11 Great Coffee Table Ideas For Small Spaces

A coffee table is probably one of the most practical pieces of furniture used in living rooms today. They can serve as a resting place for your drinks, remotes, magazines, books, decorative pieces, and even your feet. However, the struggle is that these low tables are often lengthy and cumbersome, making it difficult to use them in small spaces.

When you have a tiny living room, you want to maximize every square inch for functionality and visual appeal. However, don't despair if you want to incorporate a coffee table into your design. With the proper research, checking a few measurements, and some ingenuity, you can make a coffee table work for you.

Luckily, we have done the investigation for you and found 11 interesting and useful coffee tables ideal for small spaces.

Interior of a modern living room designed with hardwood flooring, indoor plants, and gray sofas, 11 Great Coffee Table Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Cut Corners

If you have an itty bitty living space, literally cutting corners and purchasing a round coffee table is a great idea. Round tables are a lot easier to navigate around versus the more traditional square or rectangle-shaped coffee tables.

In this example, we really like the lip on the table as that can help keep items contained and add a bit of aesthetic appeal.

A brightly lit living room with a dark blue accent wall, mid century designed furnitures, and white curtains

2. Geometric Tables

Interior of a modern living room designed with hardwood flooring, indoor plants, and gray sofas, 11 Great Coffee Table Ideas For Small Spaces

While not centered in the room like traditional coffee tables, these hexagonal tables are utilized similarly. We love the modern vibe they create while allowing room for books, beverages, and even a lovely flower arrangement.

Using two small tables closely grouped like this gives you plenty of surface area while amping up the visual interest of this room.

3. Mirrored Nesting Tables

Luxurious living room with a leather sectional sofa and round glass coffee table

We absolutely adore the concept of using nested tables in a small space. When you need lots of table space, you can pull one out from under the other. If you need more clearance to maneuver through your living room, it's quick and easy to tuck the smaller table under to give you more wiggle room.

The use of a mirrored surface is interesting to look at but utilizes that well-established design advice of using mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space.

This set of faux marble-topped nesting tables are compact, lightweight, and super easy to clean. Click here to view this nesting coffee table on Amazon.

4. Pop of Color

A living room decorated with bright colors and gray walls

There is absolutely nothing in the rule book of decorating small spaces that says you can't use a square or rectangle coffee table. If you love this table shape, be sure to take proper measurements to find a table that will be the right fit. That way, you can walk through your living room without constantly banging your toe on your coffee table.

While you are at it, consider livening things up by painting your coffee table a bright, cheerful shade that will make a bold impression.

If you love the cheerful vibes that the color yellow exudes and want to incorporate it into your design scheme, read this article that answers the question: What Color Furniture Goes With Yellow Walls?

5. Modern Industrial

Contemporary living room with wooden flooring, gray sleeper sofa with gray throw pillows, and gray curtains

This black metal coffee table makes our list because of its compact, streamlined design. We love that lip that will help contain stacks of magazines, cups, or remotes. Since the bottom of this table is more open, light is allowed to filter through, which tricks your eye into thinking this room is more airy and spacious. While darker colors can sometimes make a room seem cramped, they give a very sleek appearance to your space if used in moderation.

6. DIY With Crates

A small wooden coffee table with an orchid on a vase properly aligned to the sectional sofa

If you are into crafting your own table to fit your exact needs, we think the idea of using crates is both visually interesting and practical.

With four crates, a piece of stained plywood in the center, and some nails, you have a beautiful statement piece. It's very functional as there is ample room for a flower arrangement, books, and even a spot for a man's best friend to curl up.

This pinewood crate can easily be stained or even painted to fit your personal decor preferences. Click here to view this large wood crate on Amazon.

7. Add Wheels

A metal coffee table with candles and a green chair on the back

While this particular table looks rather large, the addition of wheels makes it an acceptable choice for small spaces. The reason for this is that when you don't need to use your coffee table, it can easily be moved against a wall or out of the way to offer more space.

If your table is constructed of sturdy material, it could even be transformed into additional seating with a few cushions. If you choose this route, be sure the wheels have a brake function to keep your guests from potentially falling.

8. Multi-Purpose

Interior of a post modern living room painted in white decorated with wooden and leather furnitures

Much like the previous two options on this list, we love a multi-purpose coffee table. Using a chest allows you to store extra blankets and decorative pillows out of sight while still having plenty of table space. Just be sure to remove your drinks before stowing your stuff!

Recreate this look with this charming farmhouse-style chest with brass hardware. Click here to view this wooden storage trunk on Amazon.

9. Rustic Statement PieceA dark blue purple chair and a small wooden log table with a book and black notebook

You don't need a large, sophisticated coffee table to make a big statement. We found this rustic coffee table constructed from the stump of a tree to be extremely popular right now. It offers the right amount of space for a cup of coffee and a good book.

However, before you run off to chop down the nearest tree, a special process is required to use a natural item like this in your home. Watch this video to see how to DIY your own tree stump table.

Are you a lover of all things rustic? Check out these 23 Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas for some serious design inspiration.

10. Contemporary Table

A dark and teal color combination living room incorporated with wooden flooring, wooden furntirues, and a beige sofa

A sleek, angular coffee table works well in small spaces as it allows for easy access to the seating arrangement. Light passes beneath the table, helping create an illusion of roominess. There is ample space for you to create a stunning vignette, or group of decorative items, atop this table. Arranging furniture on a diagonal is another trick to maximize the space of a small room. 

11. Small Vintage Table

Gorgeous living room with brightly lit white walls, picture frames, and a light gray sofa

This compact, retro table brings a lot of personality to this living room without taking up a lot of space. We like the second shelf that allows for extra storage space for books, trays, or even to prop your feet upon. Our favorite part, though, is the gold-tipped legs that lend this coffee table extra charm. 

Looking for more coffee tables that have that vintage vibe? Check out this article to see 15 examples of 70’s Style Coffee Tables That Will Give Your Living Room a Retro Touch.

Final Words

While small spaces can come with unique design challenges, it is not impossible to incorporate a coffee table into your living area. We hope you found these 11 examples to help design a living room that suits your needs and personal style.

If you want even more inspiration, we suggest you take a look at these 17 Fabulous Furniture Ideas For A Small Living Room.

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