What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?

Grey roofs are a common sight on houses you pass by every day. When it finally comes to your own home, you'll take a look at your roof with a closer eye. The exterior color of your home can make or break your home's curb appeal, and the roof plays a role in that. The question becomes what color will work best with a grey roof, and we've taken a look for you to find out. 

Grey roofs are versatile enough to have a good handful of colors to be paired with. Dark grey and light grey roofs will look better with some colors more than others but still work well together. Colors you can choose from include:

  • Taupe
  • Blue
  • Deep Red
  • Light Grey
  • Green
  • Light Yellow

Roofs are often overlooked when redesigning the exterior of a home, however, they can really help accentuate your home's overall look. Along with the roof, take into consideration your trim and accent colors, these are small but important parts of the architecture. In this article, we'll be taking a look at these color combinations and more!

Large suburban home with grey roof, What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?

Best House Colors With A Grey Roof


Taupe is a mixture of brown and grey and gives a soft finish to the outside of your home. This is a great choice if you want something neutral with a little more character. Since it has cool undertones from the grey, it will end up working splendidly with a grey roof. 

This color can pair with either light or dark grey roofs. It's an overall happy medium color with a clean-cut look if you can't decide on a more out-of-the-box color. You can put taupe and a light grey roof together with darker trim and light accents. A darker roof will benefit from a lighter trim and darker accents. 


Blue is one of the most commonly seen colors with grey roofs. You can go with either a lighter blue or a deep blue; deep blue gives off an aesthetic of authority and stability. Combine a darker blue home with light trim and light accents. Or make both dark for a dramatic look. You'll often find darker blues on craftsman style homes.

A lighter blue will give off a much more soft vibe, and it works nicely on modern farmhouse styles. Softer blues can relax you and your company as they approach, and a dark grey roof brings the home's idea of strength forward. Put this shade of blue together with lighter trim and darker accent colors. 


Cooler stones that are also grey are pleasing to match with a blue siding. It's a bit of a mixture between cottage and modern. Even if your home doesn't have existing stone on the exterior, you can add stone to the porch or for the walkway leading to the front door.

facade of home with manicured lawn, and backdrop of trees and blue sky

Deep Red

A classic homey feeling comes to mind with red homes. A deep red home with a grey roof emanates the countryside and tradition. When thinking of red exterior colors, know that any trim and accents you pair with it will give you a stand-out look. For example, you can have a red home with cream trim and fascia with charcoal accents.


If your home has a brick exterior instead of a siding, you won't have to do much work. The natural look of brick blends well with the texture of grey shingle roofs. You can brighten your brick home with a good power wash and a brighter caulking job.

Classic large craftsman old American house exterior


Grey always goes with grey. This is where your accent and trim colors will play a big role. You don't want your home's exterior to fall flat with no illusion of dimensions. For light grey roofs, go with a middle ground grey exterior with light trim and dark accents. You can go either way for dark roofs as long as the rest of the color scheme makes the home pop.

This is a single family home that is new construction cottage style house with hardy board and a partial metal roof. It is grey with a teal door and there is great curb appeal. The house has a double front entrance and it is on a large lot.


For green shades, stick with olives and moss to go with a light or dark grey roof. Green homes are calm and earthy and can open up options in terms of additional colors. You'll be able to throw in browns, creams, and charcoals. Plus, you can add real wood into the mix. The exterior of your home doesn't just have to be painted; mix in some wooden shutters, doors, and columns.

Suburban house exterior

Light yellow

Another great farmhouse look, a lighter yellow and grey roof are a very inviting combination. If you live in a wooded area or somewhere that gets a lot of light, yellow will sit harmoniously with its surroundings. A lighter color for the exterior can also help your home stay cool. Put this yellow paint together with white trim and accent to embody the soft aesthetic.

Exterior of the beautiful brown rambler with red door

How can I match my roof color to my house color?

It's time to redo your roof, but you might not want to change the color of your home, so how do you go about matching them? Take into consideration if your home is light or dark, the size of your home, and what kind of climate you're in.

Light roofs have the ability to give the illusion of something being larger than it is. This means if your house is on the smaller side, a light grey will give off a look of more space. Darker roofs can, in turn, make homes seem smaller. However, if you have a larger home, a darker roof gives off a stronger statement in curb appeal.

A great thing about lighter greys is that they reflect UV rays and therefore do not hold in a lot of heat. If you live in a warmer climate, the inside of your home doesn't get as hot as quickly. Darker roofs stay hotter longer but can work in colder climates as snow slides off more easily.

Tip: Always make sure the color you want has plenty of availability!

Home Exterior Vocabulary

Some keywords to know before you start your painting journey:

Accent: Can be anything from the color of the door to the windows shutters. Having them different colors brings dimension to the exterior.

Trim: The encasing parts of windows and doors. Trims show off the architecture of the house.

Fascia: The edging directly underneath the edge of the roof. Often this is where your gutters are located. Fascia is also referred to as the transition trim.

Siding: The exterior cladding of your home that acts as a protective barrier. 

What house color goes with a light grey roof?

A light grey roof will marry better with softer house colors. You'll want to look at yellows, light greys, olives, creams, and blue-greys. Since you have such light tones, make sure to bring out other portions of the home with trim and accent paint. Don't forget you can play around with your front door, garage door, and even plants. 

Front doors give you a nice smaller spot to let your own personality come out. Grey goes together with reds, yellows, and blues. There's also the option to decorate your porch with darker furniture and colorful plant pots. 

Photo of a modern custom single-level suburban home on a sunny summer day

Should the roof be darker or lighter than the house?

As a general rule of thumb, the roof should be darker than the house. Of course, this can come down to personal preference or the style of your home if you want to keep the original design. Two exceptions that recommend lighter roofs are if the house is painted a very dark exterior color or if there's more roof than siding. 

When it comes to climates, builders will typically recommend a lighter roof. In the event that you really don't want a light roof, you can always go with a reflective metal roof to keep the interior temperature down. Also, if you're thinking about installing solar panels, they'll be more noticeable on a lighter roof.

Should exterior trim match the roof?

Trim is the wrap seen around your window frames, door, and sometimes even the garage. The trim doesn't need to match the roof. The trim is often matched with the fascia of the exterior of the home for a more unified look. Having the trim match the roof may give a slightly off look to the home and not have as pleasing of a contrast.

As you can see

You have a wide range of colors to pick from to match a grey roof. Cooler tones and even a few warmer tones pair well with lighter and darker greys and allow you to play around with trim color. It's a good idea to keep in mind the curb appeal, what the climate is like where you live, and how the roof affects overall size appearance. Now it's time for the fun part and start looking at paint swatches!

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