What Color Chairs Go With An Oak Table? [7 Great Options]

When deciding on chairs to go with your oak table, you may be wondering which color goes best? We’ve checked in with our experts and gathered their thoughts for you in this post. You may be surprised by the answers, so let’s look at some great color pairings for an oak dining set.

Here are some great color chairs to go with an oak table:

  • Oak
  • Lighter natural wood tones
  • Black
  • White or antiqued white
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Now that you have some options to think about, let’s take a look at these combinations. We’ll also talk about if chair legs need to match table legs, how to go about matching the right chairs to the table, and ways you might show off and dress up your unique oak table. So please, keep reading!

Empty oak dining table with white chairs, What Color Chairs Go With An Oak Table? [7 Great Options]

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Great Colors Of Chairs To Pair With An Oak Table

Each of these colors has its own look when paired with an oak table. We’re going to give you solid suggestions of great chairs and examples of what we mean.

Oak Chairs

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Natural oak wood dining table and chairs in neutral modern interior design house

The easiest choice is always to choose things that are a match or a set. Here, natural oak chairs are paired with a natural oak table. This warm dining set will last for many years and be a perfect place for countless family dinners.

Lighter Natural Wood Tones Chairs

Dining table in lighter natural wood tones with rattan chairs and decoration

These gorgeous chairs are made from rattan, a light wood tone. They look amazing with this traditional oak-finished table. Though they are primarily a natural color, there are darker accents at the rattan’s edges that tie in with the table. But they would look great if they were all one tone as well.

This rattan dining chairs would be perfect with any style of oak table. They look super comfortable for long relaxing meals with friends. Click here for this on Amazon.

Black Chairs

Dining room table in a post and beam home interior with a Prairie School lamp and black chairs

Black is a lovely contrast to the warm tones of an authentic oak table. In this dining room, a mix and match approach is happening with the chairs. But as they are all painted black, so they work as a cohesive set around this large and gorgeous dining table.

White Or Antiqued White Chairs

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and brown colored furniture. White Or Antiqued White Chairs

White is another color that works well paired with oak. It’s a common color combination in farmhouse style homes or, if the white has been antiqued, we often see it in French decor schemes and shabby chic styles. Here spindle back chairs of wood have been painted white to pair with the white oak table.

Here are a pair of classic spindle farmhouse chairs in white to achieve the look featured above. Click here for this on Amazon.

Red Chairs 

Interior of house, table and chairs of a dining room, classic decor, oak table with red chairs

Can you say, love? We sure can! In this elegant dining room, French chairs upholstered in red are paired with an oak table with white painted legs. The addition of the red shades on the chandelier and the stunning view would make us never want to leave the table.

Green Chairs 

Modern dining room, wooden table and green chairs against orange stucco wall

Here we see upholstered green chairs in light white oak with a matching table. The look is modern and elegant for casual dining. Green would work equally with darker red oak but will give you a deeper, luxurious feeling.

Blue Chairs 

Dining room with oak table, brown white and blue chairs. pendant lights

In this fun and casual dining space, the homeowner has created a bit of playfulness in their color choices. Two periwinkle blue chairs are placed at the table’s head and paired with natural oak and white chairs along the sides. The yellow accent of the centerpiece arrangement ties the dining space into the living space. Of course, you could also do all blue chairs and have it look smashing as well.

Do Chair Legs Need To Match Table Legs?

When shopping for a dining room table and chairs, general shape, style, and bulk are all considerations. If you’re a city apartment dweller, you know that cleaner lines work better in small spaces. But if you have a large home, then you can opt for pieces with more heft. And when pairing your table with our recommended chairs, you want the overall feel of them to be somewhat similar.

Nordic style office studio dining room with large oak table and chairs, mismatched chair and table legs

But does this mean your chair legs need to match your dining table’s legs exactly? Our design influence has shown that they don’t need to match. Though, you want the relative weight of the pieces to relate. For instance, don’t put spindly chairs with a super bulky table and vice versa; the legs can be completely different. The above table and chairs are a great example of this. Of course, if you want them to match, that’s one hundred percent okay as well.

How Do You Match A Dining Table And Chairs?

Whether you’re buying a dining table set or using an existing table or chairs to pair, what’s the best way of picking them out? There are a couple of factors to consider.

The first is the overall silhouette and size of the table or chairs. If you have a massive farmhouse table with huge turned legs, you don’t want to pair it with tiny chairs on spindly legs. And conversely, if mid-century modern sleek is your thing, then probably ornate gothic chairs aren’t going to be a match.

The most important consideration is the height of your chairs’ seats in relation to your table’s height. From the bottom of your table to the top of the chair should be approximately twelve inches. If your table has a wooden skirt that borders beneath it, you want your chairs’ seats or armrests to be at least seven inches below the bottom of the table skirting. This way, there’s no problem sitting or pushing the chairs in at the end of a meal.

How Do You Dress An Oak Dining Table?

Having a gorgeous oak dining table allows you to accessorize it and make it even more beautiful. This can be a decorative centerpiece, functional decor for every day, or beautiful table linens for special occasions. Here are some ideas we think are absolutely fabulous.

A Wooden Bowl For Fruit Or Other Display Objects

This gorgeous wooden bowl is great for an everyday statement. Fill it with apples or a beautiful array of pinecones from the yard. When it’s time for a dinner party, clean it up and fill it with a gorgeous salad to be shared by all. Click here for this on Amazon.

Simple Candelabras To Make Dining An Experience

This collection of six brass candlesticks hold tapered candles in various heights and sizes. You’ll end up with a staggering display of flickering light. Brass is super popular in today’s designs, and the sleek style of these will work in contemporary and transitional homes. Click here for this on Amazon.

A Set Of Exquisite Placements And Napkins For Special Occasions

This lovely set of durable vinyl placemats and runners can be kept on the table all the time or brought out for special occasions. This set includes six placemats and one table runner. The stylish medium grey will be beautiful on a solid oak table. Click here for this on Amazon.

Beautiful Chairs In An Abundance Of Choices

There are so many great dining chair color choices for pairing with your oak table. We hope this post has inspired as you begin the hunt for your perfect chairs.

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