Closet Is Not Deep Enough For Hangers? – What To Do?

The typical closet is usually around 24 inches deep. Any less than this will make it difficult for standard 20-inch hangers to fit in. But what if the closet you already have is too shallow for hangers? Here are solutions from experts to help you with this problem.

Walk in wooden wardrobe closet furniture, Closet Is Not Deep Enough For Hangers? - What To Do?

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If hangers don’t fit your closet, then here are some hacks for you to try:  

  1. Lose the closet doors.
  2. Use a hanger organizer.
  3. Hang clothes on a rack.
  4. Try a hoodie hanger.
  5. Make use of wooden hangers with metal hooks.

As you go along this article, we will elaborate on each hack further and discuss other storage tricks to help you maximize your closet space. If you find this interesting, then keep reading!

How To Go Around Shallow Closets

1. Lose the closet doors.

Closets that do not have enough space to accommodate hangers can do just fine without doors. No-door closets are all the rage in contemporary bedroom spaces.

But to make an open-space closet work, you need to channel your inner Marie Kondo and organize your wardrobe. It would also help to add new paint to help everything look more put together.

However, not everyone has the organizer-extraordinaire touch in them. If keeping your closet orderly is not your thing, you can always choose alternative closet covers. Here are options for you that are easy to find and install:


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Closet with curtains

How easy is it to hang curtains? Install the hooks and rod, pick the curtains of your choice, and voila; a curtained closet. Try to pick one that blends and complements your room.

Also, consider the fabric type, and ensure that it is easy to wash. With the variety of fabric materials and designs available in the market, you can surely find one that fits your budget.


You can try stringing beads together if curtains are too common for your taste. It gives a more rustic feel to your closet and gives you an easy view inside it. Different designs are available in your nearest home depot.

Check out this unique beaded curtain on Amazon.

For those who like to be a little more creative, here is a guide to help you install your DIY beaded curtains:

  1. Prepare the materials you will need, like a tape measure, pencil, 3/4-inch diameter rod (wood/ metal), at least 2 curtain rod hooks, split rings, screws, electric drill, fishing line, and loads of beads (one-hole and two-hole).

Tool needed to make DIY beaded curtains, Closet Is Not Deep Enough For Hangers? - What To Do?

  1. Measure your closet doorway with a tape measure, and add at least another 6″ allowance when cutting your rod to size. This way, you get an extension of at least 3″ on each side. If you decide on a wooden rod, choose heavy-duty because beaded curtains can get weighty.
  2. Using a pencil, mark the spot where your hooks will be attached. Make sure that area where you will be attaching the hooks can support the weight of the curtains. If in doubt, consider using wooden support beams.
  3. Position your hooks and screw them in place. Drilling a pilot hole first is always safe to ensure the screws are placed correctly. The number of hooks to be used will depend on the width of the doorway. Per industry standards, hooks should be placed every 3-4 rings 4″ from each other.
  4. Let the rod rest on the hooks, and measure the length of your curtain with a measuring tape. Take the measured length, multiply it by two and add 12″ more. This shall be the measurement of your strings. Cut your strings accordingly, one at a time to avoid tangles. Also, use thin but sturdy strings, like microfilament or fishing lines.
  5. Insert your rings onto the rod. Insert the string into the ring and tie it in place at exactly halfway with 2-3 knots. This is so that you get two lines of the same length. Repeat this step until you have completed the number of slip rings.
  6. You can now weave the beads of your choice. It can be glass, wood, or plastic. Take the two strings and insert them through your first one-hole bead. Pull the first bead to the ring. Repeat this step until only 12″ of the string remains without beads.
  7. To finish off your first string, insert the last 2-hole bead. Position the bead so that its holes are facing sideways. A string goes into each hole, one inserted from left to right, and the other goes vice versa.
  8. Tie off your strings above the bead with 3 knots. To make sure your knot stays in place, drop some superglue over it.
  9. Repeat steps 7 – 9  until all the strings are equally beaded.

Room Dividers 

Modern style bedroom interior with room divider separating it from the rest of the loft

Another inexpensive choice for closet covers is room dividers. It does not take up too much space and can add life to an otherwise boring room. Apart from being a closet cover, you can also use the same item to provide privacy when you need a change of clothes.

Rolling/ woven shades

Rolled beige shutters is on a wooden surface

You can consider roller shades as an alternative closet cover option. It is easy to use, and different patterns and colors are available.

You can also try woven shades if you want a natural yet modern touch. This may be your thing if you want a unique but more laid-back look for your closet.

Installing roller or woven shades is pretty easy. If you want to look through other shade options and learn how to install them, look into this article about 7 Curtains And Blinds That Are Super Easy To Install 

2. Use a hanger organizer.

You can also consider using the width of your closet space if its depth is not enough to fit your hangers.  To address the number of hangers, you can accommodate inside; you can try using a hanger organizer.

Click here to see this tiered hanger on Amazon.

Hanger organizers can hold multiple hangers in one hook. Try looking for a sturdy organizer just like this product on Amazon.

It boasts a durable swivel hook made of thicker plastic with a reinforced joint. It can hold a maximum of 5 garments as long as it is not more than 8 lbs. You can hook this vertically at the back of your closet.

3. Hang clothes on a rack.

Modern dressing room interior with stylish clothes, shoes and mirror

If you want something practical and fashionable, you can use a clothes rack instead of a closet. There are several advantages to using clothes rack in place of a closet.

For example, it allows for easier browsing and organizing of clothes. Also, clothes racks do not have to be an eye sore. There are a variety of colors and coatings to match its environment. You can even add your personal touch to have a more customized look.

4. Try a Venalli hook.

[PIN id=”567594359294519285″ size=”large”]


Another option that is a space-saver alternative to hangers is the Venalli hook. Usually, this item is used to hang hoodies, but it can also work for coats and shirts.

These hangers are made of durable plastic and have clips that help them effectively hang rods with different diameters.

Check out Venalli hook on Amazon

5. Make use of wooden hangers with metal hooks.

Wooden hangers with metal hooks

Wooden hangers with metal hooks are also good to use in shallow closets. Unlike plastic or metal, these hangers are more accommodating since they have a rotating feature. You can position them diagonally so that they fit the closet’s depth.

See this wooden hanger on Amazon.

They have several other features, like being nonslip and lightweight yet sturdy. This makes them versatile for different types and sizes of clothing.

The slim structure of these hangers will also allow as much clothing in the closet as possible. The hangers also have shoulder grooves that will hold garments with straps in place.

How To Maximize Small Closet Space

If you have a small closet, storage can be a major problem. For small closets, here are organizing hacks that can help to optimize their storage capacity:

  1. The most obvious and biggest organizing hack for small closets is to purge clothes that are not used anymore. Sort your clothing items and donate the ones you won’t wear anymore.
  2. Store off-season clothing in storage bags, and if you have some space under the bed, you can keep them there until they can be worn again.
  3. Provide a place for everything and segregate them using tall baskets or containers. Make sure each has a label for easy identification in case you need to access the items.
  4. Use slim hangers to fit plenty of garments into the closet. You can opt for either wooden or velvet hangers.
  5. If you still have space, add a vertical organizer for your shoes. But if your space is already tight, you can use the over-door storage to hang grid baskets and make it a shoe rack or store your accessories.

You can have a look at how these organizing hacks have worked for others in this video:


On the whole, shallow closet spaces can be troublesome for keeping clothes in hangers. But with help from different storage products and organizing ideas, you can overcome space constraints and make the most out of your closet.

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