What Color House Goes With A Red Roof?

Red roofs are a real standout, but which house color works best with them? We've checked in with our experts to see what they have to say, and we've gathered the information for you here. Let's take a look at these super interesting color combinations.

Here are some great house colors to go with a red roof. From neutrals to bold and bright, we've found a bit of everything:

  • White
  • Celadon
  • Brownish grey with pink undertones
  • Pale grey with white trim
  • Denim blue
  • Yellow
  • Sand and taupe

We've got examples of each of these color choices to show you. We'll also talk about which color roofs last longer, how to choose your gutter colors, and how to match your roof and house colors. So please, keep reading.

Modern country house with a red roof and a garage, What Color House Goes With A Red Roof?

A Red Roof And The Great Colors That Go With It

Red roofs are distinctive. They look great in the landscape and on homes. But it helps to have a visual to go with an idea, and that's what we've put together for you here.

Check out each of these gorgeous homes and how they've used red roofs to best advantage and style.


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Red metal roofing of a white sidings

There is something absolutely charming about a white home with a red roof. It brings to mind lazy summer seasons, porch swings, and rolling fields. It's the old farmhouse with a roof to match the big red barn. It's tradition with a happy glow.

If you're looking for a classic, then look no further than this utterly charming combination. White homes and red roofs are indeed a style icon in housing.

Celadon Green

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A two story house with caledon green siding and metal roofing

If contrast is your thing, then why not a lovely celadon with your red roof? This pale warm green tone is a popular home color. The choice of pairing a red roof with it is not the most common.

If you want a home that contrasts and stands out against the others on your block, then this combination might be right up your alley.

Brownish Grey With Pink Undertones

Brownish Grey With Pink Undertones house with red metal roofing

This beautiful Craftsman-inspired home utilizes a warm brownish-grey with rose undertones for the perfect red roof pairing. Because the subtle tones of the brown are the warm rose that they are, it looks super with this metal roof.

The use of warm Cedarwood for the garage doors and the front doors further enhances the combination's red tones. This is a real winner!

Pale Grey With White Trim

A modern two story house with red metal roofing and pale grey siding

This classic red tile roof is beautifully paired with a soft pale grey and white trim. The boldness of the roof color is offset by the soothing tone chosen for the siding. The white trim is a lovely accent line between the two and looks great next to both colors.

This is a bit of both worlds, soothing on the siding and wow on the roof.

Denim Blue 

Denim blue siding of a house

This modern farmhouse makes good use of bold colors. This denim, not quite navy, blue is all the rage for home colors right now. Here's it's paired with a barn red tin roof and bold white trim. It's both classic stylings but has a bold and contemporary color choice.

Cheery Yellow

A two story house with red metal roofing and yellow siding

If sunny and bright are your things, then how about this color combination?

This cheery cottage is joyful in its curb appeal. Sunny yellow is juxtaposed against a red metal roof. A bold green door and tons of plants make it charming. The white picket fence and trim takes it over the top to the next level, adorable.

Sand With Taupe Trim

A two story house with Sand With Taupe Trim siding and red metal roofing

If you loved the brownish-grey above but didn't want to go that dark in your color choice, opt for sand and taupe. We really love the use of the two against this red tile roof.

The lighter color is used for all-over siding. And the darker taupe is used for the trim on this Tudor-style home. It is a bit of a rust-red with this roof compared to the bright red of tin roofs.

Why Are Roofs Red?

There are many homes in European countries and in the desert Southwestern U.S. with red or reddish-orange clay tile roofs. These roofs came into being because the materials were local and in abundance.

Tile roofs also could withstand fire better than other materials of the day. The clay available to make these tile roofs was often reddish in color.

In other parts of the country, the most prevalent red roof type is the red tin roof. This is simply a choice you can make if you love the look of a red roof.

They even make metal roofs that can simulate the classic tiled roof's look with the ease and durability of it being metal.

Here's another interesting post about using red on your home's exterior: "What Does A Red Front Door Mean?"

How Do You Match House And Roof Color?

Modern country house with a red roof and a garage, What Color House Goes With A Red Roof?

Before you start any color exploration for the exterior of your home, the first thing you need to consider is if you have an HOA.

Many homeowners' associations have a set of pre-approved colors to choose from for the exterior, trim, and roof of your home. This may take away any guesswork you need to do.

If you do not have an HOA, there are a few things to think about when matching your house and roof color. Perhaps your home is a lighter cool color, like grey or blue or greige, then a grey, charcoal, or black tile will look nice.

If your home is a warm color, like brown, terracotta, or yellow, then a brownish or reddish tone roof will work. For white homes, you can truly go any way you want with your roof color.

See our post here for further information: "What Color Roof Goes With A Red Brick House?"

Should Gutters Match Trim Or Roof?

New gray metal tile roof and rain gutter

Gutters should blend seamlessly into the exterior of your home because their function is strictly utilitarian.

What's great is that you can achieve this by matching either the trim or the roof. But it is important to match one or the other. You want your gutters to disappear visually.

There are also cases where it makes the most sense to have the gutters match your home's siding.

What's important is to look at where your gutters are being installed. Then determine which of your three color choices will be the least visual when looking from the curb.

What Color Roof Lasts The Longest?

Asphalt shingle roof

The general consensus among roofing companies is that both shingle and tile roofs come with a multi-year guarantee. This guarantee is pretty true to form.

That being said, lighter-colored roofs may outlive darker roofs by a year or two as they absorb less warmth from the sun. All roofs will fade or darken over time, though the color change has little to do with function. 

Your Red Roof Will Light Up The Landscape

Small red brick house with green grass

A red roof is no cause for stress. Tons of colors will look great with it, and it's just a matter of picking out what you love the most. We hope this post has helped you work out that decision. 

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