15 Gorgeous Cocktail Glass Flower Arrangements Ideas

Did you know you can make gorgeous flower arrangements with cocktail glasses? Cocktail glasses come in various sizes and shapes. The most popular and what comes to mind for most people is a martini glass. It has a conical shape with a stem, though it can be found in the stemless variety as well. It turns out cocktail glasses like the martini glass are a fantastic way to produce flower arrangements. They are especially perfect for those arrangements that you'd like above eye level and off the table.

Say you've decided to clip some flowers from your garden or bought a clearance bouquet at the grocer, and when you go to put the flowers in your vase, it's not exactly what you had in mind. Don't give up so quickly! If you've got a cocktail glass on hand, there is a good chance you can make a stunning display using the cocktail glass as a vase.

Of course, one drawback to working with a cocktail glass for an arrangement would be the small space. Since they're designed to consume alcohol and not flower arrangements, it requires some creativity and forces you to work outside your comfort zone. But with a bit of patience, you can make a unique arrangement that really shines!

Keep reading; we've found 15 gorgeous glass flower arrangements that are sure to inspire your inner florist and be a hit at your next event.

Roses in a martini glass and other background flower arrangements for an elegant wedding ceremony, 15 Gorgeous Cocktail Glass Flower Arrangements Ideas

1. Simple Lilac Flowers

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Purple Lilac in a Martini glass

If you've got a lilac bush in your garden, you can make a simple, elegant, and beautiful flower arrangement, perfect for a baby shower or just a simple centerpiece idea that will make your home smell delightful. This arrangement uses a martini glass, a splash of water, about 4 to 5 lilac blooms, and a few leaves for a contrasting effect! Viola, you've got a unique and beautiful homemade flower arrangement with a martini cocktail glass.

2. Martini Rose Bouquet

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A bouquet of white roses in a large martini glass

They took a martini glass and left it empty but put a beautiful rose bouquet right on the top. This creates a striking illusion of the arrangement floating or skimming right on the top edge of the glass, giving it a classy, professional feel.

It's easier to achieve this look than you may think. You can use floral styrofoam blocks or half balls cut to fit where they will rest right on the edge of the rim yet give you the surface to arrange the flowers on top.


Check out these styrofoam blocks on Amazon.

Check out these styrofoam half balls on Amazon.

3. Roses in a Martini

Martini Glass Table Decoration With Cream Flowers, Stars, Diamonds

This classy and simple arrangement uses a Martini glass filled with fake acrylic gems to imitate a crystal or diamond look. They've taken a few cream roses with baby's breath and set them on top of the acrylic gems.

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4. Daisy Margarita

For this one, they've filled a margarita glass with decorative dyed green sand to give it that authentic margarita look. They then topped it off with daisies, a lime wedge, a yellow straw, and a single yellow rose to match. This is the perfect bouquet for a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration or a refreshing centerpiece for a summer dinner party.

Check out this decorative sand on Amazon.

5. Old Fashioned

Here they've used a simple old-fashioned (also known as a rocks) glass to put a beautiful white and pink rose bouquet in. It has a classic, delicate feel.

6. Dahlia Delight

They've used English garden roses, a few orchids, dahlias, and hydrangea in an oversized martini glass set atop either decorative acrylic gems or floral water pearls for this arrangement. Either would easily accomplish this arrangement.

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7. Pink Roses in Wine

This one uses an oversized wine glass filled with alternated colored sand, then a cascading bouquet of artificial pink roses arranged elegantly flowing down the glass. The artificial flowers make the cascading effect easier to accomplish for an amateur. 

Check out this decorative sand on Amazon.

8. Hurricane Beauty

This bouquet primarily uses baby's breath with a few accent roses at the top for a soft, delicate appearance. To finish it off, they've used a simple ribbon to match the pink roses and pearl beads in the hurricane glass, giving it a timeless, elegant appearance.

Check out these decorative pearl beads on Amazon.

9. Moss Martini

Here they've used various roses in lighter shades along with some wildflowers, then accented them with rosemary, eucalyptus, ivy, and a few others to give this bouquet an almost pastel, earthy, natural feel. The martini glass is lined with moss to cleverly hide the stems yet looking natural and adding more contrast along the way.

10. Purple Sphere

This one is very simple, no-frills yet striking. The florist has taken a styrofoam ball and inserted beautiful contrasting purple and white flowers forming the arrangement into a ball, then placed it in the martini glass.

Check out these styrofoam balls on Amazon.

11. Pink and Green

Miniature pink roses and eucalyptus fill out this bouquet, creating a stylish statement piece. Perfect for an office or an end table. The florist has used a tulle fabric to fill the martini glass and hide the stems.

Check out this tulle fabric on Amazon.

12. Classic Wedding White

This all-white arrangement is elegant and straightforward, with a small contrast of color at the top of the bouquet. Perfect for a simple wedding or farm decor. They use a simple pearl string to add a little pop and sparkle in with the flowers.

Check out this pearl string on Amazon.

13. Champagne Dream

This uses a shiny copper-colored champagne flute and artificial flowers for a stunning result. The bay leaves are sprayed a metallic gold to add sparkle and depth to the arrangement.

Check out these glitter bay leaves on Amazon.

14. Vintage Country

This one is so elegant looking! Perfect for vintage, country, or farmhouse chic decor. It uses a vintage brass wineglass to display a colorful, earthy bouquet accented with contrasting greenery. The green against the brass pops and draws your attention to the arrangement. Then it's offset with vintage brass candlestick holders with white candlesticks.

Check out these brass candlestick holders on Amazon.

15. Flower Cocktail

Flower arrangement "Flower cocktail" with gingerbread on light background

Here they've taken a wine glass and filled it with potting soil, then put some petite plants in the soil, adding in a couple of striped paper straws and a fun watermelon stake. Perfect for a fun gardening party or children's outdoor event. You could also easily recreate this with some small succulents or cacti.

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Tiny vase, large impact

As you can see, there is a wide array of ideas for elegant, simple, and inexpensive flower arrangements in a cocktail glass; no expensive decorative vase needed. This doesn't mean this simple glass can't make a big impact at many events or gatherings. We hope you've found all of these ideas interesting and inspiring for your next project!

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