What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops?

We have all seen it. The sleek, modern kitchen with gorgeous, gleaming black granite countertops. The internet, magazines, and TV shows provide a million images to spark our imagination.

Still, when trying to create the perfect colors pairing for our own black countertops, the choices can seem overwhelming. But have no fear!

We have researched the most popular color combinations to pair with black granite countertops so you can see all the options in one place! 

When choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets to go with black granite countertops, there are many different options, hinging primarily on your preference and overall decorating style. However, the most popular choices are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Wood Tones

Black granite countertops are a stunning neutral that can be paired with many colors for spectacular effects. Keep reading for examples to inspire your own decorating!

A modern kitchen with white paneled cabinets mixed with black granite countertops, What Color Cabinets with Black Granite Countertops?


By and far, the most popular, white, and black is a timeless combination, no matter what your decorating style!

Minimalist Perfection

White enamel cabinets perfectly offset the black granite for a combined example of minimalism. The clean lines and nickel trim of the cabinets keep things sleek. 

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An ultra modern kitchen with black granite countertops and white paneled cabinets

Updated Tradition

Pair black granite with traditional white cabinets on an oversized island to create a standout focal point in a large kitchen. 


Muted modern 

Use gray cabinets in a black and white kitchen to provide dimension. In this kitchen, the small tiles in the black and white backsplash would overtake the room without another muted color to tone things down. 

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A modern kitchen with a mixture of gray tiles and black countertops

Copy this look in your own kitchen with this easy to use peel and stick backsplash from Art3D.

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Mix and Match

Use simple gray bottom cabinets to mount your black countertops, but pair them with white glass-front uppers to keep the room light and airy. The look is classic, yet modern, and suitable for a variety of home decorating styles. 

Modern kitchen with black countertop and white cabinets


A nice intermediary between white and brown, cream-colored cabinets add warmth to the contrast between light and dark. It is a good look for modern farmhouse or rustic Italian style kitchens.

Muted brick walls, heavy dark wood moldings, antique cream cabinets, and black countertops come together to invoke images of simmering sauces and hand-cut pasta made with love by an Italian grandmother. 

Cream cabinets and black countertops

Coffee and Cream

Install antique cream cabinets with black countertops, then use a cream and brown backsplash to tie them together. The result is warm and homey, a great place to relax with a cup of coffee!

Cream and coffee themed kitchen with black countertop and hanging lamps

Create Definition

Black Granite Countertops are a great way to create contrasting lines and break up an open floor plan.

Here there is a lot of white in the dining room and kitchen, so the stark contrast of the counter against the white, especially in the extended bar area, defines the two areas without closing them off from one another.

Pale wood cabinets create dimension in the white kitchen and look great against the black countertops. 

A classic modern kitchen with wooden vinyl flooring, black granite countertops, and white colored cabinet panels


Warm and Cozy

A rich, chocolate brown on the cabinets gives this transitional kitchen warmth. A massive stone hearth and patterned black granite bring in a natural feel to the masculine space.

A kitchen with marble countertops, faux stone decorative walls, and black paneled cabinets


Crisp and Modern

White floor tiles and wall color picks up the white patterning in the black granite, allowing a contrast between it and the flat black cabinets.

The pattern in the granite is important here, as plain black would have caused the counters to meld in with the countertops, visually disappearing. 

Black countertops with black cabinets

Spacy and Racy

Match shiny black cabinets with black granite countertops for a stark contrast to whatever bright color you choose! Here a hot pink covers the walls for a retro-futuristic vibe. 

A luxurious modern kitchen with black granite countertops and pink walls

Want to take a stab at recreating this look? Check out these contemporary hot pink bar stools to get you started!

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Black granite pairs beautifully with stained wooden cabinets of all colors. Here are a few examples to spark your imagination!

Rich Wooden Masterpiece

The color palette of this traditional kitchen is commonly found in upscale kitchens across the country. The key to making this look rich and luxurious instead of ho-hum is the investment in quality hardwood cabinetry and a superior stainless range. 

A rustic themed modern kitchen with wooden kitchen cabinets and black granite countertops

A beautiful and modern stainless steel convection stove like this one from Cosmos elevates any room where it is installed.

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Midcentury Marvellous

Black granite countertops that fold over to the floor help craft a fabulous midcentury modern style kitchen. Paired with wood-paneled 'hidden' cabinets and modern stools, this kitchen is minimalist yet homey. 

Wooden cabinets and hanging lamps

And One for Fun!

This color is not on our list, but it is a fun color combination with the black countertops. Here, the bottom cabinets have been painted a pretty sage green. The uppers are white, keeping things light and airy. This look is perfect for a cottage-style or country kitchen. 

Sage green and white cupboards

Are black kitchen countertops in style?

Black countertops are a very popular choice due to the high contrast look they provide. High contrast kitchens continue to be on-trend, although softer, more muted neutral colors are gaining a foothold in the decorating world.

Black looks great against almost any color and works with most decorating styles. They are an excellent choice for both modern farmhouse and industrial decorating, which are two of today's most sought after looks. 

Do black countertops stain?

Black granite countertops are the most stain-resistant, although, like most black surfaces, they can take a little extra effort to keep looking pristine. 

Black Quartz can stain, or become water-etched, easily. Some cleaning products, like bleach or hard water, can leave marks on your black quartz. 

Should my kitchen island match cabinets and countertops?

This is entirely a matter of preference based on the look that you want to achieve.

Matching your kitchen island to the rest of the room can create a cohesive look. Here the island continues the bright white that is abundant throughout the rest of the kitchen.

This is the correct choice for this room, as mixing things up would leave the island standing out like a sore thumb. 

But what if that is precisely the look that you want? Maybe you would prefer for your island to be a focal point in your kitchen? In that case, you might wish to your island to have a different color base or a butcher block countertop.

This kitchen is all white, but the space is defined by the blue-gray island base and warm wooden top. 


A modern kitchen with white paneled cabinets mixed with black granite countertops

As you can see, the choices for pairing cabinets with black granite countertops are limited only by your imagination. This type of countertop is stylish and chic, and perfect for anyone who likes to change things regularly, no matter what color they paint their cabinets!

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