What Color Furniture Goes With Blue Walls? [5 Suggestions With Pictures]

What is the best color furniture to complement your blue walls? We’ve taken a look around the Internet and compiled a selection of images to help answer your question. Here’s what we discovered.

The best color furniture to go with blue walls is:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Besides discussing how these colors together so well, we’re also going to address accent colors, couch choice, and the viability of blue as a good color for a living room. So keep reading.

A blue brick walled living room and a yellow couch with indoor plants

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White Furniture with Blue Walls

White and blue is a combination that is both tranquil and inviting. Any color or shade of blue works well with white furniture. We’ve found some excellent examples.

1. Soft Upholstered White Sectional With Blue Throw Pillows And White Accessories

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A blue living room with a white couch and a brown flooring

This beautiful room features a vibrant, medium blue wall. Throw pillows and throws enhance this upholstered sectional in shades that match the tone of the wall. White accessories and lighting pull the look together.

2. A White Slipcover Can Give Any Color Couch A New Look

A blue colored wall with two picture frames on the wall and a white couch and floral throw pillows

Love the blue and white vibe but can’t afford a new couch? Opt for a slipcover in white. They are available for many different sizes and styles of sofas.

3. White Sofa And White Furniture Pieces In A Blue Room

A white cabinet and divider with a blue colored wall living room

Your white sofa doesn’t have to stand alone against the blue wall. Pair it up with other white pieces for optimum color impact.

4. A Barely Blue Sofa And White Occasional Chair

A white couch on a living room with a striped rug and wooden flooring

You can get away with almost white to achieve the same look as white. In this case, a soft barely blue sofa, and an eggshell colored occasional chair.

5. White Sofa on A Blue Rug Against Blue Walls With White Trim

A blue themed living room with a white couch and a blue rug

A rug placed beneath your white sofa can reflect the tone of your wall. In this case, the sofa ottoman also does.

6. A Simple White Office Desk Against A Bold Blue Wall

An Architects desk with a blue colored wall and wooden flooring

For the ultimate in minimal office-design look to this concept. An A-frame desk in white enamel shines against a rich skipper blue wall.

7. White Wainscotting And A White Sofa Look Great With Dark Blue

A dark blue colored living room with a white flooring and a tall white baseboard

This room has a deep dark blue on the walls and the area rug. The white wainscotting stands out, perfectly framing the sofa and coffee table.

Little succulents in white pots would look super on this large coffee table.

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8. Minimalist Modern Furniture Against A Blue Grey Wall

A modern living room with a white couch and gray throw pillows on top

Simple, yet elegant furniture with touches of grey makes contemporary spark against this blue-grey wall.

9. White Pendant Lamps And White Kitchen Chairs Against A Sea Blue Wall

A blue dining room with white chairs and two white colored hanging lamps

This crisp look reminds us of the beautiful clean lines of Scandinavian decor. (See our post here: Scandinavian Home Decor: The Ultimate Guide) White pendant lanterns boldly offset the natural wood tones and white buckets of the kitchen chairs.

10. White Furniture and Yellow Accents Against A Navy Wall

A blue colored living room with a white accent chair and a sleeper couch

We love yellow with the color blue, especially when used to good effect with the white furniture. A few throw pillows and a round shag throw rug in yellow give this blue and white room a punch of color.

A crocheted poof is a super way to throw some color into the mix.

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11. Mix White And Blue Pieces With A Blue Wall

A blue themed living room with a white couch and a brown cabinet near the wall

Here the blue and white theme carries over from the sofa and wall to the throw pillow and Aztec-patterned rug. 

Blue Furniture with Blue Walls

Monochromatic color palettes are always in style, as are subtle tonal changes. Achieve this by mixing blues either of the same or near shade or of different shades and tones.

1. A Velvet Blue Sectional Against a Marbled Blue Wall Accessorized With Gold And Rose

A blue themed living room with a blue sectional couch with gold hanging lamps

In this elegant room, a velvet blue sectional against a similarly colored blue wall offsets accessories in hues of rose and gold.

2. A Bold Blue Upholstered Chair Against A Medium Blue Wall

A blue couch with a white cabinet and a blue colored wall

Here a brilliant blue upholstered chair matches with a softer medium shade of paint. Bring in an even lighter-toned blue throw pillow for a diversity of color.

3. Shades Of Turquoise For Your Blue Room

A dark blue colored living room with a blue colored couch and a light blue colored cabinet

We love this minimalist look using shades of turquoise and gold. It’s a dash of mid-century Hollywood with the best of today’s design.

A table lamp like this one could achieve a similar vibe.

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4. A Lighter Blue Chair Against A Deep Blue Wall With Accents of Sand Color

A blue themed living room with a blue sofa and a brown indoor palm tree

This comfortable chair in the softest worn denim blue stands out beautifully against this deep blue wall. Accompanying pieces in sand tones give the space a relaxed feel.

5. Keep Your Blues Close In Tone For A Sumptuous Space

A dark blue themed living room with a dirty white colored flooring

Everything in this living room screams elegance. The monochromatic palette of dusty, deep blues creates this feeling.

6. Match Your Trim Color To A Furniture Piece

A dark blue colored living room with indoor plants and a blue colored cabinet

The wainscotting in this room is a near-perfect match in color, the other sideboard, and sectional.

Gray Furniture With Blue Walls

Gray is so closely related to the color blue; it’s no wonder they go well together.

1. Paint Your Trim To Match Your Decor

A blue colored living room with a gray couch and a white rug

Here a modern gray occasional chair offsets a blue wall. Notice though, the trim is painted a similar color of gray.

2. A Soft Grey Chair Picks Up Tones From The Floor And The Wall Color

A white chair and a white hanging lamp with an indoor palm tree

This gorgeous soft upholstered chair in light grey picks up tones from the floor and the wall. Bring white in as an accent color.

3. Pair Yellow With A Grey Futon And Marbled Blue Walls

A dark blue colored wall with a gray couch and a gold colored standing lamp

This gorgeous color combination utilizes medium grey, yellow, and bronze for a cohesive and comfortable look.

Yellow Furniture with Blue Walls

As you’ve seen with our combinations above and their use of yellow accents, yellow furniture can also be perfect for blue walls.

1. Add A Single Yellow Furniture Piece In A Blue Room For An Eclectic Feel

A blue brick patterned living room wall and a yellow couch with indoor plants

This room is the embodiment of the term eclectic with its varied furniture and accessories. The yellow sofa anchors the look.

2. Utilize Yellow Table Items To Mirror The Use Of A Yellow Sofa        
A yellow couch inside an opaque colored blue colored living room

In this room, a low yellow sofa sits against a turquoise wall. On the stacking side tables, delicate accessories in yellow echo the color.

Pink Furniture With Blue Walls

Pink and blue are a great look together. It’s feminine and lush in feel, and you can pair many different hues of each of these colors to significant effect.

1. Pink Velveteen Sofa Against A Blue Sueded Wall

A blue colored wall with a a pink throw pillow, and a coffee table in front

Pink, rose gold, brass, grey, and a gorgeous sueded blue wall look spectacular together. This room is pure glamour.

What Is A Good Accent Color For Blue?

Just like our furniture colors, the same colors work for accent walls for blue. But we’d add a gorgeous beige into the mix for pairing with blue.

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What Color Couch Goes With Blue Walls?

As you’ve seen from our photos above, white couches, grey couches, blue couches, yellow couches, and pink couches all look phenomenal with blue walls. But consider adding green to the list like this luxurious room below. If you’d like a more in-depth list, please check out our post here: How to Decorate a Room With Blue Walls [5 Actionable Suggestions]

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Is Blue A Good Color For A Living Room?

Absolutely. Blue is both soothing and calming. Studies show that is can lower heart rates and blood pressure. Since the living room is where you spend so much of your time, this seems like a great idea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post here at HomeDecor.com.

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