What Color Curtains With Tan Walls? [11 Examples with Pictures]

Curtains are an absolute necessity for completing a room's aesthetic. Without curtains, the room could look like it's incomplete. Curtains do an excellent job of adding valuable style and depth into the room. Aside from visual value, they also help filter or block light as it streams into the room. 

The color tan is a smooth neutral hue that serves as an excellent wall color for a large variety of design styles. You can use dark hues or light hues with tan; it only depends on the look you wish to create. Because of the vast number of options, it can start to feel overwhelming to pick just the right color. Don't overthink it too much and have fun designing the space. 

Now that you're thinking about curtains and tan walls, you're probably wondering what color of curtains you should hang up. We compiled a photo list of 12 curtain color ideas for rooms with tan walls. So, without further ado, let's get to discovering!

A tanned color themed living room with a beige colored bed and curtains on the side, What Color Curtains With Tan Walls? [11 Examples with Pictures]

1. Sandy Brown Curtains

A tan themed colored living room with a beige colored bed and curtains on the side

The sandy brown curtains in this room design match the color of the bedding and headboard, creating a cohesive appearance in the room. The room looks elongated because the curtains run from floor to ceiling. A curtain tieback keeps the panels out of the way when not in use.

2. Crisp White Curtains

A beautiful living room with white curtain and a tan colored wall

Crisp white curtains stand out against the creamy tan wall color. The curtain color matches that of the trim in the room which increases the aesthetic. One curtain rod runs the length of the wall, making it perfect for holding as many panels as you see fit.

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3. Tan Curtains

A bedroom on top view with a tanned colored wall and a messy bed

It's perfectly okay to hang up tan curtains against your tan walls. Even though the colors blend together, the fabric of the curtains provides texture and depth. Incorporate other dark features in the room to add some color differentiation. 

4. Ivory Curtains

A bedroom with a tan wall, white curtains, and a white bedding set

Ivory is a smooth, creamy color that plays nicely with tan walls. A tan hue naturally has ivory tones in it, so it should be no surprise that the two complement each other well. The ivory curtain panels slightly puddle on the floor, giving it an elegant look.

5. Sheer Tan Curtains

A light brown colored curtain neatly arranged bed and plants placed on the windows

Sheer curtains are light and airy, instantly softening the features of the room. Tan sheer curtains pair wonderfully with tan walls because of their semi see-through properties. The curtains neatly frame the window. Take advantage of the natural light in your room by using the window sill as a spot for your indoor plants. 

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6. Sheer Taupe Curtains

A light brown colored wall with light colored curtains and indoor plants placed on the windows

Taupe is a dark gray-brown color. When it's used with your tan walls, the colors will slightly pop off each other. Since tan and taupe are in the same color family, it's easy to infuse the two together in a room design.

7. Cocoa Brown Curtains

A modern bedroom with a brown curtain, tanned walls, and a bedroom with beautiful pillows

Cocoa brown is dark and demanding. The dark color has the ability to really anchor the design of a room and define certain aspects of it. During the day, you can push the heavy curtain panels to the side and let sheer curtains filter the daylight. The dark wood trim further outlines areas of the room and defines the space. 

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8. Floral Espresso Curtains

A modern living room with a wooden flooring and a dark brown colored curtain

The curtains in your tan-walled room don't have to be solid-colored. Play around with different patterns and textures. These espresso-colored curtain panels feature elegant floral patterns in them. The floral pattern breaks up the design and adds valuable aesthetic. The curtain panels run on a track which ensures they look neat and orderly. 

9. Sheer White Curtains

An empty living room with a tanned colored wall with a white curtain

Sheer white curtain panels should never be overlooked. They provide a gorgeous, whimsical significance to the room. Sheer panels come in a variety of materials, so you'll undoubtedly be able to find a look that you love. 

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10. Textured Brown Curtains

A tanned colored wall and a dark brown colored curtain with a a luxurious bedding set

The texture that these dark brown curtains bring into the room is unmistakable. The texture even looks similar to that of the accent pillows and throw blanket used on the bed. With the matching qualities of these pieces, your room will look very put together. 

11. Linen Curtains

A tanned colored wall with a white colored curtain and a vase with plants

Linen curtains bring rich texture into any room design. The linen is nice and bright, adding to the aesthetic of the room. The natural weave of the fabric looks extra phenomenal when the light streams through the curtain panel.  

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12. Snow White Sheer Curtains

A kitchen with a white curtain and a tan wall

Snow white sheer curtains catch the eye in this tan-walled room design. The sheer curtains filter warm light into the kitchen. Bright gold curtain hardware elevates the curtains to a high level of elegance. Matching gold features around the room emphasize the glamor of the design. 

In Closing

Let us know in the comment section below what color curtains you decide to install in your tan-walled room! Before you go, be sure to check out these other helpful home decor guides:

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