99 Coastal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Coastal design is a great way to add a light, relaxed feel to any space. When using it in your bedroom it's perfect for creating a peaceful place to wind down at the end of a long day.

99 Coastal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire YouLight, natural colors like pale blue and greens combined with greys and white are staples for this look. Materials such as jute, light-colored wood, and wicker are definitely going to help create a coastal vibe. Natural fibers like linen, cotton, and wool are also favorites for this casual style.

Keep reading for 99 examples of coastal bedrooms, or spend some time looking at the video that we've put together (it only shows some of the designs, so make sure you read the post as well).

Let's take a closer look at the designs.

Peaceful Neutrals

Bedroom in a hotel resort villa with sea view

Neutral colors are used throughout this room with blue pillows to tie in the ocean outside. Light-colored wood also features on the trim and beds.

Light and Bright

White tropical bedroom interior

Light colors are a must with coastal design. This room focuses on that with white walls, furniture, and plant pots, only adding deeper blues in the bedding and lamp bases for some depth.


Sea Tones

White modern bedroom interior with sea view

This room sticks to the bright whites for an airy feel in the room. Color comes into play in a focus wall behind the bed with various colors straight from the sea.

Casual Romance

Tropical themed bedroom with house plants

This room has a romantic air created by the sheer curtain over the canopy. Soft greys and deep greens add warmth and visual interest to the room.

Warm Browns

Tropical themed bedroom in a house by the beach

Light brown wood and white bedding matched against darker walls and a rug make this room bright while also warm and inviting.

Sand and Palms

Tropical hotel rattan bedroom

The sandy color of the walls in this room brings to mind warm beaches, while the use of palm tree decor adds a tropical vibe. Natural, woven elements in the furniture are also great additions to this design.

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Nautical Nursery

Nautical bedroom interior design

White, grey and deep blue make this nursery a beautiful and calm space for a little one. The addition of nautical elements like the anchor and life preserver makes this design firmly coastal.

Grey and Beige

Minimalist sea view bedroom in a luxury beach house

The use of beige and white in this room are classic for coastal decor, while the blue-grey wall and driftwood bring elements of the sea indoors.

Grey Tones

Minimalist interior bedroom design with sea view at villa

The neutral colors of this room in different shades of grey, as well as brilliant white walls and natural light, make the room bright yet relaxed.

Light Browns

Minimalist bedroom interior with sea view

The huge windows in this room bring in a ton of natural light, while the simple furniture, as well as the warm brown color scheme, are classic coastal.

Blue Lagoon

Minimalist beach house interior

This tropical coastal room sticks with a simple design but has an infusion of bright and bold colors both on the walls and in the artwork.

Emerald Green Accents

Luxury resort bedroom with beach view

A simple design and light neutrals let the dark emerald green accents that bring to mind the ocean stand out.

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Breezy Bedroom

Luxury modern bedroom by the beach

Light, floaty fabrics for the curtains in white let in natural light that reflects off the lighter colors for a beach resort retreat.

Contemporary Coastal

Luxury hotel room suite with sea view

This room is a great example of a contemporary style in coastal design. Light neutral colors, minimalist furniture, and simple artwork are staples in this look.

Dark Browns and Light

Luxury beach villa overlooking sea

The shades of brown and beige in this room are darker than what you would expect in a coastal room, but here they work to keep the room relaxing while the white linens and natural light brighten the room.

Spot of Sun

Luxury beach villa bedroom with pool and overlooking sea

This room uses neutral colors to create a calm and relaxed vibe while the bright natural light and bold yellow pillows bring energy to the design.

Wood and Creams

Luxury beach house bedroom with parquet flooring

Cream colors and light wood elements blend together to create this beautiful coastal bedroom. A rough brick wall and the fireplace add hints of rustic tones to bring warmth to the room.

Blue and White

Cozy white bedroom with bicycle painting and beach view windows

A classic color scheme for the coastal design, the blue and white keep the room fresh and peaceful. Natural light from the French doors and window add to the ambiance of the room.

Warm vs Light

Cozy bedroom with a beach view

Natural light and warm elements in the bedding bring the outdoors in, a staple for this design.

Seaglass Blue

Coastal bedroom design in a wooden house

Using the light and bright blue-green tone in this room in combination with the white elements, woven baskets, and the coral and starfish decor makes this room bright, fresh.

Natural Elements

This bedroom uses natural fibers in beige and white to create a light and bright space. The wooden nightstand and bed bring in the light wood that's a favorite in coastal looks.

Peaceful Light

This room uses white and light beige to really emphasize the natural light that's coming in from the giant windows and give this room a calm vibe. Woven tassels, baskets, and dried plants bring in elements straight from the beach.

Wicker Bench

The wicker bench and its linen cushion, as well as the lighter color scheme in this room,  create a fresh and breezy atmosphere.

Cottage on the Coast

This room uses a modge-podge of textures, materials, and colors to create a homey space. The use of light wood, natural tones, and the woven elements give it a definite coastal vibe.

Rustic Vibe

This room pulls rustic elements into its coastal design. The distressed shutters and nightstand as well as the exposed brick pair beautifully with the soft grey and beige color scheme to create a soft and relaxed beachy feel.

Geometric Pulse

A fun geometric print gives this room a playful vibe. The white and beige color scheme, as well as the blue throw pillows, simple furniture, and plants, makes this space a solid contemporary coastal look.

Nautical Stripes

Jute accents on the bed pair well with blue and cream bedding for a nautically inspired bedroom.

Bit of Glam

Mirrored nightstands and faux fur elements give this ocean-inspired room a bit of Hollywood sparkle. The painting above the bed is brought into focus by light and dark blue elements in the room.

Rest and Relaxation

Plenty of natural light is essential to coastal looks, and the room above has it in abundance while darker hues and wooden elements warmed the space.

 Coastal Contrast

Dark blue and darker woods stand out against the brilliant white used here. This allows for a lot of visual interest while keeping to a traditional coastal color scheme.

Just Peachy

The soft peach tones of this room mimic colors you might see in a beach sunset. Wooden elements, beige bedding, and tropical prints make give this feminine space a great coastal vibe as well.

Beautiful in Blue

Light and dark blue play against one another against a backdrop of white and beige in this stunning bedroom.

Black and White

This room sticks closely to the light and breezy coastal look. Neutral colors and natural materials in the rug and furniture keep that down-to-earth vibe going.

Delicate Tones

The soft color scheme of this room along with the flowy curtains, lace accents on the bedding, and the crystal light fixture work well to create a feminine retreat that keeps that peaceful beach vibe.

Cool and Crisp

Various blue shades create a fresh look when combined with the white in this room. Stripes like those on the rug are a favorite look for coastal design, especially in cottage styles.

Beige Linen

The use of linen in this room is great for coastal looks. Beige and white give a solid base for the design, while dark blue pillows and art add interest and patterns.

Teal Oysters

The light blue-green teal is a great accent color in this beachy escape. The use of it throughout the room ties in the oyster-inspired artwork above the bed beautifully.

Coastal Elements

Shells and a painted beach scene are great elements in this room. The addition of multiple textures in the bedding and throw pillows create a cozy and relaxing vibe.

Rowing Oars

The use of the oars above the dresser adds a boost to the nautical vibe in this room.

Golden Sands

While deep yellow isn't typical for a coastal bedroom, here it works well in combination with white and beiges to create the feeling of a warm, sandy beach.

Hang 10

This coastal design puts the emphasis on surfing with a board above the bed. An ocean blue ombre accent wall keeps the focus of the room on its main decor.

Coral in Blue

Blue coral art prints tie the bold bedding in with the lighter elements elsewhere in the bedroom.

Tropical Paradise

This bed plays it cool with light tones while also bringing a tropical vibe to this space through the bedding.

Sea La Vie

Using ocean-themed elements in combination with colors like this dark teal is a great way to give a coastal vibe to any space.

Dramatic Blue

The deep blue in this room adds a dramatic flair to the contemporary coastal design.

Calm Ocean

The light blue and green shades make this room calm and relaxing. White reflects the natural light that is an essential element of this style.

Contemporary Tropics

Simple, clean-lined furniture with a brightly colored art piece works well to create a minimalistic yet fun-loving design.

Unexpected Elements

A stone fireplace and wooden elements in the room lend it a warm, rustic vibe that makes a gorgeous coastal room when combined with white, blue, and natural light.

Woven Furniture

Shiplap walls and exposed beams add a farmhouse style to the coastal blue and white colors in this room.

Palm Leaf Fan

The paddles of the fan in this room have a great coastal vibe. The fibrous look of each adds a natural element that combines well with the rest of the room.

Shades of Beige

The addition of yellow to the grey and white colors in the seaweed-like design on the bedding and curtains adds a cheerful element to this bright space.

Simple Cottage

The shutters on the windows as well as the pattern on the bedding and the design of the desk give this room a coastal cottage feel while the simple, clean lines of the bed give a nod towards the contemporary style.

Warm and Cozy

The bed in this room brings a lot to the design. As well as a dramatic look, the rope adds a nautical vibe while the solid white bedding keeps the space bright and fresh.

Subtlety in Nautical

Stripes in blue and white as well as small wall art with nautical prints give this room a subtle but well designed coastal vibe.

Feeling Blue

The grey striped bedding in this room echos the grey-blue ocean artwork above the bed.

Blue and Brown

White furniture and bedding offer a bright background for the darker blue and brown to play off of with seashell themed elements.

Window Wall

Wood is a great natural material to use in a coastal design. This room has a large canopy bed as well as other furniture that showcase different shades and textures for great visual interest.

Crew's Quarters

These bunks mimic what you might find below deck in a ship while the blue and white, as well as shark bedding and mermaids, keep the coastal look strong.

Dark Tones

Macrame wall hangings in this room give it a boho vibe, even as the white coloring throughout the rest of the room gives the design a breezy coastal look.

Playful Coastal

The coastal design of this room is shown by the light colors, bright natural light, and a colorful beach print above the bed adds a youthful, playful vibe.

Mermaid Dreams

Soft neutrals and warm woods make this room feel relaxed while the mermaid and seashell elements add more coastal vibes.

Beige Seashells

Soft creams and beiges make a good background for white seashell accents on the throw pillows and decor.

Stormy Seas

This design uses darker hues of teal and greys to make for a warm coastal room that echos the ocean right before a storm.

Ready for a Rest

The light neutrals and blue accents in this room are great for reflecting light from outside, while the darker tones and the upholstered grey headboard promise a relaxing place for a nap.

Unleash the Kraken

Fun decor additions like the octopus pillow and the large model ship in this room really bring this design to the next level.

Rustic Coast

This shows a great way to combine styles by using rough wood and stone rustic elements with the classic white and blue coastal colors.

Bright and Airy

The coastal design loves bright, cool colors. This room has plenty, as well as a ton of natural light, to create a fresh space.

Soft Green Tones

The soft green of the walls combined with the white, beige, and grey colors makes for a great coastal color scheme.

Fresh and Breezy

The sheer netting on the canopy bed gives this white and blue coastal design a fresh, breezy vibe.

Starfish and Coral Decor

The decorative details found in the artwork and on the nightstand are perfect additions to the coastal vibe already strong in this room.

Fresh Colors

Fresh and cool tones are great for coastal style, and when paired with the natural light in this room it makes for a solid design.

Just Jute

The jute rug found on this floor is a wonderful addition to the coastal look of the bedroom.

Soft Teal

The soft teal elements in the lamp and blanket work perfectly with the grey and white neutrals in this space.

Coastal Decor

There are a ton of coastal decor elements here, but they are all in soft neutrals to keep the look from being overwhelming.

Simple Design

This coastal bedroom keeps the decor simple with starfish pillows and crossed oars as the main focus.

Linen Curtains

Natural fibers like linen are favorites in coastal designs. Here linen is used beautifully for the light curtains.

Wood Bead Chandelier

Light-colored wood is one of the staples of coastal design. Here it's used as beading for a chandelier that's sure to catch the eye.

Coastal Wallpaper

Here the major coastal design element is the wallpaper. Blue and white stripes are a great way to give a subtle nod to nautical inspiration.

Woven Design

Woven furniture, like wicker, and baskets are perfect for coastal rooms. This element comes into play in many places in this space, including the wallpaper.

Peaceful Colors

The soft, peaceful teal, white, and beige color scheme for this room is perfect for the American coastal design style.

Barnacles and Blue

Blue and beige feature heavily in this room, with barnacle artwork adding an extra boost to the coastal vibe.

Driftwood Candlestick

While many elements of this room are clearly coastal, such as the light colors and wooden accessories, a really neat feature is the driftwood being used as a candlestick.

Double Design

The blue and red colors on the white bedding are perfect for a nautically inspired room.


The great use of soft, cozy neutrals and textures in this room has us agreeing it would be best to stay home.

Whale of a Tale

Rather than softer pastels these blues and greens have a jewel tone that combines with white and soft teal to create a bright and fresh space.

Shiplap Decks

The shiplap on the walls and ceiling of this space give the illusion you're below deck on a wooden ship. Light colors and glass bottle decor further the coastal design.

The Evening Sea

Dark blue-grey paneling and accents in this room give it a warm and sleepy feel while the artwork, lamps, and woven baskets bring in the coastal vibe.

Textured Neutrals

Using a lot of neutrals in a coastal bedroom can fall flat without some variance in texture like you see here.

Fresh Colors

The use of light teal and white in both the room and the paintings above the bed creates a unified and polished look.

Beige Stripes

The light beige colors of this room are great for creating a relaxed and airy vibe essential to coastal design.

Create Your Own Coastal Look

Creating a coastal look is easy once you've seen the examples above. Even if you've never dealt with the coastal design before, stick with natural neutrals, shades of blue and green, and natural materials in lighter tones for a beautiful, fresh design.

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99 Coastal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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