What Color Gutters For A Grey House?

The gutters running along your home usually aren't a top priority, but they can make a serious impact on the overall appearance. Gutters create a noticeable outline across your home, so they should be colored properly. If you have a grey house, then you already have a starting point when you install or replace your gutters. We have carefully put together a list of what color you should use for your gutters when working with a grey house.

If you have a grey house, you should color your gutters to create a balance with the entire home. Typically, this is achieved by painting your gutters with colors that will agree with the trim, roof, or siding on the house. Grey is a neutral color, and can work with most colors. Gutters do not require special paint, so your range is not limited. Here are some of the best colors to consider:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Blue or Green
  • Copper

Painting your gutters will follow many of the same rules that apply to any interior or exterior design. You’ll have to choose between warm contrast or cool neighbors, and the outcome could transform your home. Keep reading to learn what color your gutters should match, and what colors are a natural fit with grey.

An exterior photo of a huge two storey house with gray wooden sidings and a small garden landscaping outside, What Color Gutters For A Grey House?

Should gutters match grey house siding?

When people say they have a grey house, they probably mean the siding is entirely grey. That’s because your house’s siding takes up so much surface area. Siding is usually vinyl, metal, or wood. It’s just a protective layer for the walls and adds personality. It is likely the most recognizable part of your home.

It is possible to match gutters with the siding on the house in order to make the gutters disappear altogether. This is sometimes a good idea if your gutters just aren’t appealing. Many people don’t even want to think about their gutters. If you're wondering about other exterior features, you can read this post to learn what color deck goes with a grey house.

If you have decided to add colors based on the siding, then you can consider some popular colors that pair well with large quantities of grey.

White Gutters

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A huge two storey mansion with gray shingle roofing and sidings and a gray garage door with white painted window frame

Grey and white are both neutral colors, which technically means they have no color. But grey always has a much cooler temperature than white. This means that white is a comfortable way to brighten up the entire house without appearing too bold or distracting.

Fortunately, white paint is also usually less expensive than more elaborate colors. Specialists like Gutter Helmet agree that white will be more ideal if you’re working with a lower budget.

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Do gutters come in gray?

Exterior of a gray house with gray wooden sidings and a gray shingle roofing

It is often easy to purchase grey gutters because they are always available in some kind of metal. This can include something like aluminum. However, it’s still easy enough to throw on some primer and paint the gutters any shade of grey you prefer.

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However, you don’t have to use the exact same shade as your house’s primary color. Instead, you can use a lighter or darker shade of grey for the gutters. This will create layers that soften the larger features on your house. That includes either the siding or the roof.

Painting your gutters within the same family of grey can make the larger grey surfaces feel less overwhelming, or more deliberate.

Blue Or Green Gutters

Many people don’t realize that almost every color can be sold with some kind of undertone. If you can detect an undertone in your grey house, then you can match your gutters with that. Popular undertones for the color grey include blue or green.

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Blue is a naturally cool color, and you can use very dark shades such as navy. This will add color to the house without altering the temperature so much that the gutters stick out like a sore thumb.

Green colors can also be used to liven up the place, but it has a warm and natural foundation. You would need to carefully apply a darker shade like sage or you could end up with an unappealing contrast.

Copper Gutters

An up close photo of a copper gutter on a gray house

Copper gutters are a rare breed because their natural look can pair well with almost anything. This is a result of the brown base in copper. Brown is a near-neutral color, which allows it to function like pure neutrals without any of the disadvantages.

Copper can also appear a little golden, without becoming too shiny. All together, this means that copper gutters are a powerful, nearly universal shade that can unify most assorted colors.

Should gutters match trim or house?

It is traditional to match your gutters with the trim or roof of the house, rather than letting them sink into the background. The majority of the time, your gutters can serve a larger purpose.

If you match your gutters with the trim, then you can use the gutters to form a bridge between the siding and the roof. In fact, this would also be valuable as a picturesque frame for every side of your house. This could add a lot of character to your front entrance.

Matching your gutters with the trim is also handy if the roof and siding are too challenging to match. This is a common issue for homes built out of brick. You can read this post to learn  more about what color gutters will go with a brick house.

Rather than fighting with these appearances, each face of the house can feel nestled inside the borders of your gutters. And you can only maintain that balance by matching the gutters with the trim.

Should gutters match roof or house?


When you match the gutters with your roof, you will end up with the opposite appearance of the trim. The gutters will basically go unnoticed, just like matching them with the house’s siding.

This is often considered to be the most popular approach, though it sacrifices an opportunity to add a big artistic statement. Then again, you can also match gutters with the roof in order to make the home feel a lot less visually busy. Omitting the distinct outline of gutters across the house will open up the faces to smaller, personalized accents. This special décor is now allowed to stand out instead of getting smothered by a busy canvas.

Should gutters and downspouts match?

Downspouts are the pipes that drain rain from your gutters, and lead all that pesky water down to the ground. This means that downspouts are directly connected to your gutters.

Surprisingly, it isn’t always necessary to match the gutters and the downspouts. Even though they are both connected, you can match the downspout to the siding instead.

This will allow the downspout to disappear, while the gutters maintain their even distribution as a framing device. Otherwise, the downspout is liable to cause a distracting streak all the way down the face of the house. But finding the right balance is tough for this bold move.

If the layout of the gutters and pipes is appropriate, the downspout can usually match the gutter. This creates a uniform look, so that the path of the gutters feel just as fluid as the rain it’s diverting for you.


Working with neutral colors like grey might seem easy, but grey can easily become bleak and overwhelming. So, it’s important to find the right color for gutters that will be running all around a grey house. Although it’s pretty common to let gutters disappear from the foreground, there are still ways to make gutters stand out. All you have to do now is choose your own style, and then you’ll only need to remember to clean those gutters out every now and then.

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