How to Choose Bedding Color? [11 Color Schemes Reviewed]

Your bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. So, it makes sense that the color you choose for your bedding complement your style and make your sleep more comfortable. In this article, I will help you find the right color for your bedding so that you can achieve exactly that goal.

White and off-white shades like eggshell have long been the standard for bedding. This is partly because it is easy to clean them with bleaching agents when necessary, but that’s not the only reason. These very light shades correlate to better sleep because they feel and look clean on your bed. Neutral shades are also a great choice because they aren’t as harsh on the eyes as white can sometimes be. Yellow, blue and green are also top contenders in the running for “best bedding color” because they are soothing to the psyche.

A collage of bedding with different colors, How to Choose Bedding Color? [11 Color Schemes Reviewed]

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I know that that’s a lot to consider, but don’t worry. In this guide to bedding colors, I’ll explain the merit behind these color choices, as well as other surprising options that will help guide you to a better night’s sleep.

What Colors are Best for Bedding?

What is “best” will differ from person to person. Your choice in bedding colors will be determined not only by the soothing effect you’re going for, but also personal preference. Obviously, a person who hates the color yellow isn’t going to want to drape their bed in it.


There is a certain psychology that goes into determining which bedding colors are most conductive to sleep. The colors I’ll list below are proven to help a person sleep and can be incorporated into a room in many ways – not just on your bedspread.

Choosing blue bedding

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Beddings with the color of the sea and sky invokes a calm and serenity feel. Light blue to a rich deep navy color

The color of the sea and sky, blue invokes feelings of calm and serenity. From light blue to a rich, deep navy, blue is known to increase the quality and duration of sleep.

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Choosing Black Beddings

Bedroom with black beddings and meriting snoozing sleep in a black space. White painted walls and beige area rug

While black bedding definitely isn’t the most popular (and it attracts pet hair like nothing else), there is some merit in sleeping in black space. When the lights are off and it’s time to get some shut-eye, black bedding isn’t distracting. It doesn’t stand out from the darkness, creating a more even field of vision as you drift off to sleep.

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Yellow beddings

I’m not talking about primary Crayola yellow, but rather a softer, more pastel type of yellow that is conducive to better sleep. Bright, primary or neon yellow tones can be disruptive to sleep, but a softer color is very soothing.

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How about green for your bedroom textiles?

A bedroom with moss and olive green shade beddings. Taupe painted walls and carpeted flooring. White curtains and black nightstands with white lampshades

The color green is very helpful in achieving a good night’s sleep, for the same reason that blue is. Moss and olive green shades are especially calming, as they are often found in nature. The colors of nature often are better for a good rest.

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Silver beddings

A bedroom with silver beddings evoking same luxury as a luxurious bedroom

While gold can be distracting to sleepers, silver evokes the same luxury without the sacrifice of extra z’s. Silver is calming and less demanding on the eye.

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Orange beddings are an option

A bedroom with orange bedding and pillow. Off-white painted walls and a matching white nightstand. Dark wooden flooring and beige area rug. Huge white framed window and white curtains

While red is quite problematic if a good night’s sleep is your goal, the related color orange has the opposite effect. Orange is cozy, beautiful and invites sleepers to snuggle up under the covers and doze off.

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Classic White Beddings

A bedroom with classic white beddings and an assortment of matching decors. Bedsheets isn’t pure white but can give some great sleep

The color white and similar off-white shades are very soothing, work with an assortment of décor, and provide an impeccably clean and crisp look to any room. Stark white can be a bit jarring for some individuals, but a bed sheet set that isn’t pure white can assist in helping you to get some great sleep.

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Which Colors Should Be Avoided?

If the best possible sleep is your goal, though, there are some things that you should consider steering away from when making your bedding choices. Below, I’ll list some very pretty colors that look great in a bedroom but might not be the best choice if you’re prone to sleepless nights.

Vibrant Purple beddings

Dark romantic purple themed bedroom

The many shades of purple are vibrant and inspiring – so much so that they can impede on a restful night’s sleep. Purple is invigorating to a person’s creativity and can even result in more vivid dreams and nightmares.

Shocking Red

A small hotel bedroom with brown curtains and red beddings

There’s a reason why red is used to illustrate anger. It invokes passion and energy that make it difficult to sleep peacefully.

Dark Brown beddings

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A bedroom with dark brown beddings and an assortment of matching decors. Dark shades of brown bedroom with a light brown wall

While neutral colors are all the rage, darker shades of brown can make a bedroom feel gloomy, reminiscent of a dungeon.

Dark Gray

A modern bedroom with dark gray beddings and an assortment of matching decors. Appearance is a bit dark gloomy feel promoting a good sleep

For the same reason you might want to steer clear from the color brown, gray is a choice that can appear gloomy and make a person feel sad instead of sleepy.

Sensational Gold Sheets

A gold themed bedroom with gold beddings, gold foam header wall and golden floral pattern wall

Gold is a color that embodies wealth and luxury. While it is certainly beautiful, those with financial struggles can find it difficult to sleep well when surrounded by gold.

What About Patterns?

Patterned bedding may look great, and there are many patterns that you can choose from when it comes time to decorate your bedroom and cover your bed. Patterns are, generally speaking, not the most favorable thing to lean toward if you are struggling to find solid sleep at night. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get some good rest beneath a patterned bedspread.

If you are set on having patterned bedsheets, here are a few tips that I recommend considering as you go shopping for your new bedding:

  • Understand that your patterned bedding may clash with other elements in the room. If you will be bothered by this, try to decorate your bedroom around the pattern – not the other way around.
  • Avoid patterns that involve a very stark contrast in color. More subdued colors in neutral shades are a very safe bet.
  • Choose patterns that aren’t very ornate. Very simplistic patterns, even in muted shades, can be quite eye-catching without compromising your ability to sleep.

So, Which Color is the Best?

It’s widely agreed that blue is the go-to soothing bedtime color. This is true not only for bedding but for other aspects of the bedroom’s décor. But really, there is no universal “best,” here. It is a matter of personal preference. Perhaps some of the “avoidable” shades above don’t interfere with your sleep at all. Maybe one of the preferred shades – even blue – could impede your ability to sleep well. It really is up to the individual.

If you have issues with sleeping, like insomnia or nightmares, you should absolutely consider involving the “good sleep” colors outlined above while avoiding the “bad sleep” shades.

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