11 Gorgeous Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Coffered ceilings are a historical architectural trait that has made a comeback in modern decor. These ceilings are distinguished by their raise box-like panels outlined in trim. Although they were an essential element in older homes meant to help distribute weight across larger ceilings, they have become less functional and more decorative in today’s decor.

Coffered ceilings are often added after construction with lightweight trim that will not affect the ceiling’s structure. Due to their ties to historical architecture, coffered ceilings are a design decision that can add class and character to your home and have the potential to raise the resale value when they suit the structure of the house.

These ceilings are an elegant addition to your home design, and there are many ways to incorporate them directly into your decor. If you’re looking for a reason to add coffered ceilings to your home, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of gorgeous coffered ceiling ideas that will inspire your ceiling transformation.

Interior of a luxurious living room with white painted walls, modern furniture's with indoor plants, and a gorgeous coffered ceiling, 11 Gorgeous Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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1. Shiplap

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Interior of a vintage themed kitchen and dining area with wooden flooring, white dining chairs, and a white coffered ceiling

Transform a dull white-on-white coffered ceiling by adding shiplap or white paneling to the raised portions. This creates a subtle layer of texture, which introduces depth into the design while still being understated.

Panels and shiplap are also great ways to mimic the direction of hardwood floors. The lines along the floor and ceiling will move the eye along the room’s length, making it appear longer.

Get this coffered ceiling look with easy peel and stick shiplap panels.

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2. Perfect Balance

Vintage themed dining area with wooden chairs and flooring white painted walls and a white coffered ceiling

The straight lines and balanced symmetry of square coffered ceilings is one of its most charming appeals. Playoff of the symmetry by adding matching or mirrored light fixtures as opposed to one larger fixture. This dining room carries symmetry into the table decor, creating a beautifully balanced design from top to bottom.

These geometric lights complement the straight lines of the ceiling without being too blocky of a design that follows the coffered squares too closely.

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3. Make It Metallic

Luxurious interior of an ultra modern contemporary living room, wooden laminated flooring, gray ceiling high curtains, and picture windows

Using an element besides typical or matte paint colors can make for a more exciting and creative design. Add aluminum or metal beams to create your own coffered ceilings, or paint the existing trim with shiny metallic paint. The shine will draw the viewer’s eye upwards, which will add even more height to the room.

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4. Elegant Designs

A grand white foyer with white painted stair banisters and a gorgeous blue painted coffee ceiling

Create a gorgeous and elegant coffered ceiling by pairing shapes to create a unique design instead of sticking with the standard repeated squares or rectangles. In homes with taller ceilings, more intricate designs can hold up to the rest of the room. This luxury entryway highlights its coffered design by using a gray shade in the raised areas. Without this highlighting paint, a coffered ceiling can get lost or go unnoticed for homes with very high ceilings.

5. Coffered Layers

Vintage inspired dining area with cream painted walls, hardwood dining chairs, and tables, and a coffered ceiling

In a room with layered coffered ceilings, a beautiful way to showcase those dimensions is by using complementary colors or different shades of the same color when painting. This dining room uses a darker gold for the highest part of the ceiling, a warm tan for the middle layer, and a beige that matches the walls for the rest of the ceiling. This type of layering gives the illusion that the ceiling keeps going, almost like a tunnel effect, where it gets darker further away from the light. 

6. All Over Color

Brilliant combination of yellow and light blue open space kitchen and living room with dark wooden chairs

A typical design with coffered ceilings is to paint the raised portions that sit higher than the bulk of the ceiling a darker shade. However, if you want to take a basic idea and make it more visually interesting, use the same color for the ceiling’s entirety, only painting the trim white or another neutral color. 

This is a great way to use the ceiling as a focal point for color without completely losing the coffered ceiling design.

7. Stained Trim

Interior of a rustic themed living room with light yellow painted living room walls, hardwood flooring, and white and dark brown combination coffered ceiling

Dark stained trim on a white coffered ceiling gives your home a look of luxury. Much like hardwood floors are considered an upgrade in a home because they look long-lasting and expensive, stained trim beams have that same durable and high-end look on the ceiling. 

Darker shades for the beams highlight a coffered ceiling’s beauty, giving a stark contrast that makes the higher points of the ceiling look even taller than they are. Painting coffered ceiling beams or staining wood beams before attaching them can give you this high defined look.

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8. Highlight Accent Colors

Interior of a luxurious living room with white painted walls, modern furniture's with indoor plants, and a gorgeous coffered ceiling

Use your coffered ceiling to highlight an accent color from your room’s design. This living room features neutral tones and uses dark green and gold as accents. Carrying the green into the ceiling brings overall color to the room, just like painting the walls would. The dark shade of green gives depth to the ceiling, helping the room to appear taller.

Dark panels are the perfect time to use recessed lighting. Not only will it show off the beautiful shade, where shadow can make it look black, but it will also bring light into the room. Evenly distributed lighting is important in tall and large rooms with coffered ceilings, as single light fixtures may not reach the entire room leaving areas in shadow.

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9. Add Curves

Vintage wooden designed kitchen area with white painted kitchen cabinetry and a hardwood kitchen breakfast bar

In open layout homes with coffered ceilings, you can help create separation between areas by adding curved trim that matches your current trim. This simple curve gives the impression of an archway or doorway to help visually distinguish between different areas. It can also emphasize focal areas, as this kitchen uses an arch trim to highlight the open counter space between rooms. 

10. Wood Paneling

Interior of a gorgeous kitchen area with dangling lamps, wooden laminated flooring, white paneled cabinetry, and white walls

For an inverted look on the coffered ceiling with wood trim, you can add wood paneling to the raised panels for added texture, character, and depth. Dark wood paneling can work well with rustic and modern farmhouse designs. This addition is an easy upgrade for the ever-popular all-white kitchens. There’s no commitment to a specific color palette, wood paneling is easier to match with most decor, and with peel and stick options, it can be put up and taken down quickly.

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11. Try Triangles

An elegantly designed corridor featuring vaulted ceilings with white beams, complemented by multiple hanging black iron chandeliers that give a classic yet modern touch. The hallway is lined with large French doors and sconce lighting, enhancing the natural light flow and the spacious feel

Coffered ceilings aren’t always about squares and rectangles. They can also have triangle, diamond, and pentagon patterns as well. For a unique take on coffered ceilings, create triangle or diamond patterns. This triangle pattern is perfect for a hallway as its narrow and pointed design moves with the flow of eyesight and foot traffic. For larger rooms, you can have a repetitive pattern of triangles or a pattern that expands from the center of the room outwards. 

Typical square and rectangle designs don’t create movement in their patterns. Shapes with pointed and arrow-like designs can help the room’s flow in the room since the eyeliner will naturally follow directional patterns.

In Closing

Coffered ceilings are a beautiful upgrade rooted in historical design. With their varying patterns, designs, and ability to be easily customized to suit your decor, choosing to add coffered ceilings to your home should be an easy decision!

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