How Much Does a Coffee Table Cost on Average?

It’s time to admit it: you need a new coffee table. The last time you bought one was years ago, so you have no idea what the current prices are like. You want to ensure you get a high-quality coffee table that will last you for years, but how much money will you spend on one?

The average coffee table costs $200 to $400. If you shop cheaper, you can certainly lower that price, while high-end designer coffee tables made from with pricier materials will likely exceed the $300 or $400-mark.How Much Does a Coffee Table Cost on Average?

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you could want about coffee table pricing. Whether you’re looking for a wooden, marble, or a lift-top coffee table, we’ll talk about the prices of each with several real examples. We’ll also comb the websites of major retailers like Target and Walmart to reveal how much you might pay for a coffee table through those stores.


How Much Is a Wooden Coffee Table?

Among the wealth of coffee table materials, wood is one of the more inexpensive ones. That said, prices can vary depending on the type of wood used and its thickness. To illustrate, here are several wooden coffee tables we found on Amazon.

Dorel Home Products Parsons Modern Coffee Table: Under $50

Our first pick is simple enough, and it’s also an Amazon’s Choice product. The Parsons coffee table from Dorel Home Products costs less than $50, making it an exceptional purchase. It comes in two colors, black or natural wood.

The table measures 19 inches by 39 inches 17.7 inches. It’s surprisingly hardy for the price tag. Although it doesn’t have any design bells and whistles, it’s a great little starter table. If you’re wondering how it’s so inexpensive, it’s because the table is made of faux wood grain instead of real wood.

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Olee Sleep Wood and Metal Coffee Table: Under $120

Another Amazon’s Choice product, the Olee Sleep coffee table is made of both metal and wood. It’s also more than $100. That has more to do with the sizing, which is 46 inches by 24 inches by 19 inches.

The higher price is also because this table is made of natural pine wood with black painted steel legs. So yes, you’re getting real wood here, and it shows. This coffee table has a more rustic look to it, with scrapings and etchings all over that make it look used and well-loved.

This coffee table also boasts a shelf, made of wood as well, underneath the main top. It’s quite long and spacious, letting you declutter your living room with ease.

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Del Hutson Designs Rustic Barnwood Coffee Table: Under $100

In the same vein as the table from Olee Sleep is this Del Hutson barn wood coffee table. After all, the manufacturer describes it as rustic. This coffee table has an equally sizable price tag, as it hovers near $100.

All the wood used in the table is reclaimed, so it has a natural, almost DIY look to it that will certainly appeal to some homeowners and apartment renters. It’s a heavy table, as it’s almost 30 pounds. The Del Hutson rustic barn wood coffee table measures 39 inches by 20 inches by 16 inches. You can choose from three colors: white, natural wood, or distressed turquoise.

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How Much Is a Marble Coffee Table?

To augment the look of any room in a hurry, a marble coffee table will do it. The posh styling of these tables makes your living room feel more like a destination retreat. Let’s explore some marble coffee tables, including their pricing. All the items in this section come from Amazon.

Giantex Marble Rectangular Table: Under $130

Our first pick is this marble rectangular table from Giantex. It comes in two sizes: 39.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 18 inches or 39.5 inches by 20 inches by 18 inches. No matter the size you choose, this lovely coffee table has hollow legs finished in faux gold that are sure to brighten your space. Those table legs won’t rust, and they lend the table the ability to support 110 pounds.

The MDF surface resembles real marble yet comes with a PVC covering that will keep this table looking great long after you buy it and install it. You get all these great features in a table that’s in the ballpark of $130, making it one great deal. Your friends and family won’t believe you didn’t spend more on this coffee table!

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Homelegance Brassica Round Marble Coffee Table: Under $300

Another coffee table that proves how great faux marble can look is this one from Homelegance. It’s 34 inches and comes in an appealing and modern cylinder shape. The metal legs are open yet narrow and come covered in a gold or silver finish that shines like the real deal.

The coffee table surface itself is made of Carrera paper with a marble finish. This chic home addition costs upwards of $300, so it’s by no means cheap.

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Edloe Finch Modern Marble Coffee Table: Under $400

While the other marble coffee tables we’ve highlighted in this section are faux, this Edloe Finch table is the real deal. The white marble can have different veins and tones because of that authenticity, so what you get may vary from the photo somewhat.

The V-shaped metal frames attach simply enough to the marble base. Edloe Finch has so much confidence in its table that you can get a worry-free warranty good for two years. This covers you against manufacturing defects. The table itself costs close to $350, but it’s real marble, so that’s understandable.

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How Much Is a Lift-Top Coffee Table?

As the name suggests, a lift-top coffee table has a work surface you can raise or lower as needed. When the top is raised, you can stash a few essentials in the recess. If you want your coffee table to tuck in nice and neat, then just close the lift top and you’re good to go.

Here are a few different lift-top coffee tables to browse through, all courtesy of Amazon.

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table: Under $200

As yet another Amazon’s Choice product, you know you’re shopping right if you pick up the Dakota lift-top coffee table from Sauder. It has a height of 19.02 inches, a width of 19.45 inches, and a length of 43.15 inches. This is one of the more expensive tables, retailing for close to $200.

The entire table is made of oak with a craftsman finish for more appeal. The side finishing will keep all the moving parts in the best shape for years to come. A separate shelf and storage compartment within the table makes it even more delightful to have in your home. Also, the lift top pushes outward so you can use it to get some work done anytime.

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Logan Lift-Top Coffee Table: Under $250

Decorate your living room with a truly impressive coffee table with this lift-top option from Logan. It’s a stunning wooden table with a glossy, rich cherry finish. For its high quality, you pay close to $250, but it’s a statement-maker that’s still worth considering.

Besides the lift-top component, this Logan table also has a storage drawer and a second compartment underneath for keeping all your favorite living room items nearby.

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AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table: Under $200

Another lift-top coffee table you might consider for your home comes from AmazonBasics. Despite its design simplicity, this is a solid coffee table you can bring home for less than $200. The lift-top component certainly hikes up the price of a coffee table by a decent margin.

The sleek, streamlined shape of this table should match any living room décor. It’s 39 pounds and measures 19 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 40 inches long. AmazonBasics uses real wood for the table, which has side finishing all over. Dual shelving with an open design gives you plenty of room for keeping your favorite stuff.

The AmazonBasics table comes in colors like white, natural wood, espresso, and black.

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How Much Do Coffee Tables Cost at Walmart?

Thus far, the various coffee tables we’ve shown in you in this article have all come from Amazon. What if you like doing your shopping at the retail giant Walmart? Here’s a selection of their coffee tables at different price points.

Mainstays Logan Coffee Table: Under $50

We started with the cheapest pricing for Walmart coffee tables and quite liked this one. The Logan coffee table from Mainstays retails for about $40, which is about as cheap as you can expect to get for a new coffee table.

It’s 16.34 inches tall, 19.29 inches wide, and 39.94 inches long. Made of wood, the table includes a second shelf. Exposed nails add to the simplistic charm of this coffee table, which comes in hues like rustic oak or espresso.

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Better Homes & Gardens Nola Coffee Table: Under $100

In the mid-priced category, try the Nola coffee table from Better Homes & Gardens. This glass and metal coffee table has a wide, circular style with five slim legs. All sides of the table feature durable finishing, and the glass is safety tempered so it doesn’t shatter easily.

This appealing coffee table comes with a silver or black finish. It won’t break the bank either, costing less than $90.

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Sauder Cannery Bridge Lift-Top Coffee Table: Under $150

Once again, lift-top tables prove to be the most expensive, as this one from Sauder shows. Their Cannery Bridge coffee table has an attractive lintel oak finish. The open shelves optimize storage in your living room, and with finished sides, the table won’t look bad if you open the lift top a lot.

Sauder’s lift-top coffee table is made of engineered wood and measures 19.02 inches tall, 19.45 inches wide, and 43.15 inches long. You can even get a limited warranty good for five years with your purchase.

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How Much Do Coffee Tables Cost at Target?

If you prefer Target over Walmart, you’re at no shortage of coffee tables from this retailer, either. These come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and price points, giving you plenty of options for that perfect table for your home.

Room Essentials Trestle Coffee Table: Under $75

Our first coffee table pick from Target is one of the more inexpensive ones on their website. It’s the Trestle coffee table from Room Essentials, which you can get for around $70. It comes in one color, dark faux wood that’s made with particleboard and paper veneer at the top. The frame is MDF composite.

The Trestle coffee table is 20.01 inches deep, 35.28 inches wide, and 17.8 inches tall. You get a lower shelf that’s 18 inches, giving you plenty of space for stashing remote controls and other living room odds and ends.

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Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table: Under $100

The mid-priced coffee table from Target is their North Avenue coffee table in smoked oak from Sauder. For under $90, you can have a coffee table with a durable metal frame and a nice wood laminate surface.

The table comes in a single color, black. It measures 20 inches deep, 31.5 inches wide, and 16.54 inches tall. With its stately profile and second shelf, this table will add a simple yet defined charm to your favorite spaces.

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Saracina Home Mid-Century Square Coffee Table in Marble: Under $250

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money (at least $200), then shop this mid-century square coffee table in marble and gold from Saracina Home. This coffee table isn’t made with real marble, but it looks legit enough with its laminate surface and accurate print. The faux marble surfaces even have a UV coating that will maintain their gloss and moisture resistance.

Underneath a marble shelf,  is a wooden one. Both shelves measure 32 inches deep, 32 inches wide, and 17 inches tall. The metal frame is painted an appealing gold color, and the entire table can support 100 pounds.

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Coffee tables cost anywhere from $200 to $400 on average. As we’ve proven in this article, you can easily get your hands on inexpensive options that are $100 and under on retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Should you have a bigger budget, spending more money will promise you real materials, including true wood over faux woodgrain and actual marble. Good luck!

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