What Color Ceiling Goes With Gray Walls?

Gray walls are still fashionable and add a dramatic flair to any room of your home. But have you found yourself scratching your head about what color to paint the ceiling? We researched different colors to set the right tone and mood in a room with beautiful gray walls. Read on to learn what makes each color an optimal choice when paired with a shade of gray.

Forget about solely relying on painting a ceiling some shade of white for a room with gray walls. You can go bold and add a touch of color to your room that isn't in a neutral shade and enjoy great results. Check out the following color suggestions:

  • White/Off-white/Cream
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Yellow

No matter what color you choose to coat your ceilings, you want to make an informed decision that satisfies your sense of aesthetics and space. Continue reading to discover some inspiring and exciting color combinations to spruce up your gray walls.

Scandinavian style living and dining room with wooden table and parquet floor, What Color Ceiling Goes With Gray Walls?

Color Treatments For Ceilings With Gray Walls

In many homes, the ceilings are painted some shade of white. Many ceilings look fabulous with a bright white coat or have a more toned down, eggshell, or cream-colored hue. Choosing a white-colored ceiling is a safe choice because it is neutral and makes a room feel more open. Choosing a darker colored ceiling when the walls are equally dark can make a room appear smaller and intimate.

If your heart and sense of aesthetics motivate you to take a chance on your ceiling color, you are in luck. You can successfully make a room work visually with a ceiling in colors other than white. To make things work beautifully,  the color chosen for the ceiling is usually in a lighter shade than the walls or has a strong complementing feature. Of course, you can play around with accessories and accents to walls and windows to tie everything together.

Classic White

Home interior design living room with gray walls, sofa, couch, coffee table, parquet floor and large mirror

White is the color of choice for most ceilings and wall treatments because it reflects the most light. Painting a ceiling white is an excellent choice for a room with little to no natural light or a small-sized room that would otherwise feel cramped. Remember, darker colors make an area feel smaller and lighter; brighter colors make a room feel grander and roomier. Roll on a coat of matte classic white to create a clean feeling to a room in a color that goes with everything.

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Scandinavian style living and dining room with wooden table and parquet floor

Enjoy the beauty and luxury of subtlety when you have a ceiling in an off-white or cream color. Instead of turning things up with a brighter and more reflective color, an off-white in ecru, eggshell, or chalk is softer, more demure, and still polished. Depending on the lighting, it may be harder to distinguish whether the ceiling is truly white, or if it is indeed, a softer tone of gray to play off of the walls.

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Dark Gray

Throw out the rules that say you have to paint a ceiling white and stay within the same color family of gray. By simply adding the same color in a darker shade, you still create a sense of visual interest and maintain a sense of depth and spaciousness in a room. Instead of your eyes focusing on a vertical movement, the room will open up a bit more horizontally. Choose this treatment in a room with an open layout that is medium to larger in size with light to medium-dark flooring for the most impact.

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Light Gray

Darker colored walls may make a room seem smaller, but adding a lighter shade for the ceiling allows the room to open up a little bit visually. Create a chic and sharp sense of visual contrast with a ceiling painted in a softer gray tone. Consider this option for a home office, study, entryway, or a living room with wainscotting for the most interest. Turn up the drama when you have little to no natural lighting and install architectural floor lamps or wall sconces.

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Metallic Gold

Make a strong statement that you are unafraid of the power of color by going metallic. A coat of gold metallic coat adds a lot of appeal to a room painted with medium to dark gray walls. Achieve this look in a spacious living room, master bedroom, or even a long, dramatic hallway with wood or tile flooring.

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Pastel Rose

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room using a coat of soft rose or a lighter shade of red. The power of pastel pink adds a sense of levity to a charming room when paired with a lighter shade of gray. Avoid pairing a lighter pink paint with a shade of gray that is incredibly dark because it would make a sharp contrast would create visual stress. Instead, opt for this combination for a modern nursery, vintage living room, or even a bedroom with long windows.

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Creamy Yellow

Yellow in a pastel hue invites the power of spring, summer breezes, and the sun into our homes. A kitchen with vintage or rustic details looks incredible and more inviting when there is a combination of a yellow ceiling and soft gray walls. Do play around with your space, and don't forget to utilize complementing accents to the trim, flooring, or furniture in a room with this color treatment for best results.

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A Note On Other Colors

Aside from our suggested colors, don't count out using shades of sea-inspired blues or earthy shades of green to cool down a room painted with gray walls. Seek to visually create a sense of balance and harmony in a room by turning up or turning down the strength of your walls via color.

No matter what color you choose to coat your ceiling, there are many benefits to enhancing your space with style. Remember to keep in mind how lighter and darker colors make you feel and change how a room is perceived visually. You want to feel at ease in a room and utilize a wall treatment that is beautiful, functional, and works for your lifestyle.

What Is The Best Color White For Ceilings?

The best color choice of white paint for ceilings is very clean, bright, and matte. Most people opt for a matte, crisp white paint for the ceiling is because it is a neutral color that anchors the room and pairs well with all colors. White naturally reflects light and makes a room appear larger and brighter, a plus for rooms with or without a lot of natural light. Some people love white paint from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams but choose a color and brand that you love and trust.

Should Ceilings Be Flat Or Semi-Gloss Paint?

Typically, most ceilings are almost always painted with a coat of flat paint because they don't get a lot of interaction that would harm the application. Using semi-gloss paint is acceptable on a ceiling but not necessary. A flat, matte coat of paint is ideal for a room's ceiling because it won't take attention away from the walls or overly reflect light.

Can Ceiling Be Darker Than Walls?

Inject a room with a sense of visual appeal and drama by painting the ceiling darker than the walls. There are a few reasons why painting a ceiling in a darker color can be beneficial. If a room is very large and has a wide, open layout, a darker ceiling can unify the space and reign things. A room that you wish to emphasize its intimate details and coziness can also be painted with a darker ceiling for an interesting vibe. The choice is yours.


When you understand the power of color theory and helpful tips to make the most of a room, you can comfortably embrace gray walls. Excite your senses and create a delightful living room, bedroom, or entryway using a pastel-colored paint on the ceiling in rose, goldenrod, or seafoam. Give your room a sophisticated and polished look using a shade of off-white or classic bright white paint on the ceiling.

Keep design rules in mind regarding how lighter and darker colors will impact a room's perception and size. Remember, you want to use colors that unify the ceiling and walls and utilize accents, accessories, and furniture that pick up on your color choices. 

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