What Color Knobs For A Black Dresser? [7 Fabulous Options To Consider]

What color knobs and handles look great on black dressers? We've researched to find out some super color combinations. Black, of course, looks great with a lot of things, but it's still nice to gather ideas for what's going to look great with your style.

Here are some great color choices for your black dresser's hardware (knobs and handles):

  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Pewter
  • Black
  • White
  • Crystal
  • Black and White Ceramic

Let's look at each of these colors and discuss what kind of feel they can give your dresser. We'll look at examples of knobs in each category, too. In addition, we'll discuss choosing the right knobs for your dresser, how you can match the hardware to the style, and how to know what size dresser knob you may need. So please, keep reading.

A black dresser with two small pink upholstered chairs on each side, What Color Knobs For A Black Dresser? [7 Fabulous Options To Consider]

Giving Your Black Dresser New Appeal With Great Colored Knobs

One easy way to bring life to a piece of furniture is to spruce it up with new knobs or drawer pulls. Another way is with a great coat of paint. Today we're going to talk specifically about the color black and ways you can jazz up that black dresser with unique and great-looking knobs.

Brass Knobs, Black Dresser

Brass, specifically brushed brass, has made a huge comeback in recent years. The combination of black and brass is a rich and elegant statement that works in many design schemes. Whether your decor is all-modern, transitional, or traditional, brass and black can work for you.

A small black colored dressers with brass door knobs on a white background

Traditional furnishings in black feature antiqued brass knobs. Here pull knobs in an antiqued brass accentuate the classic looks of this dresser.

An elegant round knob like this is an excellent choice for transitional styles that land between contemporary and traditional. This simple knob looks great and does the job needed. Click here for this version on Amazon.

By adding some simple drawer pulls mixed with the knobs, this mid-century modern stunner puts this piece squarely into the now. The sleek lines, the matte black finish, and the brushed brass hardware combine for a fantastic look.

Nickel Hardware On A Black Dresser

A gray dresser with gray stainless steel knobs on a white background

Our next recommendation is a brushed or polished nickel knob for your black dresser. Nickel is in the silver family but has a slightly warmer tone than stainless. We like it because it has depth and rich elegance. Silver and black tend to run more transitional or contemporary and less traditional than brass or other choices.

This chunky rectangular cabinet pulls in brushed nickel would like great on transitional style furniture. The raised base nods to more traditional styles, but the sleek surface is more contemporary. Click here for this on Amazon.

Pewter Knobs On Black Dressers

If you like a bit of whimsy in your hardware choices, then you might consider silvery pewter. Because of how pewter can be cast, there are many gorgeous knobs and pulls with interesting designs. Representational or abstract, pewter gives choices that off-the-shelf knobs can't.

These turtle knobs are so fun for a beach cottage or seaside renovation project. The dark patina in the crevices would look subtle and fun on a black dresser. Click here for this on Amazon.

These lion-head pulls can bring a bit of old-world style to your revamped black dresser. We love how they take an old-school idea and make it fresh. Click here for these on Amazon.

Black Knobs On Black Dressers

If you want to keep things subtle and focus on the dresser, consider black knobs. You might choose to paint the existing knobs along with the dresser. Or you might find some gorgeous black finger pulls for a monochromatic look.

This is a modern version of a classic cup pull knob. Perfect for a sleek, repurposed black cabinet for a subtle and ultra-contemporary look. Click here for this on Amazon.

White Knobs On A Black Dresser

If you want a bit of fun contrast, then you might consider adding a white knob to your black dresser. Whether painted, ceramic, or some other material, there are many design directions you can go with this contrast. We particularly like that the feet of this dresser are painted white to match the knobs.

These vintage, shabby chic drawer pulls would look great on a black dresser. If you distress the black paint and add a gorgeous mirror over it, you'll have an amazing look.  Click here for these on Amazon.

Crystal Drawer Knobs For Black Dressers

Crystal drawer knobs are a throwback to the victorian era. A crystal drawer knob is a fancy and fun look for a black dresser with their feminine and elegant good looks. 

These fancy cut crystal knobs are finished off with antique bronze, which is an excellent complement to black. They'll add some elegant sparkle to any dresser.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Black And White Ceramic Knobs

If you love the boho look, a geometric or floral black and white ceramic knob is a great look on a black cabinet. A local artist can create these knobs, or you can often find them online. They are fresh, fun, and will make your black cabinet sparkle.

Click here for this assortment on Amazon.

How Do I Choose Knobs For My Dresser?

If you're getting new knobs for your dresser, you want to choose something to work with your overall style. Think about the design style you're working towards with your dresser.

If you love contemporary looks and your dresser has sleek lines, choose a brushed metal knob without much ornamentation. 

This is a great contemporary knob. Click here for this on Amazon.

If you have a black dresser that is more antique and ornate, then you might want to choose something more traditional, like a loop pull or crystal knob. 

The best way to choose is to visit your local hardware store and buy a couple of different knobs you think will work. Then bring them home, try them out, and choose your favorite. You can usually return the ones you decide not to use.

How Do You Match The Dresser Hardware?

Sometimes dressers have drawers that need knobs and cabinet doors that you might prefer pulls for. Though they are different shapes, they can still be coordinated. Often, hardware companies will make the different types of hardware that go with one another.

The other way to think of it is through shape. If you've chosen a knob that is angular, either rectangular or square, you may want your pull to be similar in shape. We've found a couple of good examples of knobs and pulls that relate well.

This square knob goes very well with the angular pull below. Click here for this on Amazon.

Click here for these pulls on Amazon.

How Do I Know My Dresser Knob Size?

If you're replacing existing knobs, then look to see where the drill holes are in your dresser. Single holes will be made for knobs. Double holes will be made for pulls. If you choose something different, you may have to fill the holes and redrill.

As for size, that is variable. Typically dresser knobs run anywhere from 1-2" in diameter. Which size you want depends upon the proportion of your dresser. Larger sizes for larger pieces, smaller diameters for smaller dressers.

This large dresser features small knobs, but there are two per drawer. They are unobtrusive and are not a visual design feature of the dresser.

On this dresser, they have opted for long nickel drawer pulls. Choosing larger pieces like this that are a contrasting color turns the pulls into a design feature of the dresser.

These long pulls are over a foot long. Click here for these on Amazon.

Have Fun And Try Things Out

Not only is dresser hardware an easy thing to change out, but it's also easy to try out. Most hardware stores or online retailers have return policies (always check) where you can safely return knobs that don't work for your dresser. Buy several styles that you think could work, then see how they look on your black dresser.

You may be surprised at what you think works best on your piece of black furniture. This is why revamping older pieces is so much fun.

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