What Color Cabinets Go With Cream Countertops?

Designing a kitchen is quite the task, with many different decisions on style along the way. If you have cream-colored countertops, you may wonder what color your cabinets should be. There are many color options for you, each one bringing a different vibe to your kitchen. We've referenced interior design recommendations to determine the best color combinations for cream countertops and cabinets. 

The main choices for kitchen cabinets are between solid colors such as grey, black, white, brown, and blue and wood cabinets such as oak, maple, and cherry. White cabinets create a neutral look, while painted cabinets offer a touch of boldness. If you opt for wood cabinets, you'll be adding more texture to your kitchen decor.

Yes, any of these colors would make a great addition to your kitchen; however, aspects to each are important to remember before making this big decision. So, please keep reading to see how these combinations work to find the best style for your kitchen.

Open space kitchen and dining room inspired from a Mediterranean accent, What Color Cabinets Go With Cream Countertops?

Solid Color Cabinet Options

There are many different painted cabinet colors to choose from to match your cream countertops. These solid colors include grey, white, black, brown, and blue. Some of these colors are bolder, some are more neutral, but each color can create a beautiful kitchen space.

Grey Cabinets

Grey is a great choice for your cabinets to keep your kitchen neutral. Paired with the warm cream-colored counters, grey adds sophistication to your kitchen.

In the image below, you can see how well the grey cabinets look with the cream. The cabinets, paired with a white subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances, make this kitchen neutral and welcoming. 

Gray cupboards and cabinets incorporated with cream kitchen countertops

White Cabinets

White is a very popular color choice for kitchens. There are definitely pros and cons to white cabinets to consider before choosing this color.

One large pro is that neutral colors allow for more personalization within other aspects of the kitchen. Neutral colors will never go out of style; therefore, you will not feel as though your kitchen is outdated shortly after finishing the remodel.

A white inspired kitchen with dark flooring, white cupboards, and drawers

A con of white cabinets is that white will show off every speck of dirt in your kitchen. Kitchens are dirty by nature; there is no way to cook or bake and not leave some type of mess behind. No matter what you spill, it will show up on the white of your cabinets.

With that being said, white is still very popular; you can absolutely choose white cabinets as long as you are willing to clean them as needed. If you choose white cabinets, you can read more about "What Color Hinges And Knobs For White Cabinets?"

Black Cabinets

On the darker side, black cabinets are an option for your cream kitchen as well. In this image, you may notice the kitchen looks fairly dark at first. Although some people prefer their kitchen to be on the lighter side, it is important to note the opposite as black is popular as well. 

The black cabinets are paired with a white backsplash creating a necessary contrast from the potential gloom of a shadow-filled kitchen. You may also notice the spice jars above the sink that create accents from the strict black and white and cream theme.

These pops of color add a small relief from the neutral colors of the rest of the kitchen. Black cabinets, similarly to white, are also going to be a challenge to keep clean because black shows smudges. As long as you wipe them down regularly, that should not be an issue.

Brown Cabinets

Brown cabinets are a great way to bring a more natural base to the kitchen without bringing the texture of wood onto the scene. Cream and brown together create a warm, light, and earthy feel to a room while still keeping it modern, as you can see in this kitchen.

This particular kitchen is sophisticated with glass features and a wall of rock to the left. The basic backsplash keeps the space clean and does not deter the focus from the whole aesthetic of the kitchen.

A beige painted kitchen wall with modern kitchen appliances and drawers

Blue Cabinets

And finally, blue cabinets. Choosing blue cabinets for your kitchen is a bold move. However, it will completely transform your kitchen from bland and boring to chic and modern. Blue is considered a cool color, while the cream is a warm color, meaning the blue and cream will complement each other.

Blue colored kitchen cabinetries incorporated with white countertop, indoor plants and a wooden covered hood


As shown in this picture, blue cabinets look beautiful with a cream countertop. You can see that the rest of the kitchen is designed with lighter tones, such as the light wood finishes and the lighter grey tile backsplash.

This helps to keep the kitchen from becoming too dark with all of the darker-toned blues. Adding a finishing touch such as a plant, like in this kitchen, can add some accents that make the blue less overwhelming.

Wood Options For Your Cabinets

Instead of painting your cabinets, you could stain them. This allows for the texture to break through. Showing the wood grain in cabinets is becoming increasingly more popular. It adds depth, and wood finishes bring a huge amount of warmth into a cold kitchen. The most popular woods for cabinets include oak, cherry, and maple.

Oak Wood

A rustic inspired stone incorporated kitchen with oak cupboards an drawers with stone countertops

This oak kitchen, although small, feels much larger with the natural light and the earthy wood tones. In this particular kitchen, they chose fewer bulky appliances to give the room a larger feel.

The grain in oak wood is noticeably eye-catching, and oak wood is known to have an artisanal appearance. The neutral, earthy tones in this kitchen work well together, and the light colors balance well with the natural light from the large window. The oak cabinets give this kitchen a more contemporary feel; it is a kitchen where you could feel right at home.

Cherry Wood

Oak cabinets inside a spacious and modern kitchen

The cherry cabinets in this kitchen look modern but have touches that add character to the kitchen. The cabinet color works well with the cream counters, gray backsplash, and the stainless steel appliances.

Also, note the white dishwasher adds more color to the room. The cherry wood shows a little bit less texture than oak did; however, there is still a quality appearance because of the grain.

Maple Wood

This kitchen example is more traditional and homey, less modern. The maple finish of the cabinets pairs well with the cream counters, and the colors complement each other.

There is a bit of a contrast, however, with the green glass tile backsplash. This adds a flare to the neutral kitchen, without being too overwhelming to the senses when you walk into the room. There is also a red accent color that comes from the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. 

A narrow kitchen with oak cabinetries and a small kitchen island

Add A Pop Of Color to Your Kitchen

Another great option for your kitchen design is using accent colors. Accents are a great way to add small splashes of color to your kitchen. Common accent pieces include light fixtures, smaller countertop appliances, island cupboards, or bar stools if your kitchen has a bar or island.

A few accent color ideas include gold, blue, black, or green. Gold is common for light fixtures in neutral-colored kitchens; they have an antique yet modern feel. Bright royal blue can also make a great addition to a cream kitchen, bringing a more natural feel, as well as adding a contemporary, chic vibe to the room.

Cream and granite inspired kitchen with white cabinetries and dangling lamps

Black offers a more traditional, sleek, and minimal look. In this kitchen, the island cabinets are painted black to offset all of the lighter colors in the rest of the kitchen.

Finally, green as an accent color, much like blue, brings a more natural vibe into the kitchen. A sage green would look wonderful with a cream kitchen, adding warmth, tranquility, and elegance.

Are Cream Cabinets Outdated?

Cream kitchens, although once considered outdated, are becoming very popular again. Choosing cream cabinets for your kitchen is a great choice that allows for many different design choices elsewhere. The cream is such a neutral color that it can pair well with so many other colors. Neutral never goes out of style!

How Do You Modernize A Cream Kitchen?

There are many ways to modernize a cream kitchen. One way is by keeping the kitchen simple; it is best not to overwhelm the senses. Adding cool tones and contrasting with dark flooring is another way to modernize. Also, adding copper or gold finishes and accents can do wonders to modernize a simple and minimalistic kitchen. 

Open space kitchen and dining room inspired from a Mediterranean accent, What Color Cabinets Go With Cream Countertops?

What Color Appliances Go With A Cream Kitchen?

The best color appliances to match a cream kitchen are white appliances. There was a time when stainless steel first became popular, and white appliances lost popularity. They were considered outdated and not as aesthetically pleasing as the new and shiny stainless steel appliances.

Recently, however, many people have decided to go back to white appliances. This is opposed to the sterile, restaurant-type stainless steel appliances. Because of the neutrality of cream and white, as spoken about before, white appliances would look good in a cream kitchen.

Should Backsplash Match Cabinets Or Countertops?

This is a difficult question to answer, only because the backsplash should truly match both cabinets and countertops. A backsplash should be an extension of your countertops; however, your kitchen does have to match as a whole. Having said this, choose colors for counters and cabinets that incorporate your backsplash, making the room complete.

In Closing

The best cabinet colors to pair with cream counters are white, grey, black, brown, and blue. They each have separate qualities that can match whatever atmosphere you are aiming for in your kitchen. Keep the cream countertops but add texture by using wood cabinets like cherry, maple, or oak.

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