What Color Paint Goes With Beige Tile In The Kitchen?

Because your kitchen is one of the most widely used rooms in your home, you want the perfect color when it comes to painting your walls. Beige is one of the most popular colors used in homes for flooring and painting due to its versatility and adaptability. If beige flooring is already present in your home, you may find yourself wondering what colors of paints to use. We have searched many sources to bring you an inclusive selection of colors of paints that go with beige tile in the kitchen. 

Wall color choice for your kitchen is a huge decision. So much of family time is spent there. While color combinations in your home should be appealing to you and your family, there are some color choices that seem to work well with the color beige. The colors that we will discuss in more depth include:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brick Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Because beige is such a neutral color, the color pairings can seem endless. Choosing colors for your walls to go with your beige tile may seem overwhelming. You may wonder how to begin to choose the right color to go with your tile, how to compliment the color of your tile, or even which grout color to use with your beige tile. We will discuss all of these subjects and other closely related topics in further detail, just keep reading.

Modern beige tile kitchen with island, What Color Paint Goes With Beige Tile In The Kitchen?

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Paint Colors That Go With Beige Tile In The Kitchen


Using one color throughout a certain space has been a popular color scheme as far back as medieval times; monochromatic rooms are still popular to this day. Monochromatic looks have recently emerged as a popular choice, especially in kitchens. Using a beige color for your walls as well as your floors can give your kitchen an expansive look and feel.

The walls in the kitchen pictured below are a slightly deeper shade than the cabinets and floor to give this space a sense of depth and dimension. 

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Modern kitchen interior with integrated appliances and ceramic tiled walls and floor


For a toasty traditional color scheme, consider using one of the many shades of brown to pair with your beige tile. Brown is a warm and cozy color that makes a great color companion to beige, as beige is usually a dilution of the color brown.

This color works especially well with beige tile that has the same brown undertones or bits of color scattered throughout the tile surface. The beige tile and cabinet combination in the kitchen pictured below pair beautifully with the milk chocolate-colored walls. 

Modern kitchen with tile floor


While beige and white may seem very close to the same colors, pairing these two neutral shades can offer a beautiful subtle contrast. The combination of white with beige looks crisp and clean. This color combination can also add emphasis to the size of your room, even making it appear bigger.

Accent colors, such as the brown used in the example below, can be used to add detail as well as a splash of color. 

Provence design of kitchen with chandelier


Much like white-colored walls, gray walls can also give your space an expansive look and feel. A subtle gray, as pictured in the example below, also adds a crisp cool contrast to the warm neutrality of the beige flooring.

In the example below, dark chocolate browns are used to break up the cool subtle palette. Other rich colors would also be great options for accent colors, as we will discuss further. 

A large kitchen island sits in the foreground with two leather chairs


Classy and timeless, black walls with your beige tile can make quite a statement. When considering black for your walls, you may want to ensure that your room has plenty of natural light so that the black walls do not overwhelm your space.

Black should also not be used in small spaces, as it can make the space seem smaller. Using light accent pieces, such as the light natural wood cabinets pictured below, can lighten the ambiance in the room. 

Black Scandinavian style kitchen interior with white tile and walls


Fiery and vibrant, red is a beautiful choice to pair with your beige tile floors. Red kitchen walls can be versatile. Deeper reds can give your kitchen a country feel, while bright, vivid reds can add a modern glam ambiance to your space.

A burst of color amongst a neutral-colored kitchen, as pictured below, can give your kitchen just the right touch of dramatic color. 

Cream colored kitchen with travertine stone tiled flooring and a solid oak kitchen island in the center

Brick Red

Natural muted red, such as the red brick wall pictured below, makes a beautiful complement to beige tile. The actual red brick wall pictured adds an urban rustic appeal to this room. The light natural wood color used for accent in this kitchen adds a soft touch to the rugged look of brick. 

Domestic kitchen interior design with a modern kitchen counter with island


Blue and beige create a simple traditional color scheme. A deep and cool blue can be just what your walls need to team up with your beige tile. Fun and dramatic, blue can be a great way to spruce up your beige floored space.

Accented with various shades of brown, as shown below, this blue and beige palette has a deep, warm, modern country look. 

Luxurious multi-colored kitchen with dining tables in a new modern style


To add a citrusy splash of color to your space, consider using green to pair with your beige tile. A color combination inspired by nature, green and beige are a beautiful coupling. Warm beige paired with cool green shades creates a soothing and tranquil ambiance.

The deep green walls and beige tile pictured in the example below are perfectly accented with natural greenery and crisp white cabinets.  

Two metal lamps above kitchen counter with herbs


While orange may not immediately come to mind when considering wall colors, combining orange with beige can definitely be a great combination. Because orange is such a vibrant color, subduing it a bit with a warm neutral such as beige can make all the difference.

Using strong accent colors like the deep chocolate brown and charcoal gray, as pictured below, can add depth and stability to the orange and beige color combination. 

Kitchen with orange walls


Another color that may not be a common color for your kitchen is purple. A perfect mix of shades of red and blue, purple is the perfect combination of warm and cool colors and pairs perfectly with beige tile.

The pale lavender shade pictured in the example below is a subtle yet eye-catching hue that is sure to get lots of attention. Sharp accents of silver and brown create contrast and detail to this uncommon color scheme. 

Purple kitchen counter

How do I pick a paint color to go with tile?

Your wall color should compliment your tile and vise versa. A color wheel and different color theories can be helpful when finding complementary or harmonious colors. Cool colors can be paired with warm or bold colors for a dramatic contrasting effect. If your tile is a mixture of colors, pick a color that you want to accentuate with the wall color. 

What colors complement beige?

Because beige is so neutral, with hints of warm and cool colors, it can be paired with a multitude of colors for endless color combinations.

Burnt orange is one of the most popular choices as a pairing with beige. It can be used as an accent color or a furniture color, orange-brown leather furniture, for example. Different shades of green and gray are also highly recommended complementary colors for beige.

What color grout should you use with beige tiles in the kitchen?

Grout may seem like only the bonding material to hold tiles in place, but it is much more than that. Grout can highlight your tile, depending on the color that you choose. Darker grouts can frame your beige tile and hide stains from heavy traffic. Light or white tiles can offer a clean complement for a soothing neutral look.

Popular dark grout colors that pair well with beige tile are deep brown, gray, and even black. You can give your tile a dramatic touch using darker colors. White, beige, and other neutrals are light colors that complement the beige-colored tile. Using light-colored grout can also add an expansive touch to the flooring in your space.

Final thoughts

There are no set rules when it comes to decorating and choosing the colors for your home. Your home decor should be representative of your style and that of your family. We hope that the above selection has helped to inspire some color choices that will fit your tastes and coordinate with your beige tile. 

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