What Color Bedding Goes With Beige Walls?

Are you repainting your bedroom and wondering what color bedding will go with beige walls? Or maybe your child loves to change their decor frequently. There is no right or wrong answer, and in this article, we will give you some great ideas on the colors of bedding that will match well with your beige walls. 

The color beige is very neutral. With that being said, almost any design or color of bedding can look great with the neutral color beige. What you choose is going to be based on your taste and the potential theme or design of your bedroom. Some of the best bedding colors include:

  • Dark Green
  • Shades Of Brown
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White Or Cream

Please continue to read as we will give you some wonderful ideas and tips for picking the perfect bedding for you! There are so many designs, themes, and colors to choose from. We'll also discuss how to brighten a beige room, the process of mixing in animal prints, and more.

A modern luxurious bedroom with beige colored walls and a beige bedding set, What Color Bedding Goes With Beige Walls?

Bedding Colors That Go With Beige Walls

Dark Green

A modern bedroom with beige colored walls and dark green colored beddings

The most favored color for beige walls is green. Dark green shades are especially sought after for bedding and accessories. Those deep olive, forest, and artichoke colors are the most popular shades.

As in the picture above, the comforter is dark green and it stands out against the pale walls. The decorators also used a pale pink to make the green pop even more. In this case, they used the same color green in the comforter for the pictures on the wall behind the bed. The features used throughout the room work very well together.

Do you love the pink and green color combination? We have the best bedding set for you:

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A beige painted wall with white curtains and a beige color bedding set

Some may not think to mix more beige with beige, but it works. Mixing different shades of browns, tans, and beiges opens up a world of possibilities in the bedroom. This allows you to mix different wooden furniture into the decor as well.

Textures play a big part in throw blankets, pillows, and even lighting. As you see above, the throw blanket and rug match in pattern and texture. Using brown can also leave your imagination open to different themes as well. You could go with a rustic theme or even throw in some romantic golds with your beiges. 

You can layer your bedding for an even more interesting look in the bedroom. Don't be shy of using multiple throw blankets, either.

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A luxurious huge bedroom with purple curtains and a bed with purple beddings matched with walls painted in beige

Any shade of purple will look amazing with beige walls. You can mix lilacs and royal purples to create a very regal, comfortable look. In this photo, the designer also added some more beige and white accents. This creates more depth and mixes perfectly. Adding some floral throw pillows with the same colors you are using can pull together your bedroom. 

These three-dimensional purple floral throw pillows will add a little more charm and character to your bedroom.

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The color blue can be used in so many themes with beige walls. Blue is a rather serene, calming color, making it an excellent bedding choice in the bedroom. From baby blue to royal blue, you have endless color options. Paired with a basic beige wall, you can add purple, greens, and even reds to complement the blue bedding. 

Like the photo above, blue bedding is the perfect color for grounding the room and infusing it with intrigue. It has a subtle coastal vibe without looking kitschy. 

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A beige painted wall with beige rattan basket like chairs and a bed with beige beddings

For a clean look, white and cream colors can also work with beige walls. White can really make you feel calm and cool, especially in the summer months. Adding some flowers to a bedside table can give hints of color if you wish. With white's calming effect, your room will be a special retreat at bedtime. You can also add some simple industrial pieces to make the room look more sleek and minimalistic. 


Check out these simple industrial lamps that could really tie together your bedroom.

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How Do You Brighten A Beige Bedroom? 

There are many ways to brighten a beige bedroom without even having to repaint it. Adding some colorful throw blankets or pillows to your bed can brighten up any room. Area rugs can also help add a pop of color. Pastel-colored curtains can make a difference as well as hanging up some colorful art on the walls. 

A tasteful use of layered patterns and textures adds some valuable depth to your beige bedroom as well. But as always, don't go overboard with patterns. 

You should also consider adding a mirror or a collection of mirrors into the bedroom design. Mirrors do a wonderful job of making the space appear larger than it really is. If you want to know more about the best ways to add mirrors into the bedroom, take a look at these 37 Floor Mirror Decorating Ideas

Should Your Comforter Match Your Curtains? 

Not at all; feel free to match different fabrics, textures, and colors. A multi-colored curtain with a solid colored bed set can really make the room look fun and whimsical. You can always change the curtains out at any time. It is recommended to not mix too many different patterns, though. This can make the room look off-balanced and too busy. 

For more guidance on curtains in the bedroom, check out How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom.

Can You Mix Animal Prints With Beige Walls?

Please do! Animal prints and beige walls look perfect together. Many times beige is even used in animal print fabrics. Using a solid color comforter and curtains makes it easier to integrate the print. Statues, wall hangings, and pillows with animal print will bring together the whole room. Beige walls will help the room look brighter in contrast with blacks and deep browns. 

This black fur duvet cover is perfect for the cooler season. Being that it is solid black, you can easily add some leopard print pillows and an amazing area rug to bring the African safari to your bedroom.

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Leopard print pillows like these ones will make a big difference in your bedroom design:

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In Closing

Any color of bedding can match well with beige walls. Beige is a neutral color and flows well with any theme or pattern. If you or even your child like to switch up patterns and bedding frequently, beige allows you to do that without having to change much. Just have fun with mixing colors, patterns, and textures! 

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