4 Popular Color Ideas for Crown Molding [Inc. Pictures]

Crown molding is a luxurious and stylish decor element. Naturally, you want to show it off! You may be wondering what color you should paint your crown molding so that it looks its best.  We’ve researched the latest design trends and classic styles to compile a list of the best colors to paint your crown molding. 

The most popular color to paint crown molding is white. If you are looking to add color, though, here are some popular color choices: 

  • Natural Wood  
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black

If any of these colors appeal to you, but you need more inspiration, read on! We will discuss each of these colors and give you some ideas about incorporating them into your home.

Crown moldings in modern house interior, 4 Popular Color Ideas For Crown Molding [Inc. Pictures]

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Crown Molding Color Suggestions 


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Interior of a living room with white crown molding and grey painted walls

White is a tried and true color in interior design, and it remains the most popular choice for trim. If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with painting your crown molding white. 

Dark Walls 

Interior of a living room with white crown molding and Dark painted walls

Pairing white crown molding with darker walls creates a stunning contrast. In the photo above, there is a nice balance between blue and white. If your walls are all one color, though, the white crown molding and baseboard frame the darker color very well. 

White on White 

White painted walls and white crown molding and baseboard of a living room. Dark wooden flooring and dark grey furnitures

Painting your room white from the ceiling down to the baseboard sounds like a bad idea in theory. However, the image above proves that pairing white walls, molding, and ceiling with a darker floor and furniture creates a bright and interesting look. 

Light Walls 

living room with light beige painted walls and matched with white crown molding and white baseboards creating that visually appealing look

Somewhere between dark walls and all-white walls is white crown molding with light-colored walls. Pairing light walls with white molding creates a simple but visually pleasing look. This is an excellent option if you want the payoff of creating an interesting space and showing off your molding without taking too many design risks. 

Natural Wood 

If you want the look of natural wood for your crown molding, you will accomplish this a little bit differently than if you were painting your molding a color. If you purchase crown molding that is natural wood, you will not have to do anything to your molding before installing it. However, you can also choose to give your existing crown molding a natural wood finish by applying a stain. If you stain your crown molding, be sure to choose one that is appropriate for indoor application. 

Click here to see more about this example of an indoor stain on Amazon. 

Relaxed and Natural 

living room with white painted walls matched with natural brown texture wooden crown molding

Pairing white walls with natural wood create a relaxing atmosphere that can turn any room in your home into a sanctuary. If you are more interested in creating a neutral backdrop for your colorful furnishings and decor, white and natural is the perfect pair for that as well. 

Wood and Dark 

Living room with white walls and paired natural wood crown molding

Natural wood paired with white walls can help your space feel refreshing and airy. Pairing natural wood with dark walls creates an opposite but equally pleasant effect. This combination exudes coziness and comfort, and it is the perfect design choice for a rustic themed space. If you are interested in a rustic theme for your home, click here to see our rustic design guide. 


Blue is the Pantone color of the year and one of the hottest colors in interior design right now. Blue walls are everywhere, but blue crown molding puts a unique spin on this popular trend. 

On-Trend Blue and White 

Living room with blue walls and white trims like the crown molding

We can never denounce the use of blue walls and white trim. The combination is classic and effortlessly beautiful, if not just a little bit predictable. White walls and blue trim takes this timeless pair and gives it a fresh new look. 

Subtle Color 

living room with white painted walls matched with light blue crown molding giving off the subtle color pop

This light blue crown molding proves that “subtle” and “pop of color” are not mutually exclusive. You can achieve both in the same space. Add décor in a similar shade to put the color blue in the spotlight without letting it overwhelm the space. 

Blue From Head to Toe 

The phrase “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” does not apply to this application of blue crown molding. An entirely blue room is an excellent backdrop if you want to decorate in a theme where blue is the star, such as nautical, travel, or nature. If you like the idea of a blue room but aren’t sure how you can pull it off, check out our article here for some inspiration! 


Modern, elegant, and neutral, gray is another good choice for crown molding. 

White and Gray 

White and grey themed living room

This white and gray room is simple but elegant. The balance between the amount of gray in the room and the amount of white in the room is pleasing, and the gray molding does a great job framing the look as a whole. 

Gray and Pink 

Pink and grey painted walls and crown molding

This gray and pink combination is chic and elegant. You can use flowers, dainty furniture, and statement lighting to create a feminine style for your entryway or living space. 


Believe it or not, black has a place in crown molding. When used correctly, it can give your space a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Black and White 

Black and white themed living room

Black and white is a pairing as old as time. But in interior design, the result of this combination is elegant and modern. Create a cohesive look by strategically using white and black furniture and decor pieces in your room with black crown molding. 

Black and Gray

Black and grey themed living room

Pairing black crown molding with dark gray walls may seem like it would make your room too dark, but the result is warm and comforting. Lighten up the space if you wish by choosing furniture and decor in lighter colors. 

Further Questions 

Whether you enjoy new and creative color schemes or prefer to stick with the classics, there are many different ways you can make a statement with your crown molding. Now that you have some ideas for winning color combinations take a look at the answers to these common questions to help you narrow down your options. 

Should Crown Molding Match Throughout the House? 

Crown molding does not have to match throughout the house. However, there are exceptions to consider. While the crown molding can be a different color in each room of the house, it should be the same or similar in size and style.

In a layout where rooms are adjoining, and the walls would have the same piece of molding, such as in an open floor plan, you will want to keep the crown molding the same color in both rooms. You do not want to have half of a piece of molding one color and the other half of the same piece of molding another color. 

Do You Paint Crown Molding the Same Color As the Cabinets? 

To answer this question, you will want to consider the position of the cabinets in the room and how many walls in the room have top cabinets on them. As a rule of thumb, the crown molding should match the top cabinets, especially if they are attached to or touching one another.

However, if only one wall in your room has top cabinets that are brown, for example, and you want to paint the molding on the rest of your walls blue, you would also paint the crown molding above the cabinets blue. You would not paint that molding brown to match the cabinets while the rest of the molding is blue. 

If your cabinets are new and you are looking for ways to decorate your kitchen to complement them, our article titled “Kitchen Color Schemes with Wooden Cabinets” has great ideas for cabinets of all colors. 

Should Crown Molding Be Lighter or Darker Than the Walls? 

Most often, crown molding is lighter than the walls. This is the most common way to draw attention to the structural features of your home. Using lighter colors on crown molding also accents your wall nicely. However, it is becoming more popular to use darker colors on crown molding, especially if your walls are a very light color or white.

Dark crown molding on lighter walls gives a pop of color to your space. A third option is to paint your crown molding the same color as your walls. This is helpful when every room of your house is a different color, and you don’t want to use white for your molding, because it helps create a cohesive look. 

Should You Paint Crown Molding Before Installing? 

Painting the crown molding before installing it is a great way to keep your walls clean. The molding is easier to see and manipulate before installing it, so you can be sure that if you paint it beforehand, you will have an even finish. And the painting will be much easier. 

You might have an instance where painting the crown molding ahead of time isn’t an option, though. If you are buying a home that already has crown molding installed or you want to change the color of your existing crown molding, you do not have to take it down to paint it. It would be easier in those cases to leave it up and paint it that way. 


Installing and choosing a color for your crown molding is another opportunity for your home to reflect your style and personality. Your crown molding can be a neutral color to frame your room’s decor, or you can include your crown molding in your overall color scheme. Either way, your space is bound to look stunning with any coordinating color combination you choose! 

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