11 Great Coffee Table Ideas For A Long Couch

Coffee tables might not seem like a huge component of your living room, but they can really present some challenges when you are trying to choose the right one to pair with your long couch. Most decorating experts agree that your coffee table should be about half the length to two-thirds of the length of your couch; however, design trends are constantly changing, and if a coffee table matches your decor and doesn't fit those exact measurements, then it's perfectly fine to go against the grain.

One reason it is recommended to choose a larger coffee table with a long couch is practicality. You want to access the table from different spots on the couch, which can present a problem with a smaller coffee table. A smaller table might also look unbalanced next to a large couch and even seem tiny in comparison.

Another thing to consider is the height of the coffee table. Coffee tables should be about the same height as your couch. You don't want a much lower table than the couch or a table that towers above it either.

That being said, many living rooms feature long couches with smaller coffee tables and they can be quite aesthetically pleasing. This is especially true if you want the couch to be the room's focal point or if the coffee table is only there as an adornment and not something that needs to be functional. In addition, a coffee table that is higher or lower than your couch can also work in your space, especially if it complements the style or theme of your room.

Below we have compiled 11 great ideas for coffee tables to pair up with long couches. Let's have a look!

Interior scene with pastel colored sofa and armchair. Coffee table with a vase, pendant lamp, carpet and wooden floor. 11 Great Coffee Table Ideas For A Long Couch

1. Geometric Gem

In this photo, the living room features a long orange sectional couch with a square wooden coffee table. Although the coffee table is smaller than what is typically recommended, the geometric angles perfectly match the modern vibe in the room. The room looks bigger as well because of the smallness of the coffee table, and it keeps the focus on the couch.

modern living room with orange long couch and a wooden coffee table in the middle

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2. Beige Beauty

This living room features an extra long couch with an equally long coffee table. Both pieces are the same color, as well as the rug and the drapes. The length of the coffee table is quite impressive, and in addition to the couch, two chairs are placed at one end of the coffee table. The effect is stunning and somehow avoids looking overcrowded, and the room exudes a classic charm with its simple color scheme.

3. Understated Style

The room in this photo incorporates a small round coffee table with a glass top with a very large beige couch. The simple colors of the room work well with the gold frame of the table. Although the table is much smaller than the couch, it makes the room look more open and inviting.

Notice that the coffee table is not placed in front of the center of the couch. Instead, it is off-center, which further emphasizes the largeness of the couch and the room.

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4. Contemporary Charmer

The room in the photo is filled with different colors and patterns, and the contemporary coffee table chosen is the perfect accompaniment to the unconventional style. The coffee table not only adds a nice aesthetic to the room, but it also functions perfectly as a spot to hold decorative accents.

5. Modern Magic

Black minimalistic interior with marble coffee table and sofa

In this photo, the modern marble coffee table works exceptionally well in this room.  The coffee table is the room's focus and is the perfect length for the more simple looking couch. 

6. Feeling Nostalgic

The room in this photo takes us back to old Hollywood with a long, retro velvet sofa paired with a lovely rectangular marble coffee table with gold legs that match the couch. The coffee table is about half the size of the couch, which perfectly complements the couch without being too overpowering in the room. In addition, the white top of the table softens the dark color of the couch and contrasts nicely. 

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7. Minimalist Chic

The simple, black and tan nesting coffee table looks right at home in this living room featuring a mismatched and modern sofa. The unconventional style in this room is the perfect backdrop for this small coffee table paired with a large sofa, and the result is a minimalist's dream come true.

8. Marble Space Saver

This unique couch in the photo is a 'U' shape, so what better choice for a coffee table than something that fits right in the middle of the 'U'? This round marble coffee table works perfectly in the room, and it's especially useful if you are short on space. The table is wisely placed slightly away from the couch so that it doesn't prevent access to sit. This coffee table style and placement is practical and attractive at the same time.

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9. Mid-Century Mood

The minimalism of the 1950s comes to life in this photo. The room features a long retro couch and coordinates it with a simple rectangular coffee table that is about three-quarters of the length of the couch. The coffee table enhances the style of the room without taking away from the focus of the couch. Add a colorful rug and some stylish throw pillows and you have a room that is retro and trendy.

10. Romantic And Dramatic

Extra long velvet couches always give off a feeling of nostalgia with their old world charm, and the room in the photo is no different. The room is decorated with lots of color, and the gold and black coffee table they have chosen tones things down a bit. The unique style of the coffee table works well in the vibrant room, and the length and width of the table are prominent enough so that it doesn't get lost up against the enormous couch.

11. Unique And Useful 

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and brown colored furniture and wooden elements

Who says that you can only have one coffee table in your living room? The room depicted in this photo puts a unique spin on their decor and pairs up two tables with a long grey couch. The end result looks stunning, and the two tables provide just the right amount of length to coexist with this long couch.

Final Thoughts About Coffee Tables And Long Couches

So as you can see, even though there are certain style rules when it comes to coffee tables with long couches, it's perfectly fine to break the rules once in a while. If you like it and it works well with your decor, choose the coffee table right for your tastes and style. Whether it's round, square, rectangle, modern, or traditional, there are plenty of coffee tables for you to choose from. We hope this article has given you some good ideas and helped you narrow down down the choices.

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