81 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Coastal decor is a decorating style that evokes feelings of relaxation and simplicity. The style consists of light colors, natural light, seaside treasures, and organic materials such as wood, cotton, and linen. Common colors you'll see include shades of beige, white, grey, blue, and green.

81 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

When a coastal decorating style surrounds you, you'll likely feel a sense of peace and relaxation. The light colors and airiness associated with this style do the trick. No sand or saltwater required to bring this look into your home.

Maybe you're just looking to transform one room or a select few into a coastal paradise. Consider turning your bathroom into a coastal dream space. When you wake up in the morning and head into the bathroom, you'll be surrounded by serenity first thing. We have compiled many coastal bathroom pictures below to inspire you and encourage to start designing your very own coastal bathroom!

1. Open Spaces

Modern japanese style resort bathroom

Notice the wide open spaces in this bathroom. This opens the space, gives you room to walk around, and prevents clutter from accumulating.

2. Neutral Tones

Modern hotel resort bathroom

The neutral tones of this bathroom are light and airy, giving off subtle coastal vibes. The circular tub adds more shape and interest to the room. The glass tiles in the shower provide natural light without sacrificing privacy.

3. Bathe with a View

Luxury villa bathroom with sea view

Bring the coast into the bathroom with you when your room overlooks the water. The solitary tub immerses you into the coastal vibe.

4. Solitary Tub

Luxury resort bathroom with ocean view

Clean white walls and dark wooden trim highlight the view outside of your bathroom. Bathe with the breeze of the ocean.

5. Textured Walls and Paneled Ceiling

Luxury beach villa bathroom with sea view

In this bathroom, you're immersed into the classic coastal aesthetic. The organic material on the walls and ceilings do just the trick.

6. Soft Hues and Airiness

The collaboration of soft blue, white, and gold create a soft atmosphere full of light airiness. It's a coastal look without the use of strictly "coastal" items.

7. Ocean Blue Tile Work

The smoothed pebble shower floor and blue tiles pull you directly to the beach, giving you a sense of tranquility. This space doesn't lack the showering of natural light.

8. Playfulness with Texture and Patterns

Installing a textured wallpaper adds incredible depth to the room. The navy blue color helps the white and marble elements to stand out and foster a sense of harmony.

9. Breezy Blues and Whites

Soft blues, whites, and greys complement each other in a space like this one. The light fixture is made of flat coral pieces wrapped around each other. The driftwood wreath adds airiness.

10. Backlit Mirrors for a Warm Glow

In order to create an even warmer glow in your bathroom, consider placing lights behind your twin mirrors. Also, the extra light will help you in your morning routine!

11. Subtle Coastal Aesthetic

Create a subtle coastal aesthetic when you incorporate colors like light grey, white, silver, and natural wood. The grain of this wood is reminiscent of the beach.

12. Clean White

All white rooms evoke a sense of crisp cleanliness. Using these colors highlights the accents you choose to place around the bathroom.

13. Mermaid Tile

Did you know that even the shape of the tile you choose can help create the design look that you're seeking? The shape of these tiles are reminiscent of scales, adding a fun and unique element.

14. Bold Lighting

The woven basket light fixture provides the perfect amount of a coastal feeling without going over the top. The pop of yellow offers a touch of sunny cheeriness.

15. Statement Wall

Make a statement in your bathroom with the addition of a bright colored tiled wall. This can make your room come to life, especially with other pieces complementing the color.

16. Whimsical and Fresh

The whites, creams, and golds of this room are whimsical and fresh. The wainscoting and paneled walls increase the refreshing elegance of the bathroom.

17. Harmonious Hues

Add in a patterned floor to break up the other solid colors used in the space. The ocean blues are the perfect touch.

18. Navy Blue Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is a super easy way to spruce up your bathroom; painting it a warm navy blue gives it the right amount of coastal feel. Wooden elements add in a sense of organic warmth.

19. Organic Elements

The wooden elements coupled with the cotton and linen towels and window treatments are simple yet fresh.

20. Sense of Open Space

Make a space look even more wide open by the tasteful use of white and light colored tiles and walls. Your space will also benefit from an all glass shower .

21. Tropical Vegetation

The inclusion of a tropical plant brings a sense of the outdoors into your bathroom. The liveliness it adds is unparalleled.

22. Fresh Coat of Paint

A light blue hue brings out a coastal feeling paired with the woven basket, blown glass vase, and tropical blooms.

23. Beach Decor

With neutral tones, one of the best ways to design a coastal aesthetic is through accents and decor. The vase is filled with branches that could be gathered on the beach. Add in a golden turtle shell and other beach finds.

24. Seashell Glimmer

Have you seen the shimmer inside of a beautiful seashell? Be reminded of these gorgeous beach finds by installing glimmering tile like so in this bathroom.

25. Pop of Turquoise

A wonderful way to bring in a zing of color is through a carefully planned out installation of colored tile in a nook of your bathroom.

26. Bring in the Colored Accents

Using a coral colored rug brings in a coastal vibe. Pair it with tropical vegetation for a complete look.

27. Nautical Stripes

As one of the most recognizable patterns, nautical stripes are automatically associated with the beach. Make the stripes a little more interesting by using small colored tiles.

28. Exposed Wooden Beams

If you can, take advantage of exposed wooden beams in the bathroom. These beams accentuate and open up the space up. The light linen curtains are airy and fresh.

29. Maintain the Theme

Carry the coastal theme throughout your house for the most impact. This bathroom pulls together a calming coastal effect with the earth tones and ocean blue textured wallpaper.

30. All about Tile

Install a stunning wall of tile in your bathroom for a gorgeous finish. The light turquoise hues coupled with the crisp white pack a punch.

31. Driftwood

The lighting in this bathroom is reminiscent of driftwood that you may find on your stroll along the beach.

32. Organic Wood Vanity

Using wooden elements really brings out the raw, natural feel of the coast. The wood vanity is both durable and attractive.

33. Let the Accents do the Talking

If you have a plain Jane bathroom, you can dress up its style however you want. The inclusion of beach tones gives it the ideal coastal feel.

34. Coastal Tones

The wall art is the glue for this coastal bathroom. It calls focus to itself and the other pieces complement its aesthetic.

35. Inviting Atmosphere

Create an inviting atmosphere in your bathroom with the coastal design. The light neutral tones will leave you feeling refreshed.

36. Contemporary Coastal

Design an exquisite contemporary coastal bathroom by giving a modern design a coastal makeover.

37. Turquoise Tones

The mermaid tiles make your shower the focal point of the bathroom. Turn your lackluster space into a gorgeous statement.

38. Let the Walls Talk

Consider covering your walls in different materials: a fresh coat of paint on one side and a fun wallpaper on the other.

39. Minimalistic Coastal

Even if you seek a minimalistic approach in style, you can achieve the coastal appeal. Let the colors you choose reflect a soft coastal look.

40. Shiplap and Neutral Tones

The pairing of shiplap and neutral tones in this bathroom form a wonderful product. The dark wooden cabinet and aged vase add in a cozy cottage feel.

41. Patterned Tile

In an otherwise simple bathroom, the patterned tile incorporated throughout adds interest to the space.

42. Sleek Coastal

With the help of shiny-edged mirrors and modern light fixtures, you can give your bathroom a sleek coastal feel.

43. Navy and White

The stark contrast of navy and white provides a clear nautical design in the bathroom. The blue vanity steals the attention of the room.

44. Accent Color Throughout

Pulling your accent color throughout your bathroom ties the room together very nicely. You can see the color throughout the room in the towels, floor, shower, and even the soap dispenser.

45. Golden Tones

Gold serves as a beautiful complement to the wooden vanity, white shiplap, and glass light fixtures.

46. Shapely Rooms

Turn your uniquely shaped bathroom into a coastal oasis. Combine soft seashell tones with muted earth tones.

47. Ships Ahoy

Get playful in the bathroom with fun statement wallpaper, rope accents, and little mosaic tiles on the floor.

48. American Coastal

This American coastal bathroom is all things light, airy, and filled with seaside treasures.

49. Soft Colors

Use soft, muted colors to reflect those you would find in nature on the beach.

50. A Wealth of Natural Light

Skylights, stretching windows, and large mirrors accentuate natural light and its calming effects. The rustic boards used on the walls provide a warm cottage feel.

51. Grand Coastal

Create a grand coastal appeal with marble, white subway tiles, and a beautiful porcelain tub.

52. Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper and woven baskets evoke a subtle coastal aesthetic to the room.

53. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint has the capacity to completely transform your bathroom.

54. Jute Accents

Keep your floors dry with a jute rug like this one. The natural fibers of this rug provide texture and shape in the room.

55. Pattern and Texture

Play with texture and pattern to design an eye-catching room.

56. Gorgeous Coastal

Choose light blue, gold, and silver tones to create a gorgeous coastal vibe. Starfish placement wraps up the look nicely.

57. Bamboo Shades

Bring the outside indoors with bamboo shades that provide coastal aesthetic and privacy when needed.

58. Shabby Chic Coastal

Dark shiplap walls, woven baskets, matching vintage vanity and mirror, and beach collections are all incorporated into this space to create an inviting shabby chic and cottage coastal aesthetic.

59. Organic Features

The rough-hewn vanity looks chic in this space and complements the deep blue subway tiles.

60. Contemporary Artwork

The bright white shiplap highlights the striking contemporary, beach-toned artwork.

61. Solid Grey

Partner white and grey for a simple and clean cut coastal appeal.

62. Accent Pieces

Carefully select your accent wall pieces for creating a fluid coastal design.

63. Color Pop

The color combinations of white, yellow, and blue are a playful rendition of the nautical aesthetic.

64. Sea Glass Blue

Don your bathroom in all shades of gorgeous sea glass blues.

65. Porthole Window

If you have a rounded window, you're destined to create a coastal space. Create symmetry with coastal artwork framing your window.

66. Classic and Clean

One classic coastal color combination is white and blue. This combo is high impact and refreshing.

67. Beach Collections

Display your beach collections on a built in shelf above your bathtub to bring in a sense of your own personality.

68. Sophisticated and Fresh

If you want a slight coastal feel but want to keep your space sophisticated, look no further than this photo for inspiration.

69. Ocean Movement

Immerse yourself into the gentle movement of waves with this cool blue tile and wavy white shower wall.

70. Warm Wood

The warm wood used in this space easily complements the weathered wainscoting and soft green wall color.

71. Grey and White

Cooling grey and white colors are classy and refreshing. Crisp linens and tropical plants complete the seaside escape.

72. Tropical Coastal

Tropical coastal aesthetics consist of bright yet tasteful colors. While the room remains simple you can enjoy the colors throughout the space.

73. Surf Shack

Pay homage to a relaxed lifestyle with the addition of a surfboard and earth tones.

74. Oriental Coastal

Give your bathroom a coastal oriental aesthetic with blue bamboo wallpaper, an orchid plant, and a crane painting.

75. Ocean Hues

Sandy browns and cool blues will remind you of a perfect beach day. The colors keep the space fresh and clean.

76. Nautical Take

A porthole mirror, metallic lighting, and nautical stripes are all you need for a sleek coastal bathroom.

77. Woven Wonders

Make your bathroom feel like a modern coastal Mediterranean room with woven features and crisp colors and patterns.

78. Exquisite Lighting

Make a statement in your bathroom through the careful selection of lighting.

79. Seaside Cottage Appeal

Feel tucked into a quaint seaside cottage with a design like this one. The woven basket and wicker chair complement the soft hues used in the space.

80. Statement Art

A wonderful way to ensure your bathroom has a coastal vibe is through the artwork you display.

81. Sea Glass Tile

This bathroom design is perfectly light and airy. The wooden vanity is light and the countertop looks like sand granules. The tiles on the wall appear like sea glass and provide movement.

81 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

81 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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