What Color To Paint Gutter And Downspouts? [8 Options]

Gutters and downspouts are systems in our homes that help carry the excess water from our roofs to drain properly. They are fixed features in many homes, but they are often left behind in the design process, like picking their colors. We've looked into this issue, and in this post, we'll be sharing with you some suggestions on the color choices for your gutters and downspouts.

When picking the color of paint for your gutter and downspouts, make sure to match them with your roof or trim and house color. Gutters and downspouts are not architectural details, so as much as possible, don't highlight them to prevent these pipes from looking like an eyesore.

Here are 8 great color options for gutters and downspouts: 

  1. Black 
  2. White
  3. Brick Red
  4. Copper 
  5. Brown
  6. Gray
  7. Orange
  8. Green

Choosing the colors of your homes can be a little overwhelming, and the addition of picking more to use on gutters and downspouts can make matters worse. Fortunately, we're sharing with you great options that you can use in painting your gutters and downspouts. Keep reading as we also show you paint options and other alternatives you can use.

Brown plastic drainage on the roof near the shingles, What Color To Paint Gutter And Downspouts? [8 Options]

What color should I paint gutters and downspouts?

They are on every house's exterior, visible for all to see. Gutters and downspouts are important pieces of fixtures. However, as much as they are an important piece to a house, they are often left out when it comes to the design process.

Rain gutter and drain pipes

Most homeowners find that they have forgotten to take into consideration the color of their gutters and downspouts. A lot of the time, this leaves them quite confused and wondering what to do. Some people wonder if it's a good idea to paint their gutters and downspouts or if they should leave it be.

If you'd like your gutters and downspouts to look concealed or, at the very least, cohesive looking in your home, make sure to pick colors that you are already planning to use. Gutters would look great if you paint them in the same color as your roof or trim, depending on your choice. 

Downspouts, on the other hand, look better if you can match them with the color of your siding. If you have a house that is a little more detailed than most, don't paint your downspouts in different colors. Pick the color that the majority of the downspout is up against (this is typically the topmost floor) and paint the entire downspout with this color.

However, for those who are a little undecided or who prefer neutral colors, black or white colors are a great choice. Black looks great in the long run but placed against a white house, it can look a bit harsh. Make sure to pick the right color that ties in with the rest of your house's design. 

To summarize, you can pick different colors for your gutters and downspouts if you prefer them to look concealed in your home. However, you can also paint the gutter and downspout in the same color if you'd like to add visual interest to your home or if you prefer cohesiveness to flow when it comes to your color choices.

Gutter and Downspout Color Options

While gutter and downspouts are typically made to match either your roof or your trim, there are other times when people prefer choosing a more general approach to their color options. Some gutters and downspouts are already pre-colored, which makes it more practical for a lot of homeowners to have them installed that way.

To make it easier for you, we've come up with a few gutter and downspout color options which you can consider using in your home.

1. Black

Black metal gutter system against a blue sky

Black is a classic color choice, one that a lot of homes already use. This is because black is very neutral, and it will match any color of home you put it against. Aside from this, black gutters and downspouts last for a very long time, and they do a great job of concealing the grime typical of many water systems at home. 

2. White

New rain gutter on a home against blue sky

Another classic choice is white, and you'll most likely see this color in modern-styled homes. White is a great choice since many homeowners prefer white for their trim, or the house's color is white. This color is also very neutral, and it will match any home, and you can easily paint white over if you've decided on changing the look. 

3. Brick Red

Detail image of new roof with gutter rain system

A common color choice for most tiled roofs, brick red, is also commonly seen in the gutters and downspouts of many homes. This color also looks great in homes that are predominantly made of brick, as it conceals itself fairly well to the color of the clay. When picking this color, it would be best to use it for both gutter and downspout for a cohesive look. 

4. Copper

New brown copper gutter under a cloudy blue sky

Copper is a great option if your house has detail or trimming made of wood. This color goes best with the different shades of the wood because it closely resembles their undertones. The shine of the copper gutter and downspouts also add a little visual value to your home, giving your home an added appeal you probably weren't expecting.

5. Brown

Plastic drainage on the roof near the shingles

Another popular color choice, brown, is a great option for your gutters and downspouts because it is natural. Brown is also commonly used in the exterior of many homes, especially for the trim. If your home is also close to trees or nature, a brown downspout also blends in well with the scenery, making it less striking to see in your house.

6. Gray

Coated rain gutter and rain water pipe at a roof

Gray is great for any color home because, just like black and white, gray's neutral tones will match with any color of your choice. This color choice is also great if you are looking into giving your home more of an industrial feel without having to leave your galvanized steel gutter and downspouts unprotected. 

7. Orange

Gutter system and Roof protection Closeup on house construction

If your house has quite a lot of wood either on the trim or on the design of the house itself, then orange is a great color choice that you can match. Homes with cherry, oak, walnut, or teak tones used on the trims or sidings of the house would benefit greatly from this color choice for the gutters and downspouts.

8. Green

Metal roof tile with plastic gutter system against blue sky

This color looks great in homes that have a lot of trees and greenery around them. Green, by itself, can be a pretty catchy color, especially when set against something it contrasts with. However, if you live in the middle of nature, using the color green for your gutters and downspouts can help them blend in with their surroundings. 

What type of paint should I use for gutters and downspouts?

Construction work with a brush painting the gutter

If you are just looking to freshen your previously installed gutters and downspouts, you can paint them to make them look brand new. Gutters and downspouts are pretty easy to paint, and you should be able to find the materials you need in your local hardware store.

Before you repaint these water systems, make sure to check what kind of material is used for both the gutters and the downspouts. Depending on the material of your gutters and downspouts, you might have to pick different paints to do the job.

Aluminum or galvanized metal gutters and downspouts can generally take acrylic latex paints as long as they are primed properly. You can also use acrylic spray paints, and this is a great option because you won't need to prime the gutter and downspouts altogether.

You can also use oil-based paint for your gutters and downspouts. However, it does come with a price as they have more VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which might make your paint job a lot more uncomfortable. 

If you prefer to skip out on all this work, there is a better option. A lot of construction companies also suggest that you get pre-colored and treated gutters and downspouts because all you need to do is get them installed. The only downside? You probably won't be able to customize it to the color of your house, so it can be a hit and miss on the color choice.

In Conclusion

Gutters and downspouts are fixed fixtures in homes, and they shouldn't be left out in the design process, especially when choosing the colors for the home. Try to keep the gutters and downspouts from being featured too much because they can be an eyesore. Match them with your home, and you'll see that they generally look better and more blended with your house.

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