What Color Nightstand Goes With A Black Bed?

Your black bed deserves elegant nightstands, but what color should you choose? There are so many options for furniture, so how do you ensure you’re making the best choice. We’ve done our research to find great nightstands to pair with your black bed frame or headboard. Let’s take a look.

Here are five great colors for nightstands to go with your black bed:

  • Black
  • Natural Wood
  • Grey
  • Red
  • White

We’re going to show you examples of each of these so you can decide what your style is. Then we’ll answer a few more questions like how do you match a nightstand to a bed, how do you pick a good one, should they match your headboard, and is it okay to mix nightstands, or must they always match each other. So please, keep reading to find out more.

Interior of a spacious modern bedroom with blue curtains, carpeted flooring, and small round nighstands, What Color Nightstand Goes With A Black Bed?

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Great Color Nightstands To Pair With A Black Bed Frame Or Headboard

Shopping for new furniture is exciting and potentially stressful. With so many choices, you want to make sure you spend your money wisely. We’ve put together some pictures of options you might take when it comes to the nightstands to go with your black bed.

Black Nightstands With Your Black Bed

One obvious choice you can make is choosing nightstands that are either meant to go with your bed or match them closely. Because black is such a strong color choice, it makes sense to carry it through to your nightstands and even your linens. We’ve got a couple of great examples for you.

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White interior bedroom with black beddings, two nightstands with black shaded lamp shades

This elegant modern bedroom features a platform bed in black upholstered fabric. Next to it are two black-box nightstands, though they have the added interest of sleek stainless steel drawer fronts. We also really love the black shades on the crystal nightstand lamps.

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Contemporary interior bedroom with dark blue colored walls, white curtains, and a blue bed

In this richly colored bedroom, the black upholstered bed is accented with walls of deep teal. For the nightstand, an elegant, slightly rectangular solid black two-drawer model has been chosen. Notice how the black has been pulled in through the use of the overhead light fixture as well.

Click here for this modern all-black nightstand on Amazon.

Natural Wood Nightstands With A Black Bed

Naturally finished wood has a lovely soft color, making it a perfect lighter counterpart to go with a black bed frame or headboard. It’s not as stark as white, but it can help keep things from feeling too heavy or dark. We’ve found some great examples of this beautiful look.

A violet inspired bedroom with violet beddings, throw pillows, and a violet nighstand

In this bedroom, a moody atmosphere is key. Dark walls, a dark bed, all the choices create a space that begs you to luxuriate. This is why the choice of a simple raw-edged circle of wood set atop black iron legs for the nightstand is so perfect. The wood matches the floors, and the legs work well with the bed. It also creates a spot of a color break from all the dark tones.

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Green inspired bedroom wall with round wooden nightstands and an eclectic inspired bed

A classic wrought-iron bed frame in black is paired with two chunky round natural wood side tables in this fun teenager’s room. The solidity of the side tables works great with the openness of the bed frame. The idea of having one piece has more mass than another is a great design tip for any room.

This could be a fun alternative to the cylinders. Click here for this nightstand on Amazon.

Grey Nightstands Are Another Great Choice With Black Beds

Grey is a mixture of black and white, so it makes sense that it would work well as a nightstand choice with a black bed. Choosing dark charcoal would give you a more subtle variation. A lighter, or medium, grey will provide more contrast with your black bed. It also gives you some fun choices to make with bedding, as you can pull the grey theme into your bedding choices.

A luxurious interior condominium bedroom with black painted backsplash, gray ceiling, and black beddings

In this bedroom, a larger light grey dresser is used as the nightstand. But whether you want something larger like this piece or smaller like a traditional nightstand, you can see how well the color works. The grey, black, and white theme continues with the rest of the design choices in the room, and it works really well together.

This more traditionally sized light grey nightstand still gives you the drawers as a dresser would. Click here for this on Amazon.

Love Bold Colors? Why Not Red Nightstands.

Red and black are an age-old color combination. Though they won’t work for everyone, you might consider this duo if you like to be bold in your design choices.

White painted modern interior bedroom with a huge window on the side red nightstands, and a white mattress

This room is so light, bright, and airy that it can take the sharp surprise of color. The bedframe is black with sleek shiny stainless legs, so the pairing of glossy red night tables is dynamic perfection. Why not go bold?

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If you love the idea of strong contrast but aren’t really a red person, you might try white. White nightstands are another popular choice for use with black beds and headboards.

Interior of a spacious modern bedroom with blue curtains, carpeted flooring, and small round nighstands, What Color Nightstand Goes With A Black Bed?

The neutral black and white themed bedroom gives you loads of options when choosing furniture, bedding, and drapery. Plus it’s eyecatching.

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How Do You Match A Nightstand To A Bed?

Once you’ve figured out what color nightstand you want, now it’s time to think about how to best match your nightstand to your bed. For your nightstand to be functional, it needs to be the right height. The top of your nightstand should be, at a minimum, level with your mattress, and even better 2-4″ taller.

We have a great post on this here: Should Nightstands Be Taller Than the Bed?

How Do You Pick A Good Nightstand?

Think first about the overall style and mood of your room. If it’s contemporary, choose something sleek with silver fittings or maybe no drawers at all. For more traditional spaces, think of something with drawers that sit up on legs. Do you need storage? Then be certain it has what you need. 

Also, keep in mind the type of bedside lamps you’re going to use and make certain you have the proper area on the surface of your nightstand to hold them. See our post here: What Size Lamp For Nightstand?

Should Nightstands Match Your Headboard?

Matching your nightstands to your headboard is certainly an option. There are bedroom sets available that give you all the pieces that work together. This is an easy way to get the foundation going for your overall design. But there’s no reason why you have to have your nightstands match your headboard. As you’ve seen with many of the examples in this post, a little variation can make the room even more interesting.

This bedroom set gives you instant design appeal. Just add some lively bedding, throw pillows, and a rug, and you’re in business.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Mix Nightstands?

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Mixing things up is a fun way to play with design. And nightstands are a perfect place to do this. You might want a more solid piece on one side and something less cumbersome on the other. Perhaps one person is taller and needs a taller nightstand for comfort when reading or turning on and off a lamp. Or maybe you’ve found a couple of great pieces while out thrifting and want to keep things fresh.

As long as you’re working with your room’s overall color scheme and design style, mixing things up can be fun. We have a more in-depth post here: Does A Nightstand Have To Match The Dresser? [Bedroom Furniture Coordination Tips]

Your Black Bed Has Never Looked Better

We hope you have a clear idea of the direction you want to go with this choice. Each of these options provides a unique design feeling to work with your black bed frame or headboard. Make sure your nightstand is the right height and width for your space and that you maximize the storage capacity you need with it.

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