What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

When it comes to kitchen countertops, brown is a solid choice to build around. It's a color that provides a pleasant earthy base for your decor, whether sandy hues or darker earth tones. But not being the most popular color for countertops these days, you might have questions on what colors to pair with brown countertops. Luckily for you, we at Home Decor Bliss have researched the question and more below, so continue reading. 

Brown countertops come in a large range of shades, but a few consistently paired options go with it. White is one of the standards that seems made for all kinds of brown countertops. It's a clean and vibrant option that often provides well-needed contrast. On the other side, you have mahogany, a dark rich wood. Mahogany brings out the multitude of colors found in brown granites. 

Both of these options will bring something different to your kitchen area and your brown granite countertops. Depending on what you're going for, stark white contrast or dark rich wood will provide a great look. Many factors go into why this is, so continue reading to learn more about brown granite and how to best utilize it in your home. 

Brown granite and cabinet color

There are a couple of camps of thought on the best style to go with when it comes to kitchen decor. Some decorators strongly believe in the power of contrast, pairing darker countertops with lighter cabinets and furniture. This creates a pleasing contrast that really draws the eye, allowing one to take in details.

Details on both your cabinets and in your countertops can stand out easier. It also creates a clean and beautiful look with light brown shades.

 Brown marble countertop incorporated with oak cabinetries and brown tiles

Other decorators believe in the power of tradition, where dark furniture and cabinetry all but stated the status of the homeowner employing them. Dark woods tend to be expensive woods. Seeing them in use along with your textured granite counters can really give your kitchen an air of sophistication.

A popular shade of brown granite, such as tan brown granite, is notable because it has many cabinet color options. So let's break down cabinet colors in general and pairing them with brown countertops in particular. 

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than countertops?

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Interior of a rustic kitchen with wooden flooring, oak cabinetries, and a white countertop on the breakfast bar

This is a big question in home decor, and as previously mentioned, there are arguments on both sides. Since brown countertops cover the entire range of light to dark, this makes a choice more perplexing. Really the thing you want to consider is the type of atmosphere you're looking to capture with your kitchen space. 

Dark cabinets have a practical use as well as an aesthetic one. Darker cabinets such as cherry wood help disguise any potential splashes or messes you might get on them. And since you wipe down your countertops far more often than you clean your cabinets, this might help your kitchen look brighter in between cleanings. Pairing darker cabinets with lighter brown countertops gives you both this upside to dark cabinets and striking contrast. 

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Interior of a rustic kitchen with wooden cladding

Dark cabinets with dark countertops provide an air of sophistication and class.  Be aware, however, that a dark on dark kitchen can appear cramped if used in smaller spaces. Consider this look in larger, more open kitchen areas. 

If you want a dash of bold coloring in your kitchen, remember that you can utilize accessories. Backsplashes, window coverings, and accessories can all add additional coloring to your living space. 

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Should countertops be darker than the floor?

Along with the cabinets and the countertops, the biggest color choice with your kitchen space is your floor. The eye-level nature of cabinets and countertops makes them one of the first things visitors will notice in your kitchen. But it's the floor that really ties the area together.

A granite countertop inside an oak themed kitchen

There is no tried and true answer to what color your floor should be as with cabinets and furniture. It depends on what mood you're going for, the other colors you're utilizing, and the style of your kitchen, among other factors. 

Interior of ultra-modern kitchen with stainless appliances and wooden brown countertop

It's generally believed that your floor and countertops should be different colors. This will break up the similar feeling in the color scheme of the room.

But you can have them be in the same color family if you're going for a similar color palette in your countertops and cabinets. If you're going for high contrast, you can achieve this in either your cabinetry or your flooring. 

All in all, the floor is another part of the overall color scheme. It would help to consider whether you're going for complementary colors in similar families or high contrast. 

Wooden countertop of a kitchen

Are brown countertops out of style?

Certain types of brown countertops have definitely come more into and out of style as the years go on. Darker and heavily speckled brown granites, especially those with other colors peppered in, have fallen somewhat out of favor.

Black painted wooden cabinetries and brown countertops on the breakfast bar and sink area

Lighter and brighter kitchen countertops have been the chosen style for many decorators around the country. But it's ultimately a choice up to you. 

Thankfully, brown is a material that comes in a large range of shades. So even as darker tones in your kitchen fall out of favor, there are many lighter brown countertops you could go with instead. This will get your fill of beautiful brown and stay with the current trends. 

What color cabinets never go out of style?

While trends can be hard to keep up on, some colors of cabinetry are a solid bet. You don't need to keep yourself to one of these options, per se. They can provide a good solid baseline for the style of your home when decorating, however. 


The simple look of white cabinets is a timeless staple due to how clean it looks and how well it goes with a range of other colors. Several darker brown granites provide a great baseline for white cabinets, and the while will also go well with any furniture, window dressing, or other colors you introduce. 

Natural Wood Tones

Natural woods are another style that has been considered a solid choice for years. Stains can come in and out of style, but natural wood provides a classy addition. You will have to consider the wood grain, as it will be visible. Choose horizontal lines along the grain like those found in maple, pecan, or birch. 

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color?

There are a lot of popular kitchen colors out there that are making big waves in the scene. Mixing and matching painted cabinets with natural wood tones is a big trend. This allows the best of both beautiful color and natural wood to shine through in your kitchen. 

Wooden brown countertop inside a classic themed kitchen, What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

Trendy Black

Stark blacks are providing a powerful statement in kitchens lately, allowing for an edgier take on a color that goes well with everything. If you want something more daring than simple white, black is a good potential option that keeps the modern look together.

Classic Natural Wood or White

Wood finishes and whites are also still around timelessly to bring whatever mood you're aiming for to your living space. 

A Dash of Color

While not as frequent as white or black and not a fit for every kitchen, certain pastel colors like subtle shades of mint are popping up in kitchens. Even brighter colors like navy blues are starting to show up.

It's a daring option you'd have to consider carefully, but the times far less afraid of certain colors than it has been. This color infusion might be a sign of things to come, but it's something to keep in mind. 

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Are oak cabinets coming back in style?

Oak cabinetries inside a rustic kitchen area with recessed lighting

Trends are highly cyclical in nature. Oak cabinets, which were all but completely supplanted in the 2000s, have seen a resurgence in the past several years. They don't pair well with every type of countertop, so consider how they look together.

But natural wood, in general, provides warmth and authenticity to a living space as little else does. If you're interested in using oak for your cabinets, don't be afraid to embrace it. 

In Closing 

Brown countertops can evoke a range of emotions when paired with a beautiful floor and cabinets. The versatility of this color means you can mix and match and really spread your wings when it comes to figuring out how you want your home to feel. We hope this guide has helped you achieve just that. 

Oak cabinetries incorporated with brown marble countertops and recessed lighting, What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Countertops?

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