Closets By Design Vs. California Closets: Which Is Right For You?

Do you need to declutter and remodel your entire closet? Closets By Design and California Closets are leading companies for upgrading your closets the way you want them. But which company should you choose in terms of style and budget? This post will walk you through both brands!

Closets By Design has four collections on which you can base your style and budget. It includes luxury accessories and has floor-standing models without added costs unless you want thicker shelving. However, the company doesn’t offer a warranty.

On the other hand, California Closet offers custom or modular closet structures with various finishes. You get a lifetime warranty considering you own the house and don’t move the closet.

Both closet manufacturers are willing to give you a free home consultation.

Choosing your closet manufacturer is a lot to think about. At the same time, you want the style and product you won’t regret. Learn more about the two closet companies so you will know the details about the design, budget, and what more both offer. Let’s dive right in!

Closets By Design Vs. California Closets

3d rendering minimal scandinavian wood walk in closet with wardrobe

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Custom closets satisfy you with the design and finishes that you want. It works with your space and provides dual or multi-purpose solutions.

It makes use of your wall stylishly with the suggestion of a design consultant. Working with storage can be at hand with the custom structure.

Closet For Whole Home

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Modern laundry room interior with white brick walls, wooden consoles and shelves with two white washing machines

Both closet companies offer installation in different rooms in your house. Not only do you have your closet organized but also your home office, garage cabinets, wall beds, laundry room, pantry, and more.

You can extend the service to your hobby room or small library at home by installing bookshelves. You can avail of their service in almost every part of your house to help you organize and locate your belongings.

Home Consultation

Architect interior designer concept hand drawing a design interior project sketch while the space becomes real, minimal bedroom with walk-in closet, architecture interior design idea, 3d illustration

Closets By Design and California Closets provide free in-home consultations to interested clients. The design consultant will help you achieve your desired design with a 3D presentation.

As for California Closets, the company may require a follow-up consultation for the 3D viewing. You can sign up for a free consultation through the companies’ websites with a listed hotline number.

You can have your free consultation the same week you set it up on their website. It entails a lot of measurements and coming up with your desired design.

Style Collections & Finishes

Styrofoam sheets on white background Foam Board Stack A fragment of a wooden panel hardwood 3d illustration

Closets By Design offers solid colors, woodgrains, and textured finishes with four design collections; everyday, classic, regency, and brio collection. Each has a different style:

  • Everyday Collection. It gives you a fresh and modern look with straight-edge panels and adjustable shelves at a reasonable price.
  • Classic Collection. It sides more to a traditional style with soft corner treatment with a dozen choices of materials and colors.
  • Regency Collection. It exudes sophistication with spacious storage like an ambiance of a luxurious wardrobe.
  • Brio Collection. It’s a fan of wood finishes, such as cypress and fir, at an affordable price. It’s an exciting design with a modern and extraordinary touch.

California Closets satisfies you with custom closets and cabinets with laminated shelves from reprocessed wood fiber. And it has a harmoniously saturated palette with  a wide range of finish collections:

  • CC Luxe Matte Collection. It’s a matte selection with creamy colors that withstand scratches and marks.
  • CC Wood Grain Collection. It takes up the character of wood finishes from fine to rough grains.
  • CC Specialty Collection. It reflects the linen and painted wood appearance.
  • Classic White. It offers timeless white with coordinating colors or design that provides an accent.

Custom Variety

Both closet manufacturers offer a design that considers your space. However, Closets By Design tend to provide more in terms of flow-standing materials and additional luxury accessories.

Kick-plate bumps and other accessories, such as soft-close drawers, lighting, or shoe shelves, increase the price.

Both products offer added costs for thicker laminated shelves. The design consultants are experts in maximizing your space, may it be a walk-in closet or pantry.


Wooden table top or shelf with white piggy bank with coins, modern white kitchen and dining room, expensive home interior design, renovation restructuring concept architecture, 3d illustration

Closets By Design has a ready collection on which to base your budget. However, since it’s custom-made, there’s no general quote for pricing.

It all depends on the number of shelves, accessories, and the complexity of the design.

California Closets sets its Everyday structure modular closet at a starting price of around $800. But it’s also custom-made. So, the larger the size and the more unique and stylish your design is, the more expensive it can be.

Nationwide Stores

Modern luxury dressing room interior, walk -in closet white wardrobe on marble floor ,3d rendering

Both companies have a nationwide network of physical stores and hundreds of design consultants for in-home and online consultations.

California Closets have more than 150 showrooms and around 800 design consultants available nationwide, while Closets By Design is available in more than 50 locations with five offices.

Installation Process

Interior design decor furnishing of luxury show home bedroom showing walk in wooden wardrobe closet furniture

California Closets initiates the installation two weeks after the contract signing with all the materials ready and professional installers.

There can be delays in supplies at times due to the unavailability of items. It’s better to consult them regarding your materials’ availability if you want to have them installed within your set period.

California Closets installers work on a blank slate. The homeowner should process the removal of the old closet and clean up the area, ensuring that the wall is ready for wall-mount installation.

The proper installation usually takes around 4 to 5 hrs. You have an unlimited lifetime warranty as you don’t move the closet and own the house.

Closets By Design offers the service of expert installers that usually provide a 1-day proper installation. However, it only offers a limited warranty.

How To Know What Closet Is Right For You

You can’t help but be confused with all the choices and finishes because other designs are too good that they are tempting. Here are simple tips to determine which is the right closet for you.

  1. Opt for maximum space with your storage, shelves, and more.
  2. Learn some folding techniques and your habits of storing clothes to come up with the correct sizes and numbers of shelves you want.
  3. Set up angled lights. It is easier to find your items with lights installed in the corners of your closet.
  4. Consider a sitting area. Sitting gives you a view of your closet from a different angle. A chair will do for your closet if it’s your habit to sit while dressing up.
  5. Consider hanging a mirror. A mirror and its location are important in closets to ensure you’re ready to go out without malfunctions on your clothes or even accessories.
  6. Add ventilation. A closet that is so tight without air circulation can attract mold and mildew. Make sure to maximize every space but with enough space for air.
  7. Be realistic with the size of your closet. More clothes call for much space. And if you shop every month, then more need a bigger closet.

Do Custom Closets Increase Home Value?

Installing a custom closet in your room will give a higher value to your house. It will add up to your initial home investment.

Also, adding a custom closet in an empty room makes it more stylish and furnished and upgrades it to an instant bedroom.

What Is The Best Material For A Custom Closet?

3d rendering minimal scandinavian wood walk in closet with wardrobe, Closets By Design Vs. California Closets Which Is Right For You

Wood and melamine are the top materials for a custom closet.

These materials are durable, versatile, and have a smooth appearance. One characteristic of melamine is that it is heat-resistant, meaning it doesn’t warp or shrink in the heat.

It also has a resin coating that slips water away from the surface.

While wood is also preferred due to its availability and resistance to pests and bugs, it can carry heavy loads of clothes or shoes while also getting a rustic look. However, the material tends to be pricey.


Closets By Design has four collections that fit various budget levels, with California closets offering the same number of collections–although they tend to be expensive.

California Closets make you pay additional with other luxury accessories but offer an unlimited lifetime warranty which Closets By Design doesn’t do.

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  1. Closets By Design in Florida DOES offer lifetime warranty, that’s even in the houses name! So it’s transferrable!

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