What Color Garage Door With A Brown House?

Deciding on a garage color for your home can be challenging at times. Are you going for a modern, sleek look or something more classic and traditional? Regardless of which style you're after, we're here to help guide you in picking your garage door color for your brown house. 

There are plenty of garage colors that will look good with a brown home. A few of our favorites include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Beige

As we begin, we will go over our top brown home garage door colors. Whether you want to spice things up or keep everything similar, we've got a garage door idea for you. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

Double garage of modern home on sunny, clear day. A double garage and driveway of a modern home on a sunny, clear day, What Color Garage Door With A Brown House?

How Do I Choose A Garage Door Color?

When it comes to choosing a garage door color, make sure to keep it cohesive with the rest of your home. In this case, a brown house will best go with a simple color like white or black. If you are into a mono-color design, a similar shade of brown is also a good idea to try on your home's garage.

If you don't quite want a white door, but black is too severe, a tan or beige color will pair well with a brown home as well. Regardless, make sure to keep your garage door and exterior paint within the same color family and make sure to do a patch test before getting started.


Our first idea is a simple white door similar to this example. Although white is not the most exciting color, it does pair nicely with a brown home and is easy to maintain. We suggest you go with a brighter white rather than an eggshell color for your garage to give it a modern and clean look. It also works best if you have white trim or other white accents around the exterior of your home. 


Next, we have a dramatic black garage door idea that we love. Typically, you don't see black garage doors, but it doesn't feel too severe when working with a brown home. Brown and black are similar in color, making this a good idea for darker brown painted houses.


Third, we have a deeper tone brown garage with a lighter brown house. Although this idea isn't groundbreaking, it does have a modern feel to it which we like. Whether you go up or down a shade for your garage door color, we suggest sticking to the same brown and going from there.


Finally, we have a classic beige garage door color idea that is subtle and timeless. For anyone not wanting a bright white garage door, beige is the perfect alternative and never seems to fade out of style. The softer look that beige has goes well with the dramatic brown exterior and gives this home welcoming energy.

Should Your Garage Door Match Your House?

Whether you like to stick to one color or switch it up, keeping everything similar is essential. Although we don't agree that your garage door needs to match your house, we do think it should be similar in color. Unless you choose a bright garage door with a neutral home or vice versa, too many colors won't look right on your home. Generally, we recommend staying in the same color family for your garage and exterior door colors.

Should Your Garage Door Match Your Front Door?

When it comes to matching your garage door and front door, this is up to you. Like we mentioned, sticking with similar colors will turn out better, but all homes are different. That is not to say you can't have a bright front door and a neutral garage, but you should be careful with color choices. Typically, we'd say to have some fun with your front door and keep your other doors on the neutral side.

What Is The Most Popular Color For A Garage Door?

Grey wood and stone ranch home with blue sky and trees

Between the countless garage door colors, white takes the crown for most popular. White is synonymous with clean and new homes, so choosing it for your garage door is a no-brainer. Generally, white goes with everything and holds its color for years which is great for those not wanting to repaint often. If you want your house to have a new and fresh look, we suggest going with a bright shade of white.

Rust-Oleum Zinsser PermaWhite Exterior Paint

Here we have an exterior white paint from Rust-Oleum to try on your garage door. This paint is mold-proof, mildew proof, doesn't require sanding, and is manufactured in the USA.

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Should My Garage Door Color Match My Trim?

If you want to have some fun with your exterior paint, we recommend matching your garage door to your trim. Whether your door is bright white or something more colorful, painting your trim the same color as your garage is a great idea. Generally, we think incorporating similar colors throughout your home gives it a well-designed look, so that applies to the exterior as well.

Is Brown A Good Exterior Home Color?

When it comes to brown being a good color for your home's exterior, we say it is. Although brown is not usually a top pick for exterior paint, it does have a dramatic and contemporary look to it which is something to note. Whether your home is brand new or ready for fresh paint, brown is a good color to consider if you want to try something different. You don't have to go with a deep brown color if that is too intense, but maybe a light cocoa shade or something in that area. 

Microblend Exterior Dark Brown Paint and Primer

Here is a dark brown exterior paint from Microblend to try out. This paint has a built-in primer, is washable, and has a glossy finish.

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Microblend Exterior Malt Brown Paint and Primer

Here is another exterior paint from Microblend that is lighter brown. This paint is of premium quality, low VOC, washable, and has a flat finish.

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Does Paint Color Affect Resale Value?

Regardless of what neighborhood you live in, curb appeal is everything. Although your home's paint won't reduce its price significantly, there is a chance it can drive away potential buyers. Even though you like your walls bright and colorful, many people prefer a simple white or neutral look. That is not the same for everyone, but generally, people prefer to see a house as a fresh slate rather than something already lived in. 

The Wrap Up

Double garage of modern home on sunny, clear day. A double garage and driveway of a modern home on a sunny, clear day, What Color Garage Door With A Brown House?

Whether you currently live in a brown house or want to repaint yours, your garage door color has got to be cohesive. We found that white, black, brown, and beige colored garage doors look the best with brown homes. Sticking with something more neutral when working with a brown house is always a good idea and will give it a modern and timeless look. If you want to keep things similar, try to match your exterior doors and even use similar colors for your trim. Regardless, make sure to find a color scheme you like and have fun painting your garage door!

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