What Color Chairs With Blue Sofa?

Buying new furniture can be a fun adventure. Do you already have a blue sofa and are wondering what color chairs will match? We have looked into this and have some great ideas for which color chairs would look best.

Because blue is a primary color, almost any other color will go great with it! A bright orange, yellow, or different hues of blues will match wonderfully. You could also choose black, white, red, or even neutral beige. If none of these colors work for you, wooden chairs may be what you need. 

Continue to read through this article for some great ideas about what color chairs will match your blue sofa and the room you will be putting them into. 

Blue sofa and wicker carpet in white simple living room. - What Color Chairs With Blue Sofa?

What Color Chairs Go With A Blue Sofa

Let's explore the best chair color options to go with your blue sofa.

Fancy grey lamp in blue spacious trendy living room

Blue Hues

If you have a darker colored blue sofa, try adding lighter hues of blue into your chairs or even a teal color. You may choose ones with a design or solid colors. If your blue sofa has designs already, then choose solid colored chairs. It is even alright to match the chairs perfectly to your couch. You can always add throw pillows, blankets, and other decor to make the furniture stand out more. 

Bright Orange

If you want a crazy pop of color in your living room, use bright orange armchairs! Orange is not for everyone, but this color and blue go amazing with each other. Not only will it liven up the room, but the contrast between the two colors will make the room warmer and even add a modern element. Make your living room look less mundane, and create conversation pieces with your furniture!


Just like the sun and the sky, yellow and blue are meant to be together. Whether your sofa is a pastel blue or a navy blue, yellow will definitely match. You can go with a mustard yellow and dark blue or a light blue sofa with yellow pastel armchairs. The darker shades will make the room feel warmer and cozier, while the pastels will open up the room and make it brighter. 


Black chairs with the blue sofa will create a sleek look in the living room. By adding a zebra print rug and pillows, you really up the style and create a fun room. The furniture can be dark or light and not make the room look too ominous. Add some of your own styles when decorating to break up the darkness. It is also okay to mix up the textures of the furniture. 


Blue and white are seen everywhere together; naturally, these colors make a great interior design combo. You may choose to use solid white chairs with your blue sofa or use a white and blue patterned chair like the ones featured above. White, like blue, goes with everything. You can then add more color in other aspects of the room with rugs, curtains, and art. If you prefer, use a cream color instead of the stark white. Either way, they will go great together!

Room with blue sofa, bench, metal and wood table


Just as we suggested orange above, using red chairs with your blue sofa will add a pop of color and style to any room. By using jewel tones, the room is made to feel warmer and more regal. We suggest using red chairs only if the color of your couch is a darker tone of blue. This is an especially good idea if you are working with a lot of open space in the room. Darker colors will make it feel more intimate.


Beige and tan colors are neutral and go well with any color. If you are looking for more low key furniture options, tan and beige are the way to go. They can be dressed up too if you prefer, with pillows and throws. Tan and beige will also go with any theme you have going on in the room with your blue sofa. With blues and neutrals colors, it creates a calming effect in the room. 


If you are looking for chairs that are purely for aesthetics or accents, go with all wood. The wood will look nice with the blue sofa and allow for extra seating if you would happen to need it. You may even decide to add cushions, for extra comfort, in a cool print or leave them plain. Some chairs even have wooden arms and legs with a colored seat and backing. Wooden chairs will also add a sense of nature to your room. 

In What Decorating Styles Do Blue Sofas Go?

Stylish interior of room with sofa and eucalyptus branches in vase on table

A blue sofa can match any style you may have. There are antique blue sofas, modern styles, mission style, and even country styles. The color really does not have anything to do with the style of the piece itself. 

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How Do You Decorate A Blue Sofa?

Blue sofa with colorful pillows and a white coffee table

Using throw pillows can really transform your sofa. You can use different colors and designs for the theme of your room. You can also use decorative throw blankets to make it look more comfortable and inviting. Adding artwork to the wall behind the sofa can also bring out its character and help pull the room together with your blue sofa. Area rugs under the sofa is another great idea!

What Color Rug Goes With A Blue Sofa?

An elegant navy blue sofa in the middle of a bright living room interior with gold metal side tables and three paintings on a gray wall

If you have a solid blue couch with no designs, feel free to use any color listed above. You can even go with a rug that has several different colors. It all is by preference and what matches the room and what you have in it. Texture and designs of the rug can really make an otherwise boring couch stand out!

What Is A Good Accent Color For Blue?

Retro armchairs with wooden frame and colorful pillows on a navy blue sofa in a vibrant living room interior with green plants, What Color Chairs With Blue Sofa?

If you want more color for the room, choose mustard yellow, green, teal, or orange. If the blue is more of a pastel color, use beige, tan, white, or even lavender. 

In Closing

Modern yellow room with blue classic sofa and easel paint decor interior style.

Many different colored chairs go well with a blue sofa. Choosing a chair that is the same color as the sofa is always an option as well. You may choose to use chairs with numerous colors and designs or stick with a solid color and accent it with throw pillows and blankets. If you want something completely different, go with a simple wooden chair to keep it natural and neutral. Be creative and have fun! 

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Retro armchairs with wooden frame and colorful pillows on a navy blue sofa in a vibrant living room interior with green plants, What Color Chairs With Blue Sofa?

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