8 Coffee-Themed Curtains That Will Perk Up Your Kitchen

Bored with your old kitchen curtains? Whether you're going for an all-out coffee-themed kitchen or just looking to add a boost of caffeine to the window area, cappuccino style curtains may just be what you're looking for. Some people tend to downplay the influence of kitchen curtains and settle with very ordinary and lackluster designs. Our selection of quirky fun curtains should change their mind.

8 Coffee-Themed Curtains That Will Perk Up Your Kitchen

We'll start this post with a list of curtains to inspire you. Once we're through showing you the 8 awesome curtains we found just by browsing on Amazon, we'll be sharing some tips on how to choose the right kitchen curtains for you.

Ready? Grab a cup of latte - or perhaps an espresso - and we'll dive right in.

1. Coffe-Embellished Cottage Topper

This beautiful coffee themed curtain borrows inspiration from coffee cups and directly overlays their shape on the fabric. Espresso and cream colors on this coffee curtain are bound to look adorable to give your kitchen a fantastic overhaul once you set it up. It is a good mixture of neutral colors that include gray, white, and tan.

This particular product also comes in two different dimensions: 58” by 24” and 58” by 36”. These curtains are good for individuals who want natural light from the great outdoors to permeate into their kitchen without sacrificing their privacy.

Achim Home Furnishings chose a thick fabric to keep peepers out. The fabrics are perfect for keeping heat in during colder temperatures, and will even save you a few dollars on your energy bills!

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2. Coffee Complete by The Curtain Shop

This adorable coffee themed curtain has a simple style with softer colors. It has the right combination of relevant design elements and pictures of coffee on it. An optimum solution would be to hang these curtains on plain walls. The neutral colors on this curtain will perfectly complement most accessories in your kitchen, especially the accessories.

The fabric of the curtains is thick enough to keep any passersby from peeking in. The filter allows enough sunlight to enter into the room, almost giving the illusion that all the incoming light is being refracted.

The curtains themselves are very lightweight to handle and have a certain shine to them. Another welcome feature of this product is that the lower portion is wide enough to cover the areas of most windows.

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3. Fancy Linen: Embroidered Gold Floral Coffee Themed Curtain

This beautiful coffee curtain has one incredibly attractive selling point: gold floral embroidery.

The floral embroidery is perfectly balanced by the brown coffee color which dominates this gorgeous product.  These curtains should be added near white or neutral background walls for best results. The contrast between the bright floral and gold colored decorations loosely give it a vintage appeal. Also added are cool and white lines to create an extra layer of dimension to your kitchen.

The curtain doesn’t provide much in the way of kitchen privacy, so we would recommend a little vigilance. The fabric allows all the morning to brighten up the kitchen room, which could be a pro or a con depending on your tastes.

Fancy Linen offers 5 variants of these curtains in different colors, ranging from beige, brown, taupe, off white, and white. The curtains are made from 100 percent polyester which makes it incredibly light, but durable for harsher use. As a result, they will last longer.

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4. Regal Home Collections: Cappuccino Curtain

This cappuccino curtain is laded with coffee cups throughout. You might be tempted into binge drinking several cups of coffee by simply making one glance at it. This curtain is easy to set up and extremely durable thanks to the 100 percent polyester material. It is lightweight at a modest 11 pounds and has generous dimensions to accommodate most kitchen sizes.

The cappuccino theme provides enough privacy but beautifies the kitchen by flooding the room with natural light, making it perfect in the mornings.  These curtains can be used throughout the year in different climates. During the winter, the fabric traps a small amount of heat to make your kitchen more comfortable.

The coffee cups imbue the kitchen with lively, bubbly vibes which are bound to brighten up your mood. The curtains don’t require much in the way of maintenance curtains and can be washed without the fear of damaging the fabric, they are, after all, made out of 100 percent polyester.

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5. Brew Coffee Print by No. 918

If you want an extra-durable fabric that will last a lifetime without sustaining wear and tear, yet still retain its shine from the day it was manufactured, then No. 918 has the perfect product for you.

These curtains are printed with a beautiful coffee theme that will prove to be a beneficial update to your kitchen.  The fabric is durable enough to be washed without damaging the print, although you should be careful to only use non-chlorine bleach. The fabric allows natural light to enter into the kitchen while protecting your privacy.

Hanging this curtain is bound to create a lively atmosphere that promotes creativity and productivity. The off-white background is extremely pleasing to look at and can be used for psychological benefits such as motivation and inspiration. The rod pocket header makes for installation of the curtains easy and hassle-free.

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6. Jake Sawyers: Coffee Beans Themed Curtains

If you're into interior design hacking, we have a suggestion for you. This is a shower curtain - not designated for use in the kitchen - but if you're looking to design an industrial or commercial kitchen and need a sturdy waterproof curtain, this could do the job.

And it doesn't get any more coffee-themed than this. The high-quality prints of coffee beans on these curtains will speak volumes about your passion for coffee. The rich and natural color creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room. These patterns can spark curiosity in visitors who might be seeing these curtains for the first time, making them the perfect conversation starter.

These curtains are easy to hang because of durable hooks and have the following dimensions: 69 by 75.

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7. Ambesonne: White Cup and Coffee Beans Against Dark Background

This curtain is bound to appeal to fans of coffee and espresso. It will allow you to add the perfect backdrop to your kitchen, making the entire room lively. In some cases, two of these curtains are enough to spruce up the entire kitchen on their own! The curtains contain several coffee beans stashed against a towering white cup. The dark, espresso colored background creates a lively atmosphere throughout the kitchen.

The only downside to this cup is that it provides extremely little natural light into the room. This also means that you won’t have to worry about strangers peeping into your private space. The curtain’s fabric is made out of a blend between polyester and satin, making it extremely durable against rough use. It will definitely last for several years.

Maintaining the curtain is simple enough and can be washed without the fear of damaging the print. Ambessone offers several size variations of these curtains, which is suitable for both big and small kitchen windows. The typical dimensions for the curtain are as follows: 13.7” by 10” by 11”. It is lightweight at a modest 10.7 ounces.

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8. Ambesonne: Coffee Décor Curtain

Another decorative curtain that prominently features beautiful artwork related to coffee. The coffee cup silhouette is outlined by dozens of texts all of which read ‘Coffee’ in different font sizes and styles. The final touch on this curtain is the steam, which is also shaped by texts. All the artwork is surrounded against the backdrop of an off white color that allows natural light to flood the kitchen room.

In terms of privacy, no strangers will be able to peek into your room. The 100% polyester fabric is highly durable and will not be prone to wear and tear. Despite this fact, it isn’t too thin or thick, making it ideal during harsh winters as it puts a stop to the flow of heat.

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How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Curtain?

It can be a little confusing to select an ideal kitchen curtain because there are so many options, but there are certain parameters you should use to judge the product before making a decision. These include the following:

  1. Pattern: There are several designs available. You should choose one which compliments your kitchen’s interior décor.
  2. Privacy: It is important to factor in your kitchen’s privacy before choosing a curtain. Although if you want natural light to brighten up the kitchen, you will have to make a suitable compromise between privacy and ambient brightness. Most curtains featured in this blog are great options, you should still choose wisely.
  3. Choosing the Right Size: You want to go for a balanced appearance to beautify your kitchen. If the curtain is too big or too small for your kitchen window, it will look unattractive even if the design is appealing. We recommend measuring your kitchen window’s dimensions and then comparing them against the numbers provided by the manufacturer.


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