What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?

It's time to paint or wallpaper an accent wall to go with your gray paint, but what color works best in this situation? It's essential to choose colors that are harmonious together. That's why we've checked with the experts to find a list of great colors to consider for your accent wall with an overall gray paint color.

Here is a list of accent wall colors that will work well with gray paint:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black

We'll look at each of these colors individually and explain why they work well with gray paint. We'll also talk about the colors that are complementary to gray if there's one color that looks best, what color works well with a lighter gray, what color furniture to consider with gray walls, and how to decorate a living room that has gray walls. So please keep reading to see what we've discovered.

Living room with a white and gray sofa and a blue accent wall, What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?

The Best Accent Wall Colors To Pair With Gray Walls

Gray is a popular neutral for wall paint. Whether light or dark, this color provides an excellent background canvas for your design style. But sometimes, too much gray can be, well, too much. In those cases, you may want to break up the gray with an accent wall. This accent wall might feature paint or wallpaper. That choice is up to you. Here we have gathered great colors to use for your accent wall.

Blue Accent Wall

Living room with a white and gray sofa and a blue accent wall

Blue works beautifully with gray paint. For every shade of blue, you'll find the shade of gray it works well with. In this lovely little room, the walls are a soft gray. The homeowner has chosen a rich navy/teal as the accent wall color. They've broken it up with floating photo shelves and a smattering of family pictures. The other details in the room pick up on the blue and gray theme.

Pink Accent Wall

Pink and gray themed living room with a gray sofa and a gold dangling lamp on top of the gray sofa

Pink is stunning when paired with gray. In this dramatic living room, a rich charcoal wall color is offset by bold floral wallpaper. The floral components are shades of pink and rose on their own even darker gray background. Pinks and grays are utilized in the furnishings of the space.

Yellow Accent Wall

Interior of a yellow and gray themed ultra modern bathroom

Yellow is another genius color to pair with gray. This urban bedroom uses bookcase niche spaces for the accent color. Inside each niche is a bold sunny yellow paint color. It looks fantastic with the medium gray wall paint.

Green Accent Wall

A teal and eclectic themed living room with a green wall and a gray accent chest

To bring a bit of warmth into a gray room, considering using green accents. Here, rich emerald green is gorgeously juxtaposed against a fairly light gray. Like in the other rooms we've shown, this color pair is used throughout the rest of the furnishings. By doing this, the interior has a soothing cohesiveness that leads to comfort in your home environment.

White Accent Wall

Inteiror of a rustic inspired kitchen with white countertops and a dangling lamp on the breakfast bar

Often we might think of white as the overall color and gray as the accent color. But there's no harm in reversing this trend. For instance, in this modern kitchen, the wall color is a soft light gray. But, above the countertops, the homeowners have chosen a glossy white subway tile to provide a wall of accent color. 

Patterned black and white throw pillows placed on a grey sectional sofa inside a white wall living room

Brown Accent Wall

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Many gray paints that are popular with builders and designers are what we also refer to as greige. These slightly warmer grays pair well with warmer colors. Here, the builder has painted a super soft cocoa brown fireplace wall that picks up the warmer tones of greige paint color. Using this wall as an accent color wall really draws the eye to the focal point of the fireplace.

Black Accent Wall

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Black statement walls are trending currently. They're bold and make a room super dramatic. Why not think about a textured black wallpaper for your statement wall. Pair it with a lighter gray if you need more light in the space. Or, if you want something incredibly drama-filled, pair a velvety black damask wallpaper with a charcoal gray paint color.

Gray leather sofa inside a black themed living room

What's The Complementary Color Of Gray

Different colored palettes complementing the colors gray

When we speak of complementary colors, we refer to the colors opposite one another on the color wheel. But how can one do this with gray? Most grays have a touch of another color in them. So a blue-gray would complement something in the orange range. A gray with a hint of yellow in it would complement a color in the violet family.

These are known as chromatic grays, and experts say look to the color within the gray and pull from its opposite to find the complement.

What Color Looks Best With Gray

There is no single color that looks best with gray. Most colors can work with gray because of their neutral quality. The best practice is to pair a warm gray with a warmer color and a cool gray with a cooler color when looking for a great choice. You can, of course, do the complete opposite of this if you like a design that's a bit bolder and more jarring to the senses.

A small gray couch with a wooden end table on the side and a blue accent wall

What Color Matches With Light Gray

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The other consideration with color matching is your overall tone or shade of color. If you love light gray walls, consider matching a lighter color with them for a soothing vibe. If you have a wall you want to draw attention to, consider using a deep blue or even a darker charcoal grey.

For something eye-catching, you might even design a geometric wall with various shades of gray and white to pair with your light gray paint color.

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls

A light purple flat paneled wall with wooden laminated flooring and a pink colored sofa with a suede throw pillow

If you look at our list of accent colors, you can see furniture choices that work well. We'd also suggest cremes and natural tones with gray walls of all shades. But our all-time favorite is a gorgeous raspberry-colored velvet sofa to match with those gray walls. It's rich and unusual, and your guests will feel the impact of such a bold design choice.

We have an entire blog post devoted to this subject matter: What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls? [9 Great Options with Pictures]

Super scrumptious pink velvet sectional can be found here at Amazon.

What Colors Go With Gray Walls In A Living Room?

This question's answer depends upon your type of living room. If you're more casual, we suggest browns, soft cremes, and blues for your design inspiration. Other grays mixed with a pop of yellow or orange also work well for carefree, lived-in living rooms.

A light gray sofa with bright green colored throw pillows inside a grey living room

But if you love a more formal feel, then we suggest something bolder. Pair navy blue, emerald green, even black to make a statement with your gray walls. Pink is another excellent choice for a room that can easily switch from casual to more formal.

But do check out our blog post here for more ideas: 31 Awesome Gray Living Room Ideas.

Your Gray Room Can Have Designer Appeal With The Right Accent Wall

As you can see, there are loads of choices for making your home's decor shine. Decide on the mood and tone you want. If you wish to paint or wallpaper, then head out to your sample store to gather possibilities. The great thing about interior design, especially paint color, is that it's relatively easy to refresh and update if you grow tired of your color choices.

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Interior of a gorgeous and contemporary living room with teal colored chairs and picture frames hanged on the wall, What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray?

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