What Color Bedding Goes With Grey Walls? [10 Suggestions Inc. Photos]

One of the biggest advantages of grey walls is the versatility that the color offers. Grey has recently emerged as a very popular neutral color that pairs well with most other colors. This being said, picking the perfect bedding can be an overwhelming decision. We have compiled some of the best color companions for your grey walls to help you narrow down your choices.

There are some excellent colors that pair well with grey. The following colors make for great bedding color choices that complement your grey walls: 

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue 
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Coral
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

While choosing a color of bedding for your grey-walled room is one of the most important decisions to make, there are other factors to consider. Some questions you may still have are: How can you make a grey room brighter? How do you choose a color of bedding to go with your grey walls? Should you buy throw pillows to match the bedding? For answers to these questions and other details you may want to consider, just keep reading. 

Bedroom interior with pastel colored bed and pillows in grey walls, What Color Bedding Goes With Grey Walls? [10 Suggestions Inc. Photos]

Bedding Colors That Go With Grey Walls

Let's take a closer look at the best bedding colors that match grey walls.  


Inspired by nature and with so many great variations, green is an excellent choice of color to pair with your grey walls. Jewel-toned dark greens paired with grey and hints of brown from wood furniture can create an elegant, woodsy color scheme. If a brighter green accent color is what you desire, artificial grass and greenery can also add some green to your space, if bright green bedding isn't for you.  

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Bedroom interior with pastel colored bed and pillows in grey walls

While brown may not immediately come to mind when choosing a bedding color, brown bedding can be surprisingly versatile. Whether light sandy brown is what you want or if warm deep brown is more of your style, grey and brown are quickly becoming a popular color scheme. Pairing these two neutral colors creates a perfect combination of modern and cozy. 



While upon first thought, blue and grey may seem like a dark and masculine color combination. This is not necessarily the case. The right shades of these colors can create a peaceful and serene mood. Hints of subtle green and white accessories complete your nature-inspired look.

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Yellow and gray modern bedroom with double bed and niche

For a popular, modern color scheme, consider shades of yellow and gold with grey. Bold and bright yellow contrasts beautifully with industrial and sturdy grey. Black or white accessories can sharpen the overall look. 


Cozy bedroom in pink and gray color with a stylish copper floor lamp

For a fun and flirty look, consider your favorite shade of pink or blush. The right shade of pink can give your room a soft, sensual feel. Modern rose gold hardware with white accessories can complete this look. 


While coral seems to be close to a pink color, it is a bit darker, with orange undertones that pair well with grey walls. Gold accessories can give coral and grey a polished look while accessorizing with hints of tan and turquoise can give your room a beachy feel. Trying different combinations of accessories can completely transform the mood of your space. 

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Pink blanket on violet bed in elegant bedroom interior with painting on grey molding wall

Historically known for its regal hue, purple bedding is a bold contrast to grey walls. Purple is deep, mysterious, and moody while grey is stable, cool, and neutral. This color combination can be an adventurous choice. Gold and other jewel-toned accessories can add to the mysterious ambiance of your grey and purple room. 


Historically thought of as a very harsh and manly color, black can also be classy and modern. Black bedding with your grey walls can give your room a polished, bold look.  Silver accents can add to the polished look of the black and grey color combination. 

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When it comes to the color grey, there are many more than fifty shades. Combining two complementary shades of grey in your bedroom can create the illusion of space due to the uniform color. Adding hints of color, in this case metallic, to break up the greys is key.

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Baby room in scandinavian style with armchair and wood bed

White and grey have recently emerged as a favorite color combination for both decorators and homeowners. White provides a crisp contrast to grey walls and looks clean and sophisticated. Both of these colors go with basically anything, so decorating opportunities are endless. Color can be incorporated into your space using colorful accessories such as curtains, rugs, and throw pillows.

How To Brighten An All-Grey Room?

Brightening an all grey room can be tricky, depending on how dark your grey is. However, with so many choices of color combinations, it can definitely be accomplished. Bright colors used as accent colors on throw pillows, rugs, or curtains can brighten the overall color palette of the room. Lighter colors like white or light grey, when used for trim paint and doors or shelving, will also brighten an all-grey room. 

When considering color combinations that include grey, first decide what the mood of your room should be. Do you want your space cozy and calming, bright and energizing, or dark and mysterious?

Colors found in nature can be an excellent source of inspiration. Blues, greens, and browns can be subtle and calming, brighter colors like yellows, golds, pinks, and corals can create a stimulating and energizing space, and black and white variations are clean and classic. Nature-inspired accessories, such as artificial plants and trees, can soften the mood and also brighten the space. 

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Should Throw Pillows Match Bedding?

Throw pillows can be used to complement your bedding, but they can also provide a fun splash of color to contrast with your bedding. Throw pillows can transform plain colored bedding into a fun backdrop for bright colored pillows. Color wheels are an excellent tool to find colors that will complement each other.

Color Schemes

Decorators often use some simple rules when combining colors using a tool called a color wheel. The color schemes below are some examples of color schemes and are based on a simple 12-color wheel.

Complementary Colors

A grey bedroom with complimentary color bedding sheets

Complementary colors are colors that don't resemble or match each other but do complement one another. They can be found by combining colors that are across from each other on the color wheel. Examples of complementary colors that would pair well with grey are: orange and blue, purple and yellow, and red and green. 

Analogous Colors

Oversize lamp in scandi and modern interior

Analogous color schemes use color combinations of colors that are right beside each other on the color wheel. It is also a great way to combine multiple complementary colors. An example of an analogous color scheme is blue, teal, and green, but can be any two, three, or even four colors next to each other on the color wheel. 

Should Bedding Match Curtains?

While it may be tempting to buy curtains that match your bedding, consider other factors first. Neutral-colored curtains are a good option to coordinate with almost all colors and let light into a room. If a darker room is your preference, darker colored or even blackout curtains are made especially for blocking sunlight from rooms.

Curtains may occupy a significant portion of your wall space and should coordinate with the overall ambiance of the room. However, they should not draw attention from the main focus of the room, your bed and bedding. Matching curtains may be too much of the same color or pattern. Consider complementary or analogous color schemes (as discussed above) and different textures and prints for curtain options. 

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In Closing

As grey gains popularity as a modern take on a neutral color, color combinations can be overwhelming to choose from. While the colors that we have discussed are only some of the possible choices for accent colors, small variations on all of these colors can give your room a whole new look. Taking inspiration from nature, deciding on an overall mood for your space, and utilizing some of the color scheme tools and rules discussed above can make this process a bit easier. 

Oversize lamp in scandi and modern interior, What Color Bedding Goes With Grey Walls? [10 Suggestions Inc. Photos]

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