What Color Doorknobs With White Doors?

Door color is a very important consideration in a home's overall design scheme. But the choice of doorknobs that adorn a house's doors is equally important. Doorknobs are both functional and decorative, so it's important to select a color that pairs well with the door. So, what color doorknobs are best for white doors? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

White doors are great because they pair well with several different doorknob colors. The top doorknob colors include:

  • Black 
  • Gold
  • Silver or brushed nickel
  • Brass
  • Unique colors 

If you still have some questions about what color doorknobs will look best with white doors, don't worry. In this guide, we'll discuss the topic at length. We'll also talk about whether or not all doorknobs in the house should match, whether or not doorknobs and hinges should match, tips for selecting the right doorknob style, and more. Without further ado, let's get into it!

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Doorknob Colors For White Doors

White is a pure, vibrant color that opens up the space in every room. Because of that, it's no wonder that white is one of the most popular door color choices. But, of course, no door is complete without a doorknob. White doors look phenomenal with virtually any doorknob color. Here we'll talk more about why the aforementioned colors pair so well with white doors. 


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A white opened door with a black handle door knob

Black is an excellent choice for doorknobs on a white door if the goal is a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. The doorknobs will stand out in stark contrast from the door for a nice crisp look. This pairing is ideal for homes with modern styling.

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A luxurious gold plated door handle installed in a white door

Gold is another great choice for doorknobs on white doors. This color pairing exudes timeless class. Gold doorknobs and white doors are arguably most common in older homes with a cozy ambiance. This pairing is best suited for homes with an older, more homey styling.

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Silver or brushed nickel

A white living room with a stainless steel modern door knob

Silver or brushed nickel is another viable choice for doorknobs on white doors. This pairing oozes all things contemporary but slightly less abruptly than a black-and-white combination. If you're shooting for a somewhat subdued modern aesthetic, silver or brushed doorknobs are a great choice for your white doors. 

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A classic styled brass handle door knob installed in a white door

Brass is yet another great doorknob color choice for white doors. This pairing practically takes you back to a bygone era of antique styling. Even if the doorknob shape is a product of contemporary design, this color choice (or any shade of it) is imbued with an aesthetic that transcends time. If this is the look you're going for, brass doorknobs will make an excellent choice for your white doors. 

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Unique Colors

Maybe you're someone who has a bold or eclectic taste. If that describes you, then colorful doorknobs are an excellent choice for white doors. White doors serve as a neutral, blank slate, making unique doorknobs like these the perfect candidate to adorn them. If you want to incorporate some pizzazz into your interior design, consider doorknobs like these to pair with your white doors. 

How do you pick the style of doorknobs?

Now that you've figured out the best doorknob color for your white doors, it's time to select the right style. But given the myriad doorknob shapes and styles, this decision can certainly be daunting. Generally speaking, doorknob style can be divided into two categories: round and lever-style. 

Round Doorknobs

A man opening a gold plated door knob

Round doorknobs are always a safe choice. While they can certainly enhance the home's aesthetic, they are intentionally subdued so as to not stand out too much. These doorknobs are effortlessly simple in design, so they are sure to fit in with any interior styling. 

The only drawback to round doorknobs is that, from a functional standpoint, they are slightly more difficult to use (i.e. with wet hands).

Lever-style Doorknobs

A white door knob with stainless steel door knob

Lever-style doorknobs are a bit more noticeable than round doorknobs. What's more, these doorknobs come in various different shapes and styles, providing you with a greater selection to suit your home's style.

There are straight and simple lever-style doorknobs that would go well in a home with a minimalist aesthetic. On the other hand, there are more ornate, elegant lever-style doorknobs that would be perfect for homes with a more intricate vibe.

Should all doorknobs match?

As a general rule, doorknobs in the same general vicinity should match or, at the very least, be similar. However, there's a little more to it.

Doorknob color and style can be different depending on the room, especially in larger houses where rooms can have drastically different styles. For example, the doorknob(s) in a home office might be different than the doorknobs in the rest of the house if the office has a unique style that differs from that of the rest of the home. However, in open spaces that are in the same general vicinity, it's generally best to coordinate the doorknob color and style as much as possible.

Should door hinges match the doorknobs?

There are few things in the world of home decor that are absolute. One of these things, however, is the rule that door hinges should match the doorknobs. While door hinges are purely functional, hinges that clash with the doorknob will certainly be noticed, and not in a good way. Simply put, a door with mismatching knobs and hinges will look haphazard and unsightly. 

Should all the hardware in a house match?

Hardware doesn't have to match throughout the entire house. But as a general rule, it's best to match the hardware in rooms that share the same theme. For instance, if a house generally has a boho aesthetic, the hardware should be consistent throughout the parts of the house that echo this vibe.

Since most homes have a fairly consistent style throughout, it's a good idea to synchronize the hardware to some extent. Synchronized hardware doesn't necessarily have to match in style (i.e. doorknobs or cabinet handles can differ in shape), but the color should be as close as possible for a more cohesive look.

However, if there are rooms that diverge from this central theme, the hardware can certainly suit the particular room. For example, a house with a boho style might have a guest bedroom and bathroom that might best be paired with a more neutral aesthetic. In this case, changing up the hardware to suit the space would be most appropriate. 

In Closing

open white interior doors modern chrome

We hope this guide has helped you better understand the elements to consider when choosing doorknobs for your white doors. Whatever you choose, it's sure to look amazing!

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A white opened door with a stainless steel door knob, What Color Doorknobs With White Doors?

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