What Color Garage Door With A Blue House?

Deciding which color garage will go with your blue home can be tricky without some help. Are you looking to spice things up with a fun color, or is a softer neutral tone more your speed? We pulled together some of the best garage door colors for a blue house. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect garage color for a blue house, you've got a few good options. From what we found, the best colors to try on your garage include:

  • Brown
  • White
  • Beige
  • Grey

As we get into this post, we will share a few garage color ideas for your blue home and tag some related products. Regardless of how bright your home's paint is, your garage deserves some attention too. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Front of a simple neat and tidy new affordable single story residential home aa with green grass and clear blue sk, What Color Garage Door With A Blue House?

Garage Door Colors For A Blue Home

Although blue is a unique exterior home color, we found that you can still have some fun with your garage's paint. The best colors to try on your garage are brown, white, beige, and grey, from the homes we saw. Regardless of what your style is, adding even the slightest bit of color can change the way you see your space.


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First, we have a brown garage door idea for your blue home that has a traditional vibe. Of course, when we think of brown garages, wood comes to mind, but you can also try a simple brown paint on your existing doors.


Double car garage with white doors and blue exterior

Another garage door color idea we have is a soft white option that will never go out of style. White is one of those colors that you can't seem to go wrong with, so trying it on your blue home is a great and easy option.


Luxurious new construction home in Bellevue, WA. Modern style home boasts two car garage framed by blue siding and natural stone wall trim

For those wanting something a little more than white, beige is the perfect compromise. As you can see, beige and blue surprisingly look great together and don't fight for attention like some colors will.


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Another garage door color idea we love is a grey option. When it comes to modern color schemes, grey always seems to find its way into the mix and matches well with a blue exterior.

Should A Garage Door Match The Front Door?

When it comes to a garage door matching your front door, we say keep them in a similar color palette. From the homes we saw, not all of them perfectly matched their door colors, but they did make sure to keep them similar. So, for example, if your front door is white and your garage is light grey, that is a good way to switch things up while staying cohesive.

Do All Exterior Doors Have To Match?

If you are wondering whether to use multiple colors for your exterior doors or not, we suggest sticking to a single color. Although a front door and garage can be various colors, your other exterior doors should blend into your home. We recommend matching your exterior doors to either your front door or even your garage to establish a theme.

Can I Paint My Garage Door A Different Shade Of Blue?

Front of a simple neat and tidy new affordable single story residential home aa with green grass and clear blue sk, What Color Garage Door With A Blue House?

If you want to continue your blue theme on your garage door as well, that is a great idea. From the homes we saw, trying a different shade of blue is an easy way to break things up and give your space a unique look. For example, if your home is sky blue, try a navy garage door color to spice things up. If you don't want to get too wild, try going up or down a shade of your exterior wall's current color for your garage paint.

Which Shade Of Blue Is The Best Exterior Paint Option?

When it comes to which shade of blue is best for outdoor walls and spaces, that depends on your home. However, we found that pastel and navy are the most popular blue exterior paint colors. Regardless of the size of your home, we always suggest going with something soft and bright rather than dark and severe.

PRESTIGE Sky Blue Exterior Paint and Primer

Here is a light blue exterior paint from PRESTIGE to try on your home. This sky blue paint is 100% acrylic latex, low VOC, durable and washable, and cures in around two hours.

Follow this link to see this paint on Amazon.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Garage Door?

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $100 and $700 on new paint for your garage door. Typically, garage paint costs between one and three dollars per square foot and can easily exceed that if you choose a higher-end option. Another cost to consider is the labor that goes into your total price, running you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to well into a thousand. If you want to save some money, try painting your garage yourself or inviting some friends over to help.

Is It Hard To Paint A Garage Door?

Regardless of how much experience you have painting, we would say that it is pretty easy to do on your garage door. According to what we found, all you need is a moderate, dry day of weather, some clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and quality paint. Although a garage door can look intimidating, they are relatively smooth to paint on and doesn't take too long to dry. As long as you have a little patience and plenty of water, we think you can easily get your door painted on your own.

Check out "What Paint Finish Is Best For Garage Doors?" for more great tips!

Giani Wood Look Paint Kit for Garage Doors

Here is a garage door paint kit from Giani for anyone after a brown wood look. This kit includes two 16 ounce base and finishing coats, a paint mitt, brush, roller arm, cover, stir sticks, and two plastic tarps.

View this garage door paint kit on Amazon here.

How Often Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

Garage with open door, look outside at night

When it comes to how often your garage door needs new paint, you should only need to do this every five to ten years. Typically, garage paint locks in its color and finish and stays in good condition for a few years before needing another topcoat. Although most garage paints include a long-lasting formula, it is always a good idea to make sure before purchasing. We suggest a paint with a baked enamel or powder coat because of how well those tend to age.

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On My Garage Door?

From what we read, the best kind of paint for your garage door is acrylic or latex exterior house paint. These paints are ideal for a garage door because of how well they go on and their weather-tolerant formulas. Generally speaking, you should only need one or two coats of these paints, so they also save you some money. We also found that latex and acrylic work well with paint rollers and traditional brushes, so you can use whichever method you prefer.

Giani Honey Oak Garage Door Paint

Here is another garage paint from Giani that has a light honey beige wood finish. This acrylic paint is water-based, covers 100 square feet of space, and measures 16 ounces.

See this exterior garage paint on Amazon here.

PANCLUB 10 Piece Professional Paint Roller Set

Here we have a ten-piece professional paint set from PANCLUB to use for your garage. This set includes two brushes, two rollers, three changeable roller heads, a paint stick, a tray, and a can opener.

View this set on Amazon here.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you want to add even more color to your blue home or simply a soft neutral tone, you've got options. Although the garage is not usually a place you think too much about, freshening up its paint can make a world of difference. From what we found, the best colors to try out for your garage are brown, white, beige, and even grey. Another thing we learned is that the best paints for your garage door are acrylic and latex exterior options. Regardless of your style, it is essential to create a theme with your door colors and keep them all in the same palette.

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