What Color Coffee Table Goes With A White Couch?

Opting to have a white couch in your home is a bold style move that deserves an equally amazing coffee table. However, when you have a neutral-colored couch, which colors work best for a complementary coffee table? We researched color theory, decor ideas that work well with a white couch, and the common coffee table with couch pairings for advice. 

If you have a white couch or sofa that could use an attractive coffee table that seamlessly fits your room's look, check out our list of suggested coffee table colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gold

Accentuate a white couch with a coffee table that unites your space and adds a welcome touch of class. Go neutral or embrace a vibrant color for the ultimate space. Keep reading to learn how to combine these colors for the best result.

white couch in front of a blackboard wall with stationery. What Color Coffee Table Goes With A White Couch

Complementing Coffee Table Colors

The couch in a living room is one of the most significant pieces of furniture taking up the space. Following a sofa, the coffee table is a close second. To avoid clashing with a room's decor theme, most coffee tables have dark or neutral colors that complement the couch and accompanying accent pieces.  

Hampton style living room interior, What Color Coffee Table Goes With A White Couch

When selecting a coffee table, choose one in the same color family as the dominant elements in your room, or match the sofa slightly. You can veer off a bit and keep things visually interesting by choosing a coffee table that has a pattern, an exciting finish, or design accents. Check out our curated examples of coffee tables paired with a white couch.


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One of the fastest ways to make a room look more expensive is to use the same color for all of your furniture and even the wall treatment.

Feel the sense of serenity in this living room setup with mostly white colors, except for the touches of soft grey in the throw pillows and credenza. A set of white nesting-style coffee tables looks chic with a marble-esque pattern on the top and thin metallic legs.


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There's nothing like borrowing from the sea or the sky and choosing a beautiful shade of blue for a stunning coffee table. The comfy, modern-style white couch with its upholstered fabric looks lovely and cool, paired with a  traditional wood coffee table in a vamped-up shade of blue.

The color of the coffee table immediately grabs your attention, but it doesn't overpower the couch and predominantly white accent pieces in the room.


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Feel good in a living room with a white couch and a modern, grey-colored coffee table. The simulated wood texture of the table's exterior and round shape have a peaceful vibe about it.

The metal legs on the grey coffee table are understated and continue the neutral but slightly earthy appeal. The textured throw pillows in grey unify the couch and coffee table beautifully.


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A safe color for a coffee table is a nice shade of brown, be it natural wood or stained beige, taupe, sand, or other similar hues. The warmth of a brown coffee table anchors a room and softens a bright, cool white sofa.

Notice how the area rug has wonderful touches of soft, washed-out browns. One black throw cushion has metallic gold accents, which pick up on the coffee table and area rug, and balance the range of tones.


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Go for the opposite end of the color spectrum to balance a bright white sectional and surrounding accent furniture. A wood coffee table in a clean, understated style with a black coat of paint looks sophisticated and not brash.

The coffee table instantly brings your eyes to the center of the room, emphasizing the circular movement of the living room furniture arrangement.


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Don't be afraid to make a bold move and embrace metallic colors for a burst of warmth. A gold coffee table in a vintage style, understated industrial look, or a weathered, hand-painted vintage piece look amazing paired with a white couch.

Note how the coffee table has a simple, drum-style with a beautifully hammered texture in this example. The simplicity of the textured coffee table contrasts well with a softer, smoother white sectional paired with neutral-colored throw pillows.

How Do You Match A Couch To A Coffee Table?

There is no hard-fast rule that you have to match a couch and coffee table. A good rule to follow is looking for details and design elements that the couch and coffee table share.

If you want to use a coffee table and couch in the same color, it is fine. The coffee table shouldn't steal all visual interest in a living room or away from the couch. Make sure that the coffee table sits about the height of the couch seat and no larger than 3/4 the length of the couch.

Remember, you can use an attractive area rug to tie the coffee table and couch together. Stick to furniture and accent pieces that are harmonious and match your personal style, whether it is bohemian, industrial, farmhouse, or traditional.

Does Cream And White Furniture Go Together?

If you want to blend cream and white together, opt for either a mix of cool white hues or warmer white tones. It makes sense to play around with shade and texture if you have a white leather couch or fabric sofa. Warmer whites will have undertones of yellow, orange, red. Cooler whites will have undertones of blue, purple, and green.

Keep things visually interesting by choosing different textures and materials for your pieces. Mix white and cream coffee tables, sofas, artwork, accent chairs, and other pieces for a cohesive look.

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Does Beige Go With White Furniture?

Beige is an excellent color that pairs well with white furniture. Consider a beige with notes of grey undertones or a sandy light-brown color. Beige adds a sense of warmth to furniture that is a cool white or warm off-white hue. Using beige is a safe choice because it is still within the neutral color family and doesn't overpower white furniture.

What Color Accent Chair Goes With A White Couch?

If you are looking for a suitable accent chair that complements a white couch, consider a chair with a monochromatic pattern or a solid color. You can look for a chair with a brushed metal finish on the arms and legs or natural wood to keep it grounded.

Additionally, tie the accent chair and couch together with similar finishing details between the two. Or, you can use similar colors or patterns in an accent chair on any displayed wall art, an area rug, or throw pillows on the white couch.

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What Color Throw Pillows Look Good On A White Couch?

Since white is a neutral color, the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting colors for throw pillows. With no problem, you can have fun tossing throw pillows in warm colors, cool colors, and bold, vibrant patterns.

Consider the following colors to add to a white couch that will complement your room's overall look. Consult color theory and try to stick to one color palette, with a little variation in patterns and prints among any solid pillows.

Choose the following lovely colors to spruce up your white couch:

  • Gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Beige

Choose throw pillows in colors that make you feel comfortable, invite you to enjoy the space, and create unity and visual interest.

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In Closing

The next time you need to pair a coffee table with a white couch, we hope you'll have no problem settling on the perfect color for your style and space.

The beauty of a white sofa is that it is in a neutral color that looks amazing paired with natural shades, neutral tones, or can also take on a vibrant burst of color. Use the power of color to create a delightful space that you'll enjoy lounging, gathering together with friends, and living in the moment.

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