15 Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas [With Pictures]

Decorating for Christmas is one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit! When you're surrounded by colorful lights, evergreen garland, and various other Christmas decorations, you're sure to feel cheerful. The Christmas season is a time full of friends, family, and festivities. There's something about the Christmas season that's unlike any of the others.

There are many different ways that you can decorate your porch for Christmas. It can be simple or it can be over the top. The sky is the limit when it comes to Christmas decorations. The most important thing to remember is to create a space that brings joy and Christmas cheer to all.

We pulled together some photos to inspire you to decorate your porch with your very own breathtaking Christmas theme. So without further ado, let's get to it!

Luxurious house with christmas lights attached on the porch and fascia boards, 15 Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas [With Pictures]

1. Christmas Light Display

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A Christmas decorated house with blue lighting at the porch and Santa at the front lawn

Christmas lights and yard decorations are one of the most anticipated aspects of the season. Wrap your railings, frame your windows, and line the eaves of your house in your favorite color of lights. The large plastic candles stand opposite each other at the foot of the stairs for a warm welcome.

2. Christmas Wreaths

White colored porch with wreath at the door and red ribbons on the wall lamps on both sides

A door wreath is one of the best ways to decorate your front porch. While it is simple, it's the perfect holiday touch. Red bows provide the well-loved color pop. Hang a wreath on the door as well as each front-facing window of the house for a charming look.

Evergreen Christmas Wreath

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3. Winter Wonderland

White colored house with Christmas tree outside and wreath at the door

There doesn't have to be a plethora of color to create a winter wonderland on your front porch. Wrap the front pillars in a bright red ribbon and fix some dense garland on the portico. If you have an evergreen tree out front, dress it up with some colorful lights. 

4. Rustic Chic

Porch with small Christmas tree on the door step decorated with Christmas balls

Infuse your home and decorating style into the holiday season, too. This style has a gorgeous rustic, chic vibe with the weathered doors, red tassels, and dark green mini evergreens. Berry garland looks quaint in this design, too. The small details matter and help complete the look.

Red Berry Christmas Garland

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5. Mini Evergreen

Porch with Christmas tree by the door step

Dress up a mini evergreen by placing it in a front door planter then adorning it with little Christmas baubles. Planters next to the front door provide a lot of decorative diversity throughout the changing seasons and holidays. 

6. Nativity Set

Luxurious house with Christmas lights attached on the porch and the fascia boards

An excellent companion to all the front porch decorations is the placement of a nativity set. The small mass of evergreen trees stands behind the nativity set, providing it with a foliage-filled backdrop. The house can't be missed due to al the vibrant lights.

7. White Lights

House with lots of Christmas decorations on the front porch

If you don't want to use a lot of color on your home for Christmas, you certainly don't have to! White lights are mesmerizing on their own and have the power to completely transform the home. The front porch looks more inviting than ever before.

Christmas Lights

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8. Framing With Garland

House with Christmas decoration, lighting, and wreath a the door

Frame all the features of your front porch with loosely hanging garland to make a luxurious waterfall effect. A mixture of warm yellow and red lights are used throughout the garland to cast a warm glow over the space. The door is adorned with a decorated wreath and the gifts at the front door add a nice finishing touch.

9. Guided Entrance

Front yard of a house with a staircase decorated with Christmas light up to the porch

Guide your guests up the long staircase with the assistance of Christmas light-covered bushes and railings. Where you don't have bushes, fill in the space with garland (whether it's fresh or faux). Hanging wreaths at each window is a charming touch.

10. Inflatable Christmas Figures

Front yard of a house decorated with Santa Claus and his Raindeer

Welcome guests in a big way with the help of large, inflatable Christmas figures. There are so many inflatables to choose from that you can't go wrong. The jumbo-sized Christmas lights line the sidewalk to usher guests to the front door. The dangling icicle lights complete the look.

Inflatable Santa Claus

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11. Wrapped Trees

Farmhouse covered with Christmas lights at the porch

Sometimes subtle decor is the best option. The warm yellow lights wrapped around the trees out front make the home's exterior look cozy and inviting. The candle placed in front of all the windows is even reminiscent of colonial times when this was first used.

12. Door Color

Colonial house with Christmas decorations on the post and the staircases

If you have a red front door, then lucky you! While a red door doesn't necessarily make the home have a year-round Christmas theme, it comes in handy during the holiday season. It automatically dresses up your front porch just by being red.

13. Color Craze

Colonial house covered with Christmas lighting wreath and Santa at the staircase

Don't be shy with all of your lights. Install them in every nook and cranny of your front porch for the ultimate visual show-stopper. Intersperse different styles of lights and decorations to create some depth and contrast. Even the Christmas figurines are filled with colorful lights.

14. Snowy White 

Christmas themed porch with wreath at the door

When you think of the Christmas season, you probably envision snow falling. Even if you don't get snowfall where you live, you can create your own fluffy piles of snow with artificial snow! Create piles of faux snow underneath some outdoor Christmas trees. The hunter green garland stands out marvelously against the white features of the home.

4-Foot Faux Tree

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15. Red And Green Decor

Christmas decorated porch with Christmas buntings and wreath at the door

Keep the design to the classic Christmas color pairing of red and green. Wrap garland all around the front porch then decorate the garland with red and gold ornaments, berries, bows, and other decorations. If you have small evergreen trees out front, decorate those too! Spacing a collection of candle-filled lanterns around the steps looks warm and inviting.

Outdoor Lantern

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Let us know in the comment section below how you decide to decorate your porch for the Christmas season! Before you go, make sure to check out these home decor guides:

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