What Color Bedding for a Blue Bedroom? (Illustrated Examples and Shopping Links)

What color bedding is best in a blue bedroom? This is pretty subjective since most blue hues are considered a neutral color. This means it can be paired with lots of different colors, depending on your personal preferences. There are some colors that are favored pairings with blues; white, pink, blue (navy, powder, royal), gray, yellow, and red. 

Interior of a blue themed bedroom with white birds painted on an accent wall and white beddings, What Color Bedding for a Blue Bedroom? (Illustrated Examples and Shopping Links)

There is a lot to take into consideration before making the final choice of bedding color for your bedroom. Keep reading as we delve into those details to help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

Blue and White Bedrooms

By and far, a bedroom with blue walls and white bedding is one of the most popular color schemes for a bedroom. Depending on the shade of blue, when paired with a bright white, the room can be soft and delicate or have a crisp nautical vibe.

Navy and White

This crisp and clean room is very simple in its design. Hosting one navy blue wall and the rest white, navy curtains, and white bedding with navy accents, the designer kept this room simple and relaxing, without a lot of unnecessary visual noise to detract from the lines of the room.

This bright white pinch pleated bedding set is all you need to make your bed comfy and cozy. With a microfiber outer shell and polyester filling, this comforter is great for every season.

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Coastal Relaxation

Evoke a coastal vibe with pale blue walls and all-white furniture and bedding. Top with a striped comforter and pillows in white and the same shade of blue as the walls for a cohesive look that is as calming and relaxing as the sea itself.

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What says summer days at the beach like a pale blue and white striped seersucker? This duvet cover is made of 100% yarn dyed washed cotton that will add coastal charm to any bedroom.

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Sweet and Chic

A soft, so pale its almost white blue room is complemented with all white furniture and bedding. No curtains block the bright outside light leaving the room feeling light and airy. Incorporate an intricate chandelier style light fixture for added charm.


Quiet Country

For a quiet farmhouse feel, use a light robin's egg blue on the walls, and white bedding on a white bed. Make use of natural or vintage items to add interest to the room. Here this takes the form of a wicker hanging chair, a rattan framed mirror, and a vintage metal light fixture.

Create an old-fashioned, whimsical feel in your bedroom with these white pillow covers with light blue flower embroidery.The center of the design is enhanced with a darker blue bird perched on a branch.

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Blue and Pink Bedrooms

Soft and sweet, this color combination looks best when a delicate blush pink is paired with a darker blue, like navy or sapphire. However, don't hesitate to try out magenta with turquoise, it just might surprise you!

Blush and Navy

A very pale shade of pink paired with the toughness of navy on the walls keeps this look from being too feminine. Contemporary accents like floor vase and incredibly unique diamond shaped wire light fixture add to the hard and soft motif as well.


This soft and simple pale pink duvet cover set form Swift Home is the perfect choice if you are hoping to recreate the look above. Just throw in a couple of purple pillows for contrast and comfort.

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Peaceful Dreams

For something different, paint your room a pretty country blue then add light pink bedding for contrast. Minimalist styled furnishings keep this room clean and calm.

Another possibility for a room this color would be something like this duvet set by Duvet Cover Set. Its pale pink color is offset with a barely-there gray geometric print that will go well with the blue walls.

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Elegant Romance

The rich deep midnight blue of the walls is perfectly counterbalanced by the pink rose color of the bedding. This perfect pink is reflected in the flowers on the wall and in the simple white vase. Texture is added to the look by the woven chair and nubby rug, all in the same shade of pink.


Shabby Chic Sweet

Baby blue and light pink are a hallmark of the Shabby Chic design aesthetic. Focusing on the use of faded colors and vintage fabrics, it makes it easy to find the perfect rose covered comforter and pillows. Add a vintage chandelier light for just the right touch of romanticism.

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One example of the bedding described above is this pretty pink and white print quilt set. It has a dark pink floral print against a white background on one side, and a striped and floral pattern on the other.

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Luxuriously Bright

Vibrant pink bedding on an ornate antique gold bed brings glamour to a room with medium blue walls. Add a couple throw-pillows in a hue similar to the walls to bring things together.

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If you love the look above, try something like this vibrant magenta comforter set from Grand Linen. The bright pink will really pop against any blue but works especially well with teal. Keep your other decorative items to a minimum as the embroidered pattern and striped pillows are all the decoration needed and too much else will make the room look busy.

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Blue and Blue Bedrooms

Choosing a monochromatic approach to decorating is not a simple as it seems. In order to prevent your room from being too drab, use different shades of blue and patterns to provide visual interest.

Calm and Restful

Bedding and wall color are very similar in this simple bedroom. The bed is decorated with a pillow in various textures and a touch of white, and a throw blanket in a multi-hued pattern is placed across the bed to break up the sea of blue. Leave the windows bare in order to maximize the natural light and choose a light natural wood bedroom set to complement the blue.

This duvet cover set from Merryfeel is the perfect example of what to use in a monochromatic bedroom. The pattern and texture of the 100% washed cotton seersucker will add interest and break up the blockiness of too much of the same color while allowing everything to still match.

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Shades of Blue-Gray

Pair darker blue bedding with slate blue walls and a blue and white patterned rug for a monochromatic look that is anything but boring. A throw pillow and striped blanket mimic the woven pattern of the blue and white basket on the wall.

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Blues Can Be Electrifying

This super vibrant blue bedding glows against the lighter blue headboard. If you are going to go this bold, you can break up the solidness of the matching bedding and walls with a darker waffle knit layering blanket and a patterned pillow. The key to making this look successful is simple lines and quality fabrics.


If your walls and bedding are the exact same shade of blue, mix it up with a couple of patterned throw pillows like these from Accent Home. The patterns will keep the room from looking too drab and boring.

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Refined and Elegant

The first thing to take note of in this room is the fact that the designer only used one shade of blue throughout the room. The walls, comforter, pillows, and area rug are all a rich denim blue. This is broken up by white in different textures, from the fabric headboard to the fluffy stools at the foot of the bed. These textures give the room interest and depth. The elegant light fixture adds just the right touch to further elevate this look.

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Blue and Gray Bedrooms

Channel the calm before the storm by mixing blues and grays. The cool colors are perfect for creating a bedroom that begs you to spend Sunday in bed.

Modern Colors

Use casual gray fabrics to make your bed cozy instead of cold. A muted blue is the perfect neutral backdrop for this comfy bed. Use industrial style lamps for a modern touch.

Uniquely Masculine

Create a simple, masculine-styled bedroom by pairing a denim colored wall with bedding in a variety of shades of gray. Brown vintage leather suitcases and rattan blinds add warmth and character.


Silvery Ruffles

Use black and white photos to offset silver bedding. Include a plant or two in a nice pot to bring life into your space.

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This prettily pintucked silver bedding set from Lush Decor is a great example of how to use gray. The texture of the pintucking elevates the design while still focusing on the minimalist color palette.

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Blue and Yellow Bedrooms

A classic color combination, incorporating yellow into the bedding in a blue room really brightens a room. Yellow is a complimentary color to blue on the color wheel (red being the other), so it makes perfect sense to pair these two together.

Yellow Patterned Sunshine

In a small blue bedroom, add a golden patterned comforter to bring lightness to the bedroom. Simple white lamps and white matted pictures also break up the darkness of the blue.

A similar option in bedding comes from this sunny cotton percale duvet cover set from Pinzon. The crisp cotton will breathe well in all seasons and is very durable and easy to care for.

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Keep it Light

This bedroom has a delightful lightness that is enhanced by the pale butter yellow blanket and gold pillows. The deep blue velvet headboard becomes a focal point as the most saturated color in the room.

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Use a quilt set like this one from Tache to help you recreate the look above. The texture of the quilting is refined and lends a more elegant feel to the room without being overwhelming. The soft buttercup yellow is perfect for pairing against a variety of blues as well.

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Casual Elegance

This silvery blue room is a vision when paired with pale gold bedding and matching armchair. Add an ornate chandelier for a vintage accent.


Patterned Bedding

Incorporating patterns into the bedding is a great way to add visual interest to a room, especially if you are using a mono- or bi-colored color scheme in your decor. Keep it simple, or get crazy with it to really personalize your bedroom.

Monochromatic Print

This navy-and-white room is brought to life by the addition of a patterned comforter and throw pillows. They break up the solid navy and white giving the room a more professionally designed feel. Keep everything else simple, and just add a few select pieces.

To keep a monochromatic look from seeming too one-note, incorporate a pretty floral patterned bedding in the same hue as the wall. This Chinese porcelain inspired quilt set is a great example of how a pattern can liven up a room.

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Birds of a Feather

What an amazing patterned comforter! Choose bedding with bright contrasting colors that compliment the blue. Blue is often considered a neutral color, so as long as you just choose one or two patterns, the blue can serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase your colors.


If you really want to brighten up your blue bedroom, try a colorful print quilt like this one from Lush Decor. The print showcases red, yellow, orange and blue against a white background with a blue back so it will really stand out against a blue wall.

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Add Patterns and Texture

The bold blue wall in this room is mimicked in the pattern of the bedding, as well as the throw pillow and blank. To make it a little funkier, incorporate a silver fur throw and velvet pillow.

If you love the fur throw above, check out this soft and fluffy faux fur option! Its gray and black high pile fur is super soft and will add texture and a unique edge to your bedding.

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So, which bedding to choose for your blue bedroom?

As you can see, a bedroom with blue walls can actually be very versatile in terms of creating the final color scheme. And where it comes to matching the bedding, you need to take that into consideration. Playing with textures, and even using decorative elements such as throw pillows and throws, can all help you find the best balance along with your choice of sheets, pillowcases, and duvets.

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