What Color Garage Door Goes With A Tan House?

Picking out a color is the best and worst part of painting. When it comes to the most seen part of your tan home, the garage door, what color will work best with the rest of the house? We've done all the digging and paint sampling for you to find out!

Garage doors can be a big selling point when it comes to curb appeal. When picking out a color, try to match it to your trim or go for a warm, earthy tone that compliments tan. Garage colors for tan homes include:

  • White
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Cream
  • Charcoal
  • Orange
  • Wood

With quite the array of colors, we're going to look at why each works best with a tan home. We'll also take an in-depth look at how to go about painting your front door and what colors can mean for this feature. Keep reading to find out more about choosing your perfect garage color!

A house with large three car garage with nice doors, What Color Garage Door Goes With A Tan House?

What color to paint garage door on a tan house?

A good rule of thumb to follow is painting your garage door to match your home's trim. For example, if your trim is a darker brown, you can paint the garage the same color to bring a sense of unity. Another choice would be to stick within the neutral or earth tone color family since these colors work well with shades of tan.


One of the most popular choices and the safest, a white garage is an overall great pick. White brings to mind cleanliness and gives your home a newly built home curb appeal. Keep in mind with white more maintenance may be needed to keep it bright.

Three white car garage close


A bit of a wild card, browns, and blues work very well together. Tan is a cooler tone of brown and matches the cool tone of navy. This may not pair directly with your trim, but it can pair well with your roof if it's a darker color. 


This earth tone seamlessly works itself into the exterior of your home. By choosing an olive or even a sage color, your home will take on a down-to-earth aesthetic. This will also match any stone or dark trim on the home.


A less known but still great color for a garage would be cream. This color is great for homeowners who want to keep the front of the house light and cool without maintaining an all-white garage door. Cream tones can also be paired with a multitude of colors if you're looking to paint your front door as well.

Suburban executive home


Depending on the finish of your home, charcoal can upgrade the house to look more modern. A classy combination would be a tan stone wall with a charcoal garage door. The two colors together bring to mind a shady forest and create a bold curb appeal.

Typical facade of a modern Australian house at noon


If you're looking for more of a WOW factor for your home, burnt orange is for you! This color choice is a warm color that enhances the energy of your home. You'll want to bring the party from the back patio onto the driveway.

Farm house with large three car garage with nice doors


A traditional and timeless look, wood is a solid and always in style choice. Since there are so many types of wood and therefore shades of wood, you can pick one to best match the other wooden trims of your home. A wood garage door will also show that you appreciate the craftsmanship and have a sturdy structure.

Wooden brown double garage doors

Should your garage door match your house color?

While it's not necessary to match the garage door to your house color, you can still paint it the same color. One of the benefits of painting the garage door the same color as your home is that the overall appearance of your home will seem larger. Without a separate color to draw your eye in, you'll be able to take in the other features such as the porch, landscaping, or even a bold front door color.

You'll have more options with the inside of the garage. To give the illusion of a bigger space, paint the walls an off-white or a very soft green with white trim. These colors will expand the room and can help cluttered garages feel like they have more breathing room.

Detached Garages

Detached garages will give you more leeway when it comes to choosing a color. If you want your garage to stand out, paint it a darker color with a matching garage door. Although, keep in mind the darker the garage, the warmer it can get. Or, if the garage is a creative workshop, you'll be able to pick colors that invigorate you!

Should you paint your garage door to match your front door?

Your front door can say a lot about you and is one of the main focal points of your home. It is not recommended to match the garage door color with the front door color. Homeowners typically like to paint their front doors more bold colors to act as eye candy and bring more personality into the home. Plus, since the garage door leads into a utility space, it could give the same feeling to your front door.

Exterior of the beautiful brown rambler with red door

How much does it cost to paint a garage door?

Painting a garage door can be done by yourself or by a hired contractor. Which you go with depends on how much time and energy you have and even your skill level. No matter which you go with, the garage door should first be thoroughly cleaned with either a sander if it's peeling or a pressure washer if it's dirty.

By cleaning it beforehand, you'll be giving the paint a better surface to stick to. Overall, expect to pay anywhere between $200-$500.


As a do-it-yourself project, you'll have the rewarding satisfaction of working on your home. On the other hand, it could get pricey right off the bat if you don't already have the supplies. For smaller garages, you can use a large roller and paintbrush. However, a spray applier would help get the job done faster and more even for larger garages.

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Professional painters will most often charge by the hour or by square footage. Hiring the job out can be done in one day, and have multiple trained eyes to make sure the paint is being laid correctly. They'll also be able to quickly protect your home with plastic to avoid any paint drops getting on the surrounding areas.

How do I pick a garage door and front door color?

A handful of factors can go into deciding which color to paint your garage and front door. Sometimes it comes down to personality, resale value, or even feng-shui. Since your home is your own personal space, the exterior door is your chance to show your personality. 

Color meanings

For those that want to consider feng-shui and color meanings, there are six popular colors to pick from. Of course, don't limit yourself if these don't match what you want your home to say! Red is the most popular color to paint a front door as it brings high energy and good luck into the home. 

The second would be orange, a color that represents entertainment and joy. The third is blue. Blue doors have an aura of calm and peace when approaching the home. Next is grey. A very neutral color that has a solid sense of being and won't draw too much attention to the area. 

Fifth in the lineup is green. Green doors are very traditional and often represent wealth. Last but not least color is surprisingly black. While it may seem too dark of a color, black is a high rating for a selling point because it gives a feeling of elegance. 

Overall There are Lots of Options!

There are a lot of options in terms of paint for your garage door. While white is a classic choice, there's no need to limit yourself! A good rule of thumb is to match the garage door color to your trim or go with an earthy tone to compliment the tan. If you still want to add a special touch to your home, the front door is a great feature to paint a wild color!

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