What Color House Goes With A Metal Roof?

Although metal roofs are not especially common, they can be both practical and stylish. As such, you might be wondering what color your house should be if it has a metal roof. Although gutters and trim can help bridge the roof and the house, the siding still needs to balance with that metallic texture. We have thoroughly researched what house color is most ideal with a metal roof.

Because a metal roof can be purchased in a variety of different colors, the best house colors should either agree or contrast with the texture and personality of the metal material:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Beige

Metal roofs have a reputation for their long-lasting color and durability. But because of their unique personality, it’s important to understand what house colors are a good fit. Keep reading to learn what effects certain colors will have with a metal roof and how to work with different metal roof colors too.

Browm metal roofing a small contemporary house, What Color House Goes With A Metal Roof?

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Silver metal roof house color combinations

Silver is a popularly used color for metal roofs because it leans into the neutral gray that is commonly associated with metal. You can read the post “What Color House Goes With A Grey Roof?” for help working with a smooth gray roof.

Experts such as Englert, who specialize in metal roofing and gutter systems, have stated that steel and aluminum are primarily used for both commercial and residential rooftops. These materials are generally considered to be fairly inexpensive.

They also tend to have a natural silver appearance, so it is possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if they are not painted. Only some house colors are ideal for a metal roof that deliberately shows off its natural metallic look.


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A two storey mansion with light gray painted roofing and white painted walls

This is a pure neutral that has no true color, and it has the unique ability to reflect all colors. This means that white can pair nicely with any actual color. This gives you the freedom to make your metal roof any color. But white can also agree with its fellow neutrals, including the grayish appearance of a silver roof.

Because white is so reflective, it also has a very hot temperature that can brighten an area without drawing any attention to itself. This is highly useful if you have a silver roof because the goal is probably to highlight your unique roof anyway. 

And although silver is known to be rather glossy, the gray tones will always remain cool. The warmth of white is going to create a clean contrast in temperature. That will feel like a deliberate choice, while the brightness of actual colors would clash in style.

Allowing the roof to look like the traditional impression of metal is going to feel somewhat mechanical and modern. This tends to welcome minimalist features, which should feel open and simplistic. As such, white can soften the impact of a silver roof and still celebrate the intended mood.


A two storey American country home with blue painted walls and a grey painted roofing

Using an actual color for the house can be challenging against a genuinely silver and shiny roof. However, blue is a rare exception because it can be naturally found in the undertones of many different types of metal. 

Therefore, a blue house can sometimes be a great way to introduce color underneath a silver house and help you transition into less neutral designs. That way, the siding, trim, and doors are less restricted to the sleek and modern appearance of a silver rooftop.

Blue is also comfortable to use in both brighter and darker shades. That’s because it will always maintain its naturally cool temperature, just like the neutral gray. This will allow you to adjust your shade of blue to match the level of gloss in your silver roof.

What color siding looks good with a brown metal roof?

Another popular type of metal for rooftops is copper, which experts at Remodeling Costs praise as the most expensive and preferred type of metal roof. This is because copper has superior resistance to corrosion and rust, compared to steel and aluminum. In fact, it doesn’t need to be repainted because of the natural patina. 

A two story house with brown metal roofing

Copper looks like a glossy blend of red and brown, which will give this kind of roof an unusual balance of stylistic advantages too. The warmth in the color red defeats the typical coldness of a metal roof. But because it has brown tones, it will also have the same flexibility as a pure neutral. 

As a result, copper can work with any kind of neutral or true color. This includes the colors that would otherwise conflict with the texture or natural tones of metal.


A brown colored roofing of a luxurious residential mansion

Just like blue, the color green is flexible because it can retain its temperature, no matter how dark or bright the shade is. Also, both colors can potentially feel like a reflection of nature. However, green is warm instead of cool and is more closely related to nature imagery such as trees and foliage. 

Since copper has undertones of brown, this type of metal roofing can sometimes be pulled towards a more natural style. Green siding can be one of the most effective ways to change the context of your design as needed. Green could soften the gloss of a copper roof, and some of its naturally dusty or golden appearances.


Gray two storey house with white trims

This is a pure neutral with a permanently cool temperature, which means that it can easily become overwhelming with most kinds of metal rooftops. For example, gray siding would look strangely dull underneath a naturally silver roof. But even if the metal roof is colored, the materials will still have a noticeable steel appearance. 

Since copper is so warm, this is one of the few occasions that gray siding can successfully be used to create balance. Gray can even be used to deliberately temper the warmth of a copper roof. 

And because gray is a familiar undertone in metal, such as steel and aluminum, it will agree with the sleek surface of a copper rooftop. However, it may be necessary to adjust your shade of gray.


Orange metal roofing with yellow sidings

Copper has red overtones, and the color red is already a neighbor with yellow on the traditional color wheel. However, bear in mind that even a softer tone of yellow may feel too blinding when combined with a brilliant copper roof. 

Instead, yellow can be used with metal roofs that have been painted with pure, darker browns that are closer to walnut rather than tan. These brown roofs would not have the gloss or luminosity of copper.

Also, yellow is too flowery for the industrial and smooth look of a silver or gray rooftop. Instead, yellow should be paired with metal roofs that have also been painted a warm color. This may include green, orange, or red.


Dark metal roofing with beige sidings

Beige can be useful for your house because it is a warmer version of brown, which is flexible enough to work with most colors. However, beige may introduce too much brown underneath a copper roof. And the brown tones will feel too Earthy with a silver or gray rooftop. 

Instead, beige should be paired with colorful metal roofs. It can help soften the mechanical look of a metal roof, without feeling too bright or noticeable.

Like other neutrals, beige and brown are not very distracting. Therefore, beige will naturally highlight the roof instead of the siding, just like a white house would. Still, beige tends to have a sandy warmth that can be used to create many different designs, such as a dusty Santa Fe scene.

What color metal roof goes with gray siding?

A single story house with gray sidings and matching white trims

Gray is a highly flexible neutral, so your rooftop can use colors that either agree or contrast with the cool temperature beneath it. But most homes are designed to have cooler colors on the ground and become warmer as you move up towards the roof.

This makes the space feel grounded, and the same can apply to a house exterior. Therefore, it is possible for slightly warmer colors to sit on gray siding. This will keep the home from feeling too boring.

However, gray is also commonly used in rustic designs such as farmhouses and country homes. Your roof can be colored deep browns or reds to reinforce that vintage style. Alternatively, the roof could use blue to add color, to invert the comfortable relationship between a silver roof and blue siding.

Gray house with white sidings

What is the best color for a tin roof?

A brown pre-painted metal roof of a luxurious residential house, What Color House Goes With A Metal Roof?

Pure tin is generally regarded as a simple grayish tone, but Britannica describes tin as containing elements of silver, white and blue. Ideally, this type of roof should be painted to match with those natural elements. 

If you live in an area with strong sunlight and heat, then it may be best to choose white or a warm color. That is because white and bright colors will reflect more light and can potentially keep the tin in better condition.

You can read the post “What Color Metal Roof Fades The Least?” if you are more interested in a rooftop that will resist outside conditions.


Browm metal roofing a small contemporary house

Metal roofs may not be especially common, but they are both stylish and durable. They can also be fairly expensive compared to traditional rooftops. As such, it is important to plan the house colors properly.

They should agree or contrast with the metallic texture of the roof. Now that it is clear what effects certain house colors will have on a metal roof, the rest will boil down to personal preference.

A brown pre-painted metal roof of a luxurious residential house, What Color House Goes With A Metal Roof?
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