What Color Blinds Go With Brown Wood Window Trim?

If you have brown wood window trim, what color blinds will work best with it? We've done some research and have come up with some great ideas for blinds that will work well with your brown trim. Let's take a look.

The following color blinds go great with brown wood window trim:

  • Matching Wood Blinds
  • Cream Or White Colored Blinds
  • Rattan Blinds
  • Brown or Tan Fabric Blinds
  • Blue Fabric Blinds

We're going to look at each of these options and talk about why they go so well. In addition, we'll answer your questions about if blinds should always match window trim, if all the blinds in your house should match, if faux wood is better than real wood in blinds, and if real wood blinds fade over time. Keep reading for all the information.

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Great Blind Color Choices To Pair With Brown Wood Window Trim

If you live in a craftsman-style home, or maybe you simply love natural finishes, chances are you have brown wood trim on your windows. But what are some great choices of blinds to go with them? We've gathered options for you here.

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White roller blind and window.

Matching Wood Blinds

A surefire approach to pairing blinds with your brown wood window trim is to choose a similar shade of blind. Wood blinds are available in both real wood and faux wood and in many different finishes. They do a good job of cutting down on incoming sunlight but can also be pulled up to let all that beautiful sunshine inside.

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Walnut blinds

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Real walnut blinds look gorgeous with window trim of the same stain color.

Cream Or White Colored Blinds

If you want something light and airy then a neutral white or cream is an easy choice to pair with wooden window trim. It's a good color to lighten up a room and works well with brown. This color blind is easy to find in a variety of materials, from vinyl to metal to fabric. You can even find white or cream-colored blinds that have a lining to keep the sun out.

White vinyl cordless blinds like this are unobtrusive and go with brown wooden trim.

This solar window shade in soft cream is a perfect look to pair with wooden window trim.

Rattan Or Bamboo Blinds

wooden jalousie, a interior decoration detail from natural material

Another natural material that looks great with wooden trim is rattan or bamboo. This natural material is sliced into long thin strips then put together to create beautiful window blinds. The color of these types of blinds is a natural complement to the hardwood window trim. 

These bamboo roll-up blinds are lighter in color than the darker wooden trim, but they still look great. As you can see, they provide privacy and protection while still allowing filtered light into the room. 

Brown Or Tan Fabric Blinds

Little boy opening the roller blinds in the morning on sunny day.

Fabric is a popular choice for Roman shade-type blinds. If you go with this sort of window treatment, why not pick a corresponding brown or tan fabric to work with your window trim? It will create a nice natural palette on your windows.

Try to get a color that corresponds closely with your trim color.

Blue Fabric Roman Shade

Blue is one of those colors that works beautifully with brown. Whether you go for rich navy or a robin's egg blue, it's going to look super.  We love the look of this rich chambray blue. It's a black-out shade, so when closed, it will provide a lot of protection from the light. But when open, it will let in the sun and provide a beautiful spot of color at the top of the window frame.

Should My Blinds Match My Window Trim?

simple well designed modern white kitchen interior

Your blinds don't need to match your window trim, but it's a safe way to go if you have trouble making decisions. It's a pretty fail-safe design decision, and matching blinds to your window trim really makes the windows shine rather than the blinds. Another way to go is to match your blinds to your wall color or your floor coloring. Though if you change your paint color, then you may need to change your blinds.

You can also choose fabric roman shades and match the fabric to an upholstered piece in the room. This is a really gorgeous designer look that can help tie all of your loose ends together. If you like a bold look, choose a blind that contrasts with your paint color. For instance, navy looks great with white. Or choose black if you have black hardware and fixtures in your white kitchen.

Should All Blinds In A House Match?

Brown wooden blinds decorate in house on window.

Choosing to have all the blinds in your house match is one route you can take. By doing this, you might find some cost savings with the manufacturer of your blinds, and it will certainly make decision making easier. But it's not a have-to in terms of coordinating your home. We do suggest having all the blinds in any given room the same. The same goes for if you have open concept rooms, it's going to look more cohesive to have all your blinds be the same. 

But if you have totally separate rooms with doors that separate them from the others, then there's no reason to keep your blinds the same. In fact, your rooms may demand something different. A room with super sunny exposure may need a UV-blocking blind. Whereas a room with low light may need something really airy and translucent. And those blinds probably won't look like each other.

This cordless black-out blind keeps light out when needed.

Are Faux Wood Blinds Better Than Real Wood?

One situation where faux wood blinds are better than real wood blinds is high humidity or moisture areas. If you want wood blinds in your kitchen or bathroom, then you might think about using a PVC or vinyl blind that's made to look like wood. These blinds don't warp or crack when exposed to moisture over time. The finish won't wear off, and they're easy to clean. They're also a bit more cost-efficient than real wood.

But one way in which real wood soars over the use of faux wood is in the feel and beauty of it. There's nothing quite so elegant as actual real wood window blinds. It's a luxurious choice to dress up your home's windows, and it's also lighter-weight than the faux wood PVC blinds.

Do Wood Blinds Fade?

Modern window with stylish wooden blinds indoors

Because wood is a natural material, it is affected by UV rays that hit your windows. Over time, the sun's light might cause some fading of the wood and its finish. But it's a slow and gradual change, and chances are, by the time it gets bad enough to bother you, you'll want new window treatments anyway. There are some wood blinds on the market that are said to be more resistant to fading and dust, so look for those.

Blinds Are Great On Your Windows No Matter The Color

WINDOW TREATMENTS AND BLINDS in bathroom by bathtub with ocean view, What Color Blinds Go With Brown Wood Window Trim?

A well-finished window is both functional and beautiful. It provides privacy and a way to control the sun's light. And if you choose well, it can be an essential part of your home's overall style.

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WINDOW TREATMENTS AND BLINDS in bathroom by bathtub with ocean view, What Color Blinds Go With Brown Wood Window Trim?

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