Close the Cylinder

The seal that you removed when taking the bags out should fit right back around the top of the bags. Attach the lid back on top tightly and make sure it is secured.

How often do you empty a central vacuum bag?

You should empty your central vacuum bag about once every three months. Another way to gauge how often you should empty your central vacuum bag is by checking it periodically and emptying it when it is two-thirds of the way full. You should also check the filter(s) periodically.

You will want to empty your central vacuum bag to keep your machine running efficiently. When central vacuums become too full of dirt, dust, and debris, the motor has to work harder to keep up. This problem also causes a lack of suction which might cause the machine to overheat or break.

Are central vacuum bags reusable?

You can reuse central vacuum bags. In order to do this, you will need to unroll the end of the bag, empty its contents into a nearby trash can. Be careful not to tear the bag. Then you can refold the end and staple it back together. Try to be wary of how many times you reuse your central vacuum bags because if you do this too many times, the unit may not run as efficiently as it would if you used a new bag every time.

Are central vacuum bags universal?

You can find universal replacement bags for central vacuum systems. It is always good to double-check your original packaging, user manual, or product description prior to purchasing central vacuum bags for the first time.

Your vacuum should come with an instruction manual that will include the type of bag it takes. If a specific type of bag is recommended, go with that kind. Otherwise, using a bag that is considered universal should not propose a problem.

Click here to see these universal bags for central vacuums on Amazon.

What kind of bag does my Kenmore vacuum take?

First, find out the type of Kenmore central vacuum you have. Finding the model number is a sure way to get answers to your questions. You can either check the manual your central vacuum came with or contact a local store that sells central vacuums. If you let the associate know the make, model, and model number of your central vacuum, he or she should be able to guide you to what kind of bag your vacuum needs.

Some examples of models of the Kenmore central vacuum are Type O, L, and U which take the same size bags. Types E, H, and I all take their own specific bags.

Are Kenmore C and Q bags the same?

Yes, Kenmore C and Q bags are the same. You will see them sold as C/Q or type Q-C in most cases. These fit the same canister vacuums.

Click here to see Kenmore C/Q bags on Amazon.

Are Kenmore vacuum bags HEPA?

Kenmore vacuum bags are HEPA. This is so they can run the most efficient way possible. HEPA filters and bags trap the most pollutants of any alternative. They are preferred for this reason. HEPA bags help reduce allergy symptoms and ease other respiratory conditions as well. These are known to trap dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander because HEPA bags are highly efficient.

Does Walmart sell Kenmore vacuum bags?

Walmart does sell Kenmore vacuum bags. You can search for these based on the make and model of your vacuum. Amazon also sells Kenmore vacuum bags. It would be helpful to compare prices prior to making your purchase.

In Closing

The way you change your Kenmore central vacuum bag is by opening the top of your central vacuum and removing it. This process is easy even if you have not ever done it previously. Central vacuums are made to be opened so that dirt, dust, and debris can be disposed of.

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