What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors?

It's time for a new dining room table but what color table is going to look best with your dark wood floors? We've scouted about to see what designers are suggesting for this home interior combination. Here's what we found out.

Some of the best color dining tables to go with dark wood floors are:

  • Dark Brown
  • Off-White
  • Antique Woods
  • Light Butcher Block 
  • White and Gray
  • Antiqued Gray

We've got super images to illustrate each of these design ideas which we hope will help with your decision-making process. We're also going to talk about how to match a table to a floor, if furniture should be lighter or darker than your floor, if there's a best dining room table color, and what color furniture goes best with darker hardwoods. So please keep reading for images and more details.

A breakfast bar inside an extremely rustic kitchen matched with wooden chairs and dangling lamps, What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors?

The Best Color Dining Tables For Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors give your home a rich elegance. But because they are such a bold choice, careful consideration must be taken when choosing other design elements. It's important to keep a tonal balance in order not to end up in a space that's just too dark. So here are some dining table choices that will look fantastic with dark wood floors.

Dark Brown Wooden Dining Table

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Stunning kitchen and dining room in new luxury home with hardwood floor

In this gorgeous open-concept kitchen and dining area, rich dark hardwoods run throughout. But the homeowner has been savvy with other design touches. The white kitchen, light walls, and ceilings, along with an abundance of natural light, give room for a darker dining table. Here, a deep dark wood tone, similar to the floor, makes this table the focal point. Notice though how nicely the light rug keeps the table from blending into the color of the floor.

Off-White French Provincial Table

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Interior of modern dining room with wooden classic table and yellow chairs against dark green wall with door

This breezy and elegant dining room features stunning hickory gray flooring. The mid-dark tone of the wood, with its cool tones, invites out-of-the-box design choices. Here an antique French Provincial style table painted in a patinaed eggshell tone stands out against the flooring and the gorgeous green walls. We think this is a beautiful look for a classic home or apartment.

Antique Oak Table With Upholstered Creme Chairs

Luxurious dining area of a fabulous home with white walls

Dark wood floors are often found in more traditional or transitional decor styles. In this transitional dining room, the designer took the opportunity to mix an antique dining table, in oak, with slightly darker walnut-toned floors. The table sits on a lighter-colored rug and chairs upholstered in a creme-colored fabric surround it. This keeps the overall feel of the room from being too overbearing.

Light Butcher Block Dining Table With Metal Legs And Colorful Chairs

Scandinavian domestic kitchen and dining room with hardwood floor

In this fun eat-in kitchen, the wood floors are a deep, dark color. The rest of the room is light and playful. The effect is one that is warm and inviting and not overpowering. Here, a butcher block in light maple has been combined with light metal legs. This table picks up on the industrial yet warm feel of the flooring. In addition, the mismatched chairs in white and red give a joyous bit of punctuation to the space.

White And Gray Looks Great With These Dark Floors

Modern retro-style dining room

Here's another beautiful dining room. These dark floors have tones of gray that the designer has picked up on in the furnishings. A contemporary laminate topped table with steel legs is paired with gray leather bucket chairs. Like some of our other rooms, the use of light curtains, walls, and rugs keep things from going too dark.

Antiqued Gray Wooden Table

Dining area with yellow wood paneled ceiling and white beams

Sometimes simplicity is the best solution. In this beautiful dining and kitchen area, gray hardwood floors are matched with a simple gray wooden table. No rug is used, which leaves the area feeling very clean and minimal, even with classic design touches.

How Do You Match A Table To The Floor?

When thinking about matching a table to your floor, your thought process should go broad. Is your floor super dark? What about your walls? If the answer is yes to both, then you're going to want to pick out a table that is slightly lighter than both, or you may end up with a space that is suffocating. So rather than thinking about matching the table to the floor, think of working the table into your overall decor.

Interior of modern dining room with wall mounted TV on white walls

In this subtle space, a black round dining table is set against an extremely dark floor. However, the bright white walls, abundant natural light, and modern white chairs make this work. In another setting, the table might be too dark for the floor.

Should Furniture Be Darker Or Lighter Than The Floor?

"Should" is one of those tricky words when it comes to home interiors. There are so many variables within each design. Perhaps we should reframe the concept into what type of contrast is best between furniture and flooring.

For many people going lighter when you have darker floors or darker when you have lighter floors is a good rule-of-thumb. But as you've seen in some of the images we've presented here, it's possible to go with a tone-on-tone approach. Both can look great.

White and gray kitchen interior with dining table

This room exemplifies the light furniture on the light floors approach. The difference between white and gray is subtle, but there is still a contrast.

Living room interior with white leather sofa

This comfortable living room is a solid example of choosing lighter furniture pieces and rugs when you have dark hardwood floors. In this room, choosing dark furniture pieces would really darken up the interior as the natural light is subdued.

What Is The Best Color For A Dining Table?

The simple answer is that there is no best color for a dining table. There may be a best color for your design though. Again, think of the overall mood you want for your dining space. Is it going to be elegant, comfortable, playful? Your answer to that question may affect your decision.

A breakfast bar inside an extremely rustic kitchen matched with wooden chairs and dangling lamps

A homey oak table like this works for more casual dining spaces. The warmth of the wood and the addition of the bench seating give it a timeless farmhouse feel.

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This glass-topped table with contemporary chairs is perfect for a casual kitchen and modern fun designs. Though this is a set, you could even find a glass table like this and pair it with mismatched chairs in bright colors or upholstery. See our post on that here: Do Dining Chairs Have to Match? [Here’s why not]

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What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

If we're thinking beyond the dining room table to other pieces of furniture, let's turn to our family and living rooms. Are their colors that work better with dark wood floors? As we've mentioned in other parts of this post, it comes down to many other factors. Do you have an abundance of natural light? Are your walls also painted dark? What is the overall design mood you're trying to achieve? Each answer is going to impact your choices in furniture colors.

The most common way people pair furniture with dark wood floors is to go lighter. In this light-filled loft space, dark floors have been paired with neutrals in medium to light tones. The only elements as dark as the floor are the lighting fixture and the ceramic planter.

Modern living room design with city overview on large glass windows

That being said, some folks do choose dark furniture to go with darker floors. If you want to convey elegance and coziness, the dark-on-dark tones may really work for your design.

Modern and luxury living room interior design at night view

Choose What You Love And What Works With Your Design

Ultimately, the dining table you choose should be one you love. From the silhouette, to the color, to the material, furnishings make our style and our home uniquely our own. 

We hope this post has been helpful to you and if you enjoyed it, please check out a few of our others below:

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Dining table with leather seats and dark wood floor, What Color Dining Table For Dark Wood Floors?

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