What Color Gutters For A White House?

One of the essential parts of the exterior of any home is the gutters. While you must have them for their function, you also have to worry about looking at them every day! If you have a white house, you might also be concerned with what color will look best for you. We have looked into all the different options for matching gutters with your white house to help you pick your favorite option!

With a white home, you have many colors and tones that will work well for the gutters. There are some different things to consider when picking the color for your gutters. However, given the neutrality of a white house, here are some different color options that could work well for you:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Gray
  4. Brown
  5. Red
  6. Blue
  7. Green
  8. Copper
  9. Bright color options

Choosing a color for your gutter might seem like a minimal thing at first. However, with any accent, the wrong color can be a problem. You don't want your neighbors, or yourself, looking at something that you dislike all the time. That's why before choosing a color it's very important to think about how to choose the right one for you and your wants. Keep reading below for how to pick a color you'll like and the pros and cons of different color options!

A brown metal roofing, brown painted gutters, and eaves painted in brown, What Color Gutters For A White House?

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Considerations Before Picking A Gutter Color

Having a white home gives you a wider range of options for picking a color for your gutters. There are four different choices you have when making your decision. You can match your roof, your house's trim, the color of the house, or choose a different color to stand out.

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Typical American house with weathered shingle roofing, white painted walls, red window shutters, and gray gutters

Classic choices would be to match either your roof or the trim on your house. Deciding to choose gutters that are the same color as your home will minimize and distract from them. A different color is going to stand out. In the end, it depends on your style and tastes. Now let's get into these 9 great gutter color options!

1. White

Choosing white gutters to go on a white house may not seem like the best option at first. After all, too much of one thing usually doesn't go well. In this situation, though, matching your gutters to your house does one important thing. Minimize.

You need gutters because of the job they perform, but maybe you hate how they look. If you want your gutters to disappear as much as possible, this is your best option!

A gorgeous white stucco mansion with huge windows and white painted gutters and downspout

2. Black

Going with black gutters on a white house is also a classic choice. It helps you get that amazing contrasting look and finding a great mix of boldness and neutrality.

Black and white are always a great color combination choice. This will help make your house's exterior look interesting and cohesive. It also helps to minimize the look of gutters because black is such a forgiving and distracting color that you won't see all the nooks and crannies of the gutters. 

A light gray painted gutter with a gray painted downspout attached to the gutter of a white house

3. Gray

Gray gutters are a great way to mix what white and black bring to the table. Your gutters will still stand out a bit from the white house with this choice, but not as much a black would. Gray is also close enough to white that it will still work to help minimize your gutters without them completely disappearing.

It is such a great neutral tone that it can do a lot to help you achieve any look you want with the exterior of your home!

A brilliantly made gutter painted in metallic gray including the eaves

4. Brown

Last on the list of more neutral colors is brown. It may not always be the first choice, but this earthy tone brings a look of its own to any home. You can choose a darker or lighter brown and achieve different things. A darker brown is going to give a similar effect to having black gutters. Selecting a lighter brown is going to perform similarly to gray. Regardless of what shade you pick, it can do an excellent job for your style!

A brown metal roofing, brown painted gutter, and black painted eaves and fascia board

5. Red

Starting off, the list of color options for gutters is red. Red is a great choice if you want your gutters to pop and bring some color to the look of your home. Depending on what shade of red you choose, it can also lean more into an earthy tone. Some reds are similar to brown.

Since red can get a little more neutral with some of its shades, it a great choice if you want some color but nothing too crazy.

Red pre-painted gutter with metal down spout

6. Blue

Blue is another very popular choice for an accent color on the exterior of white homes. Like red, you can choose from various shades and tones, and each one will give you a different style.

Darker and more subtle blues can come close to grays and blacks with what they bring to the look of a house. You can also go bold, choose a bright blue, and make your house pop while still staying with a classic color. 

7. Green

Green is also a color choice that can lean into an earthy tone. This means that like red and blue and can bring some of the same qualities to that table as more neutral colors. While doing this, it also brings its subtle color, so it's a great mix of classic and bold. 

A two storey white house with recessed window and a green painted downspout

8. Copper

Outside of choosing a standard color, another great choice is to go with copper gutters. It works well as a material for your gutter system, and it also brings a unique look. It's not like choosing a color because copper isn't as bright as many color options would be.

Copper gutters also bring a certain craftsmen ship style to your home that you can't quite achieve with any other options. 

A brass painted gutter

9. Bright Color Options

While there were some other color options on this list, they could be toned down depending on the shade you pick. Choosing to make your gutters a bright color like a yellow or an orange is a choice all its own.

This choice may not be for everyone, given how bold it is. However, if you're someone who wants to make a true statement out of the exterior of your house, then bright-colored gutters are for you!

Different colored downspouts for the gutter of a house

More Gutter Choosing Questions

There is more to picking what you want your gutters to look like than just going with a neutral color or a bright color. The ability to find the color you settle on might be an issue.

You might also want to consider a cost difference between the gutters you want and a more standard option. Here are some other things to consider when choosing what your gutters look like.

Should Your Trim Match Your Gutters?

It is a very common choice to make your gutters and trim the same color. Many say that when choosing a color for your gutters, you should either match them to your roof color or trim color. If the trim on your house is wider and stands out more, you may want to consider this approach. It's not a rule to do this, but it can give a more cohesive look to your home that many find appealing. 

Do Gutters And Downspouts Need To Be The Same Color?

Generally, gutters and downspouts do match each other. However, like with other color choices, no rule says they have to. If you have found a look that you love where gutters and downspouts are different colors, you should go with that!

One of the main times that you might see gutters and downspouts not match is if the homeowners are trying to make the gutters look invisible. To do this, they will often paint the gutters to match the roof and paint the downspouts to match the color of the houses. 

Is Painting Gutters A Good Option?

Many home maintenance experts agree that painting your gutters is a good idea. One of the main reasons for this is to stop them from rusting or stop already developing rust from spreading. It also simply helps protect the gutters from the elements. As mentioned above, painting your gutters also adds a great appeal to the look of your home. 

Do Colored Gutters Cost More Than White Gutters?

For the most part, colored gutters do not cost more than white gutters. Most gutter companies offer a set amount of color to choose from, depending on the color and the company. Colored gutters are also very common nowadays, so there's no need for an added fee. 

Finishing up

When choosing a color for gutters on a white house, the sky really is the limit. You can go for a minimizing color like white or gray or a contrasting color like black or brown. You can also choose from various colors ranging from bright to subtle that will all look good on a white house.

Before choosing what you want, you want to consider if you want your gutters to match a different part of your house. Since pretty much any color gutters will look good on a white house, the hardest decision is picking the one you like the best!

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