What Color Door Knobs With Black Doors?

The smallest details affect home design which is why we’re answering the question, what color doorknobs go with black doors? You’ve got the color picked out, but now it’s time to think of the finishes. Are there obvious choices to go with black doors? We’ve researched to find which color doorknobs will be fabulous with your black door.

Here are great colors to consider when pairing a doorknob with your black door:

  • Silver Tones
  • Black On Black
  • Brass Tones
  • Bronze Finishes
  • White Enamel
  • Crystal Finish

We’ll look at each of these options and examine how they influence overall style. We’ll also touch on age-old “rules” around what color doorknobs should be, what color hardware looks best with black doors, if all doorknobs in a house should match, and if your door’s hinges need to match the knobs. Please keep reading for more in-depth information about the black door and doorknob combinations.

Elegant black front door with brass door knob, What Color Door Knobs With Black Doors?

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Great Doorknob Colors To Go With Black Doors

Black is a consistently popular color for doors, both interior and exterior. And with all of the farmhouse revival styles trending for home renovation, you may be longing for your black door. Whether it’s interior or exterior, don’t forget to also keep in mind the color of your doorknob. Whichever one you choose can affect the overall feeling of the design. Let’s take a look.

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Great Doorknob Colors To Go With Black Doors

Silver Toned Doorknobs

If your home is contemporary with a sleek feel, going toward one silver-tone will look great. Many of these doorknobs are available in elegant, modern designs that will set the feeling for your entryway. Brushed nickel is a more subdued silver look, while polished stainless steel is nothing but chrome-goodness.

Black door and round door knob

A sleek squared-off handset in satin nickel strikes a contemporary vein.

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Black On Black Doorknobs

Antique doorknob of old western style house in Japan

Of course, if you want a doorknob that is simply going to disappear, then try black. This works well when you want other details of your home to stand out, and you’d rather your doorknob fade into the background. The trick here will be getting a black paint finish that matches the finish of your doorknob.

Although, we’d go on to argue that putting either a matte doorknob or paint against a gloss doorknob or paint in the same color could be beautiful.

This simple matte black passage doorway would be beautiful against a black interior door.

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Brass Tones On Doorknobs

Brass door handle on black steel door

Are you a traditionalist? Then a brass-toned doorknob may be precisely what you’re looking for. Solid brass on exterior black doors is an age-old classic. Here it’s combined with an elegant lion head doorknocker and a mail slot in matching brass.

This classic exterior doorknob is in a lovely antiqued brass that gives it that weathered and patinaed look.

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Bronze Finishes

A commonly used bronze door handle

If you like the tradition of bronze but preferred something a bit more subdued, you may consider a bronze doorknob. This color is slightly darker than traditional brass but still offers a contrast with the black paint on your door.

Many doorknobs are available in brass, brushed nickel, and bronze, though, for some reason, the bronze can sometimes be more costly. This speaks to your incredible taste.

This simple doorknob is a lovely shade of bronze.

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White Ceramic On Black Doors

Ceramic door knob with flower design

White ceramic doorknobs are perfect for today’s modern farmhouses. These classic materials have been used in homes for ages, but now you can find them in classic styles and styles befitting a modern updo. Though they are primarily available for interior doors, they’d look great as an exterior doorknob as well.

This absolute classic can be bought here at Amazon.

Modern shape and classic materials with this doorknob.

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Crystal Finish Doorknobs

Antique crystal door knob with bass door plate and keyhole for an old fashion skeleton key mounted on a wooden door

Another throwback to older homes is the crystal doorknob. This glorious cut glass knobs look stunning against black doors. Though we don’t recommend these for exterior doors, they will look beautiful on the interior doorways you have painted black. You can also use these types of knobs for cabinets if you like to match pulls and doorknobs.

Find these pretty knobs at Amazon.

What Color Should Doorknobs Be?

When you think about doorknobs, you first want to think about your home’s style. For the most part, doorknobs come in a series of metallic, black, or white colors. Though you can have custom ceramic knobs made in various colors, chances are you’re thinking of metal.

As we mentioned in the above options, some finishes lend themselves to certain looks. Brass is often seen as traditional, though many people are using it now in contemporary designs. Silvers are often used for contemporary or transitional styles, and bronze can vary depending upon the chosen fixture.

As with all designs, there’s no “should,” but you can decide if you want your doorknobs to be a focal point or to fade into the background. Then choose accordingly.

If you love grey and pink as we do, these doorknobs would like amazing in a grey and pink space. Doorknobs like this are not for fading into the background but for being noticed.

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What Color Hardware Looks Best With Black Doors

When we refer to hardware on a door, it typically means the doorknob, a strike plate, and hinges. Most doorknobs come with an accompanying strike plate so that it will be the same color as the door.

As to the best color to go with black doors, we suggest looking at the list in this post for great starting places. Most colors go with black; it’s just a matter of which type of style you’re trying to convey.

Do Door Hinges Need To Match Knobs?

Though there is no rigid rule about the hinges matching doorknobs, most door salespeople seem to think if the hinges are exposed at all, they should match the metal color of the doorknobs. Even with ceramic and glass doorknobs, there is usually a metal rosette behind it. You’d match your hinges to those.

Should All Doorknobs In A House Match?

You can certainly opt to have all of your doorknobs match in your home as it’s an easy way to create consistency. That being said, you may opt for a split finish if your room’s style is different on either side of the door. The main thing to think about is overall style. Choose contemporary knobs for a contemporary style and traditional knobs for traditional interiors.

Your Doorknobs Are Like The Perfect Piece of Jewelry For Your Door

Don’t discount the importance of details like your door hardware. Having the right doorknob can bring elegance to your home. People may not notice them, but they’ll become part of the larger picture of overall design savvy.

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