29 Interior Design Color Blocking Ideas [Various Rooms In Your Home]

Color blocking is a design technique that involves pairing two or more bold colors together. While it may have started in the fashion world, the technique became infused in interior design as well. It's possible to color block walls, ceilings, furniture, accessories, and more. Avoid complementary colors and go for bold contrasts. 

Create different geometric shapes and fill them with bold colors. The color effect will be striking. Like many things in design, it's helpful to use an odd number with your color blocking. Even with this technique, you'll want to incorporate in some neutral color like white, black, gray, or tan. 

Living room with gray walls, gray sofa, colored poufs and throw pillows, 29 Interior Design Color Blocking Ideas [Various Rooms In Your Home]

We've created a guide to help you color block elements of your interior design. So, without further ado, let's get to it! 

The color wheel shows the relationship between colors. Primary colors include yellow, red, and blue. These colors can't be mixed from other colors. Secondary colors include orange, violet, and green. These colors are the results of mixing two primary colors. Tertiary colors include yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green. These colors are formed when you mix a secondary color with a primary color.

Understanding these colors and how they work together are key for interior design.

Color Blocking Walls

Considering that walls are one of the most expansive areas in a room, color blocking them makes a bold statement.

White And Blue

A blue and white colored bedroom with a large window and computer set on the side

Icy blue and crisp white walls stand against each other. This type of design easily features the elements in the room, giving careful attention to each piece. 

Hot Pink And White

A pink and white ceiling room incorporated with a floral pattern flooring

Hot pink is an electrifying color. Pairing it with white is an excellent way to cool the color down without sacrificing any aesthetic. 

Red-Orange And Orange

A Red and yellow colored bedroom with white colored furniture's and brown flooring

Red-orange and orange are next to each other on the color wheel. This room uses an analogous color scheme—utilizing three colors next to each other. The orange-red serves as the most dominant color while the others serve more as accents. 

Color Blocking Ceilings

Color blocking ceilings is a different take on the design technique. While the ceiling may not be the first thing you notice in a room, the unique color blocking technique will help showcase features in the room. It's also a wonderful way to incorporate texture into the design. 

Wood Panels

A house with white colored walls, A brown, blue, yellow, and white furnitures

Wood paneling for the ceiling is a texture-rich way to color block a room. It adds some drama and height to the room. It even complements the wooden dining table. 

Sky Blue Ceiling

A modern living room with wooden flooring, green sofas, blue ceiling, and a brick patterned partition

This room is already full of interesting geometric shapes, so a color-blocked ceiling emphasizes that aspect. 

Peachy Ceiling

Blue walled study room with white colored ceilings, white cabinets, and dividers

The peachy hue of this ceiling is a soft complement to the gorgeous navy blue walls. 

Color Blocking Accessories

Color blocking doesn't have to stop at the walls and ceiling. Consider color blocking various accessories in the room for added intrigue. 

Color-Blocked Table Settings

A brown wall with red, cyan, and yellow colored paper plates

These place settings feature the three primary colors, forming the perfect color wheel. 

Color-Blocked Lighting And Shelves

Gray and sky blue colored wall with colored cabinets and lamps

The pendant lighting features a mix of solid color hoods. The lighting looks playful when paired with the color-blocked floating shadow box shelves. 

Color-Blocked Pillows And Poufs

Living room with gray walls, gray sofa, colored poufs, and colored throw pillows

The accessories in this room take the cake. Against the neutral walls and furniture, the accessories like the pillows and poufs incorporate valuable color and texture. 

Color-Blocked Art And Tabletop Accessories

Pink and dark brown colored walls with wooden flooring and yellow furnitures

This room design is simple yet gorgeous. It features various shades of blue and pink, creating a unique, soft-toned color-blocked aesthetic. 

Color-Blocked Kitchen Appliances

Yellow walled kitchen with yellow and blue utensils

The yellow appliances are an amusing way to add some bright color into the design. You can even tuck the appliances away if you don't want too much color. 

Color Blocking Furniture - The Dining Room

In a dining room, color block the table set, other prominent furniture pieces, or numerous accessories. This can create a cohesive color scheme. 

Red And White Furniture

A Retro styled dining room with gray textured walls, red chairs, and a brown table

The bold red hue stands out incredibly against the cool white features in the room.

Colorful Glassware And Plates

A white walled living room with a brown table top, and assorted utensils on top

Set apart each place setting by using different colored glassware and plates for each spot at the table. 

Color Blocking Furniture - The Living Room

Color blocking furniture in the living room allows the room to be infused with meaningful character and color. 

Texture-Rich Couch And Side Table

A light green colored wall with a gray texture combination incorporated with a nicely colored furniture

The couch has a soft gray hue and the side table is organic wood, each one forming a natural color block scheme.  

Bold Red Couches

A wide living room with red colored sofa, white cabinets, and a dining room at the back

Nothing makes a statement quite as much as cherry red couches. In any room design, they'll steal the show.

Pastel Couch And Chair

A white walled living room with a yellow sofa and colored throw pillows

Go for a subtle scheme with pastel-colored furniture. The geometric area rug helps pull all the colors together.

Colorful Sectional Pieces

A wide living room with different colored sofa and white walls

If you take a look back at the color wheel, you'll notice this sectional includes all the tertiary colors. While they appear very loud together, it's also a cohesive aesthetic. Accessories placed around the room help pull the room together. 

Color Blocking Furniture - The Bedroom 

Color blocking furniture in the bedroom gives you a lot of room to show off your creativity. Whether you use the color blocking technique for the bed, nightstand, desk, wardrobe, shelving, lighting, or more, the bedroom will be full of fun features. 

Everything Color Blocked

A kids bedroom with a colorful cabinet and bed

Don't stop with one piece of furniture. Color block all the features for some playfulness in a child's room. 

Shadowbox Aquarium And Matching Lighting

Orange colored wall with cool hanging lamps and a white bedding set with stripped pillows

The aqua blue painted shadowbox is reminiscent of an aquarium, giving the room a unique look. The lighting on each side of the bed utilizes symmetry.

Bold Bedding Colors

Bedroom with light blue and yellow colored walls and a bed with white pillows and a blue blanket

The solid blue bedding stands out against the bright yellow accent wall. Each gray nightstand lamp defines the bed.

Color Blocking In The Kitchen

Color blocking in the kitchen can be done in a plethora of ways. Consider color blocking kitchen features like the backsplash, appliances, lighting, and other accessories. 

Colorful Tile Backsplash

A sink with wooden countertop and colorfull square decorative tiles on the side

A simple way to add color-blocking technique in the kitchen design is through a multi-colored tile backsplash.

Sleek Red And Black Cabinetry

A modern kitchen with red colored cabinets, white granite island with sink, and expensive four burner with range hood

Shiny red and black cabinetry defines the space in your kitchen in a sleek, modern way. 

Sunny Yellow Features

A kitchen with brown walls, yellow cabinets, and white ceilings

Yellow is a cheerful color that transforms any room. Use the color in your kitchen cabinetry and counter chairs for a unique color-blocked look.

Royal Blue Cabinetry And Accessories

A blue themed kitchen with blue cabinets and blue walls

A monochromatic color blocking scheme is apparent in this design. Different shades of blue are creatively used to define spaces and add depth.

Color Blocking In Public Spaces

Color blocking doesn't have to stop in the home. It can be utilized in public spaces, too. This can be done through furniture, wall color, and even the flooring.

Cafe Tables

A cafeteria with red and blue colored tables and red chairs

Define each eating area by the color of each piece of furniture. Each dining set of a table and chairs has distinct red and blue colors. 

Cubicle Color Blocking

A library with large windows, computers on the side, and a blue carpet with white ceilings

Define each desk space with a colored cubicle wall. Other solid colors throughout the room outline the space.

Yellow Accent Wall And Chartreuse Desk Walls

An office with a combination of white, yellow, and gray colors for better productivity

A yellow accent wall at the forefront of the room elongates its look. Chartreuse desk walls provide contrast to the white desk features.

Color-Blocked Nooks

A public library with red colored columns with blue carpets, and a glass wall on the side

Easily separate public areas with color-blocked nooks. The areas are clearly defined thanks to the design technique. 

Red And Yellow Flooring

A yoga gym with red colored flooring, gray exercising mats, and pinks colored hot dog pillows

In an otherwise neutral room, the yellow and red flooring commands attention and separates the sections of the room.

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