15 Gorgeous Coastal Floor Lamps You Should Check Out

If you love clean lines, a relaxed vibe, neutral colors, and tons of natural light, then it's clear you're a fan of Coastal decor.

As its name implies, Coastal decor is most often found in homes near bodies of water. Most seaside or lakeside homes have adopted the style, but you don't have to live near water to embrace the style in your own home. Plenty of landlocked people have made their homes a refuge of coastal decor.

Here's a great guide to all things coastal decor, including the different types, the elements that make it unique, and materials and objects commonly found in this style of decorating. When you're looking to adopt this style in your home, start at the very beginning and let there be light - coastal-themed light.

15 Gorgeous Coastal Floor Lamps You Should Check Out

Here are 15 uniquely coastal floor lamps that will amp up your coastal style and light up your beautifully coastal home.

Coastal Arc Floor Lamp

The arc base on this lamp is currently one of the most popular styles, and the shade exemplifies coastal decor. It's a perfect marriage. The shade's colors will go beautifully with any of the different types of coastal decor, although it probably fits best with American Coastal. Nothing screams, "I love the beach!", but the colors of the shade will make you feel like you're looking out to sea.

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Kenroy Home Tanglewood Outdoor Floor Lamp

This Tanglewood lamp is definitely named right. The rattan shade has a great organic vibe, mimicking a bird's nest you might see in the trees by a lake. It fits perfectly with the Contemporary Coastal design, and it will look great on your patio, surrounded by woven rattan furniture with clean, white cushions.

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Kenroy Home Natural Reed Floor Lamp

This lamp is one of the most unique ones on our list. The natural reed floor lamp uses exactly what the name says - natural, sustainable reeds to dress up your space and soften the light emitted from the bulb in the center of them. The reeds are just about four feet tall, and you'll love the ambient light they let through to warm up your space.

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Seashell Mosaic Floor Lamp

This decorative pole of this lamp actually has pieces of seashells as part of its design. Can it get any more coastal than that? The seashells provide beautiful neutral colors, and they reflect off of the mirror pieces that are also in the pole. The weighted base also means it's safer to have around children.

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Catalina Modern Metal Floor Lamp

This lamp is the perfect trifecta - modern, minimalist, and white - making it a fantastic addition to your contemporary coastal living space. It's also got a great bonus as the small shelves can hold coastal-themed trinkets to dress up your space further.

Read more about the Catalina Metal Lamp on Amazon.

Kenroy Home Trio Floor Lamp

The texture of this lampshade and the darker colors of both the shade and the three-poled base stand in a little bit of a contrast to the soft neutral colors you might normally associate with coastal design. However, this lamp's stark simplicity is the perfect foil to those neutral colors. It's a little bit of dark to draw your eye and anchor the space, all while beautifully lighting it.

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Vintage Classic Teak Wood Floor Lamp

If you're looking for a statement piece for your coastal-cottage or Mediterranean-coastal decorated space, look no further than this vintage floor lamp. Its stand almost mimics an old photographer's camera stand. The teak wood provides a great anchor to the lighter colors on your walls or furniture, and the texture on the shade will add dimension to your room.

Read more about the Vintage Teak Wood Lamp on Amazon.

Blue Tide Giclee Glow Floor Lamp

The first thing you'll notice about this floor lamp is the soft blues waves on the shade. If this doesn't make you feel like you're living near the water, nothing will! The slimmer design of this lamp means it will fit just about any space. This lamp would look particularly good in a Mediterranean-coastal space, as that style is known for having bolder blues.

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Adesso Harmony Floor Lamp

This lamp stands out from others because of its long linen shade and its uniquely circular base. It can be difficult for a lamp to be a textural element in a room, but this lamp's shade will give your living area all kinds of texture. The funky circular base is reminiscent of modern design, and this lamp would be a great addition to almost any of the coastal styles.

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Black Bronze Tropical Woodwork Floor Lamp

If your style leans more towards tropical coastal decor, this is the floor lamp for you. The gold-edged, black bronze base will anchor your room. The palm leaves on the shade will draw your attention and highlight the tropical theme. At about 5 1/2 feet tall, this lamp is the perfect size to sit next to a chair to provide excellent light for reading. Pair with a chair in a light cream or white to really fit with your tropical coastal decor.

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Gemini Cocoa Leaves Floor Lamp

With the soft light it projects through the leafy pattern on the shade, this floor lamp is another example of great tropical coastal design. The colors in the shade are simply stunning, very much like the cresting ocean waves when they're hit by light. If you need anything else to convince you, the unique structure of this lamp will provide ambient light in a really one-of-a-kind way.

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Kenroy Home Modern Brushed Steel Floor Lamp

The style of this lamp is simple stately. At first glance, it might even seem too simple to include on this list. But that's exactly why it made the cut. Sometimes you just need a simple lamp in just the right neutral shades to anchor a room, provide great light, and complement your decor. This lamp checks all of those boxes and would be the right complement to any of the coastal decor themes.

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Brightech Mason LED Arc Floor Lamp

Another of the trendy arc floor lamps, this one has a primary color of rose gold in the base and on the arced arm. It's a soft, pretty color, and it's complementary to the whole coastal color palette. The light can go over a single chair, a table, a sectional, or even as a stand-alone piece in your space. You'll find it easy to make this versatile piece a part of your coastal-inspired home.

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Seahaven Starfish Floor Lamp

Sometimes the best lamps are the ones that quietly highlight a room's theme. They don't do it with loud colors or bold shades, but rather with a subtle design, beautiful texture, and soft neutral colors. This beautifully crafted floor lamp has a starfish pattern set in at the top of the pole. The starfish have a great texture to them, and the whole stand and pole are a beautiful antique white color. The combination of design and the white color will fit perfectly with your other coastal decor.

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Cottage Sisal Basket Weave Floor Lamp

This basketweave floor lamp is ready to go right into your coastal cottage home. The weave pattern and the soft colors of both the shade and the pole will fit nicely with other shabby-chic pieces in your space. At the same time, it will add a lot of texture to your design too.

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No matter which of the five different coastal themes you find yourself drawn to, you should be able to find at least one perfect lamp to fit into your beautifully designed space.

To learn more about floor lamps, what types there are, where to position them and more, check out our Floor Lamps Decor Guide here. Also, for more related topics check out Coastal Home Decor: The Complete Guide.


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