What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa?

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We love brown sofas because they’re practical. They work well for families with kids and pets because they’re forgiving. And they work in so many design schemes. But what color curtains will go with my brown couch? Do I have to get brown curtains to match? We have scoured the home interior sites to come up with the answer to this question.
What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa?
The great news is that many different color curtains can work with a brown sofa. Much of it depends on your wall color and other furniture items, along with the overall tone and feel you’re going for. The most common colors paired with brown sofas are:
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • White
  • Teal
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Brick
  • Mustard
  • Black
As you can see, there is an abundance of colors that can pair with a brown couch. There are more things to consider than just matching complementary colors, though. Keep reading for all the details!

Brown couch and curtains color combos reviewed

As you’ll see in our image examples below, there are several fantastic directions to take when choosing curtains to complement your brown sofa. We’ve found super examples in almost every color range, from shades of tan and cream to blue and teal, reds, even black. You’ll love these curtain choices for your brown sofa.


What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa And White Walls?

One surefire color combination when you have a brown sofa and white walls is to choose a lovely medium grey curtain like the ones in the photo below. The designer has pulled in a rug to pick up on the warm russet of the sofa and the grey and white scheme of the walls and windows. The lovely abstract painting and mustard yellow throw pillows add a focal point for the eye in this well-decorated room.

Here’s a fab pair of mustard-colored throw pillows for your brown couch and gray curtain combination. This two-pack comes in several different sizes, but remember, you’ll also need to purchase the inserts.

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Low pile and a distressed vintage feel make this rug a real stand-out for your brown and gray combination.

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Beige Curtains For White Walls And A Brown Couch

Another option when you have a brown couch (look at this lovely two-tone couch here) is to choose a beige curtain. In this case, the beige is carried through into throw pillows and the lampshade on the orb table lamp, giving the room a harmonious feel.

This bronze table lamp has a soft beige shade that will bring the right amount of sophistication for the table next to your brown sofa.

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It’s always nice to have a large ottoman with storage. It can act as a coffee table, a footrest, and a place to store your cozy throws. This one is from Christopher Knight Home.

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What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa And Grey Walls?

Tan curtains are a real show-stopper in this brown sofa and grey wall color combination. A corresponding tan area rug and copper-colored decorative mirrors on the adjacent wall give this room a natural and soothing vibe. Check out the adorable pot of succulents on the coffee table.

We found this stylish set of three distressed copper wooden mirrors to play against the browns and tans of your living room. They are both interesting and will reflect the light from within the room, adding depth and texture to your walls.

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This perfect pair of lattice-patterned curtains have grommet slides and come in several colors (including the perfect tan) and several sizes.

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What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa And Cream Or Tan Walls?

This chic living room features a handsome fabric-covered sofa and loveseat in a medium brown with a modern glass-topped coffee table to anchor the seating arrangement. Fall-colored pillows and a copper lamp, along with thoughtful wall art, all work together with the adobe tan walls. In this arrangement, we found that a soft creme curtain works well against the slightly darker wall color.

This fun take on a starburst mirror will look perfect with creme-colored curtains. It’s loved by those who’ve bought it and very sturdy in glass and solid fir.

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You might also consider picking blue curtains to go with soft grey walls and your brown sofa. This modern stunner below features an exquisite dark brown leather sofa, contemporary side tables, pivoting task style lamps, and long draping blue curtains against the dove grey walls. A slightly darker shade of a grey area rug ties everything together.


Task lamps make great side table lamps as they are easy to adjust for the individual user. This great version in bronze would go splendidly with your brown sofa and grey walls.

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This playful grey patterned rug will look great in a contemporary space flanked by a brown leather sofa and loveseats. It’s made in Turkey and is both soft to the foot and easy to keep clean.

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What Color Curtains Go With A Brown Sofa And Blue Walls?

When you’re considering a brown sofa with blue walls, you’ve hit upon a very classic color combination. There’s something delightful about the two colors together, which is why you might consider white as your curtain of choice for these two. The white won’t draw your eye away from the good thing you’ve already got going on.

What Other Curtain Colors Go Well With Brown Sofas And Couches?

Teal Curtains Work Great With Brown

This modern look features a stark white interior with brown accents on the sofa, stair treads, and dining table. Teal curtains draw your eye to the big framed windows at the end of the hall, and a combination of white and teal ceramic vases provide a perfect subtle accent for the tabletop.

We found this lovely set of four teal, blue, and ivory terra cotta vases for your coffee table or dining table. They’ll look great with the curtains you pick.

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Yellow Is A Striking Counterpoint to Brown Furniture

If you want something to pop against your brown furniture, why not consider a sunny yellow curtain? It’s in the same autumnal range as the browns of your furnishings but holds more light and brings happiness to your space. Here combined with the teal accents as we saw in the last interior, the yellow curtains look fantastic.

These casual textured grommet curtains, available in individual panels (does not come in a set of two), are an easy way to bring that sunny look to your own space.

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Throw in these abstract watercolor-inspired throw pillow covers (inserts sold separately), and you’ll have an entirely new look for your brown sofa. These come in the set of four, as pictured below.

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Red With Brown Makes The Perfect Autumnal Statement

This traditional interior oozes warmth and coziness. Creamed coffee-colored sofas and loveseats set against a maple wood floor and walls painted closely to match work beautifully with red curtains and red accents throughout the room. It makes you want to cozy up to the fire and drink apple cider laden with cinnamon.

This chic throw pillow provides a perfect starting point for working with browns and reds in your living room. The bronze background echoes the colors of the furniture pieces in the room.

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Traditional table lamps often feature flared lampshades and bronze bases, both of which would work correctly in the type room pictured above.

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Brick Tones Work Like Reds With Brown Sofas

Another shade of red, the darker brick draws in some of the brown tones into its coloring, making the meld of the two practically perfect. Here we have a more transitional space that utilizes brick-colored curtains and throw pillows with eclectic accent pieces to pull together a look that is a meld of traditional and contemporary.

This modern faux marble-topped and brass-coated steel coffee table can provide the perfect lighter counterpoint to brown seating furniture and brick-colored curtains. It’s stylish and transitional in styling.

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These gorgeous brick-red curtains not only have a beautiful drape, but they are black-out style as well, which helps keep the sun off of your furniture when needed.

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Mustard Is Another Fall Tone That Works Well For Curtains With Brown Furniture

In our color palette of fall colors, we mustn’t forget yellow’s darker cousin, mustard. Here we see delicious mustard-colored curtains working beautifully with rich brown leather and wood furniture and dark chocolate walls. The overall effect is that of a manor home somewhere in the English countryside.

This rolled arm sofa covered in distressed brown leather and finished with brass tacks can bring that manor feeling to your living room.

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An elegant mirror, like this french-tiled and foil frame beauty, will finish off your walls in style.

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For A Striking Look Think About Black Curtains With Brown Furniture

Black may not be your first thought when you think of curtain colors to go with your brown sofa and couches, but as you can see in this interior, it works. The combination of black and brown are both striking and alluring.

What Colors Complement Brown Leather Furniture?

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful worn brown leather sofa, styling options are abundant. You can opt for things in the same warm hues – going for autumnal colors of oranges, reds, olives, yellows, and cremes. Or, you can play against the brown, choosing blues and grays and evergreens. Darker brown furniture will do well with lighter counterparts, and lighter brown furniture can go more mid-tone or light to keep things light.

We hope you’ve found a color of curtains that will work perfectly with your brown walls. Each of these options has something about it that works for the space. Think of the tone of your furniture and the mood you want your room to be. What is the feel you’re going for? Once you have those things figured out, then you’ll know exactly which choice to make.

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