What Color Gutters Go With A Black Roof?

The color of your home's roof may seem trivial, but it can make a huge impact on the overall look of the outside of your home. Black roofs can give your home a sleek modern look. You may find yourself asking what color gutters to use with a black roof. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a concise but inclusive selection of gutter colors available to coordinate with your black roof.

Black roofs are not only modern and sleek but also versatile. Many colors of rain gutters can be combined with your black roof for different looks. The colors of gutters that we will discuss in more detail are:

  • White 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Copper
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Deciding on the perfect color of gutters to go with your black roof is only one question of many that you will likely have. Should gutters be the same color as your roof? Do black gutters look good? What is the best color for gutters? How do you match the gutter color? We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics. Keep reading!

A holder gutter drainage system on the roof, What Color Gutters Go With A Black Roof?

What Color Gutters Go With A Black Roof


A stark contrast of black and white can add depth and detail to any home exterior. Two neutrals on opposite ends of the color spectrum, white gutters on a black roof are sure to add a dramatic effect to most color schemes.

The combination of black and white against the backdrop of the light sage-colored siding in the example below creates the perfect color combination. The matching trim on the siding and windows give this home exterior a cohesive look. 

New two-storey home with 4X4 truck parked in driveway


Instead of contrasting your gutters to your roof as discussed above, consider matching the colors of your roof and your gutters, as shown in the picture below. Black gutters against a white or light-colored trim will make them much more prominent, but your gutters will almost be camouflaged if the trim color is black.

Matching roof, gutters, and trim pieces will make the siding color the focal point of the exterior of your home. Dark-colored or black gutters also last longer and look better in rainy conditions than light-colored gutters. 

Black gray and white render roof tiles and dormer window frames and drain pipes


Above, we discussed contrasting and matching with the color of the roof. Another option is to coordinate your gutter color with the color of the trim on your home. In the example shown below, the brown gutters match the brown trim color.

Although the roof pictured in this example is also a brown shade, a black roof would also complement these brown gutters. Brown gutters can add warmth and just the right amount of color to your home's exterior color scheme. 

Install drainage system with plastic siding soffits and eaves exterior


For a modern rustic look, silver gutters can offer the perfect touch. Soft metallic lines against your black roof add a muted subtle contrast. While the contrast between silver and black may not be drastic, the color difference is evident and gives the overall look a bit of rustic detail. Silver is also a neutral color, coordinating well with pretty much any other color. 

Leaves in rain gutter


Similar to silver, gray rain gutters are a subtle contrast to your black roof without the metallic detail. A muted version of black, the color gray coordinates well with the color black while adding dimension to the color scheme.

As shown in the example below, gray gutters are an excellent option for your home's exterior look. If the bricks on the exterior of your home are gray or have gray in the color scheme, gray gutters are an excellent blending option. 

Jets of rain drain into the drainage system on the roof of the house


To add a glamourous spark to the outside of your home, consider copper as a color option for your gutters. As shown in the example below, copper gutters can give your home the perfect soft, warm metallic sparkle and usually blend well with red and orange shades of brick.

Combining this warm metallic color with your black roof can give the exterior of your home a bright pop of color that is unmatched. Both traditional and unique, copper gutters are eye-catching and fun pieces for your home's exterior. 

A downspout pipe attached on brick wall


While not common, blue gutters can make quite a statement on the outside of your home. A beautiful cool contrast to your black roof, blue gutters will add a splash of color to your exterior paint color scheme. Choosing a bright, bold color for your gutters can make them stand out from the surrounding colors of your home, serving as a functional outdoor statement piece. 

New gray asphalt shingles roof with blue metal rain gutter


Red gutters, such as the ones shown below, can add the perfect flair to your home's exterior. This splash of color can accentuate red brick or add a vivid contrast to other exterior home colors. Red has and always will be a popular accent color. Coordinating your gutters with a bright red door will give your home a vibrant, cohesive look. 

Red roof gutter on house facade


Green is a beautiful cool color that is a great contrast to your black roof. Subtle green gutters, such as the gutters pictured in the example below, could be a great addition to your home's outdoor color palette. Matching accent pieces around your home's exterior, such as outdoor furniture or greenery, would accentuate this color beautifully.

A green gutter system on a white house

Should gutters be the same color as your roof?

While matching your gutters to your roof is one possibility, using contrasting colors can also add some detail to the exterior of your home. Using the same color for your gutters and your roof can create a blended look to camouflage portions of the rain gutters.

If you don't like the look of gutters on the outside of your home, matching the gutters to your roof is a good way to hide them. On the other hand, if the exterior colors of your home seem bland, adding a pop of color by way of your rain gutters can be the perfect solution. 

Do black gutters look good?

Black is a timeless color that coordinates with all colors, making it a great choice for gutter color. As a dark neutral, black can add depth and detail to any backdrop. Because gutters tend to run with your siding, they can create a framed finished look on the exterior of your home.

Black gutters are also better at hiding imperfections than other colors and will withstand outdoor weather of all kinds. 

What is the best color for gutters?

The exterior of your home should reflect your tastes and style and your gutters are no exception. Whether you opt for a neutral color of black or white or want the metallic flare of silver or copper, gutters can create a polished look on the outside of your home. If you have simple tastes, you may opt for simple black or white in gutters. Those who are a bit more daring may enjoy a bright pop of color for your outdoor space.

How do you match the gutter color?

Gutters that complement the brick on the exterior of your home are an excellent choice, but a bold contrast can also add the perfect touch. Although there are multiple choices in gutter colors, gutters should all be the same color or at least closely coordinating colors.

Some homeowners associations have rules for home exterior colors and may also have rules about colors used for gutters. Check with your HOA if you are unsure.

Final thoughts

While gutters may seem to be a small detail, they can increase the value of your home as well as adding a touch of color to your outdoor area. Painting your gutters yourself is a great way to save money and make your outdoor space a bit more unique.

The color of the gutter that you choose should coordinate with the overall color scheme of your home as well as be visually appealing to you and your family. We hope the selection of gutter colors that we have provided has helped inspire the look for the outside of your home.

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