What Color Pavers Go With A Brown House?

Deciding what color pavers to put outside a brown house can be tricky sometimes. Do you want your driveway to have a bold color, or is something more neutral a better fit? We have done the work to find you some good options. So let's check this out.

There are plenty of paver colors for a brown home. A few of our top picks include gray, beige, and orange. Regardless of what your goal is for your driveway, we recommend choosing a lighter color for your pavers.

As we begin, we will share our top paver color ideas for a brown home. Whether you want a dramatic-looking driveway or something more simple, we've got you covered. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A paver driveway leading to a new mansion, What Color Pavers Go With A Brown House?

What Color Pavers Should I Use With A Brown House?

Colorful cobblestone road pavement and lawn divided by a concrete curb

When choosing the right paver color for your home's driveway, this comes down to your preference. Typically, brown houses have a rustic feel, so you might want to brighten things up when it comes to the color of your pavers. Some of our favorite paver colors to try are gray, beige, and orange. Regardless of your style, it is essential to choose a paver color that will compliment your home, not compete with it.


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First, we have a multi-color gray paver idea for a brown home. Although this driveway does have multiple shades of gray and hints of earth tones, we think it blends well with its surroundings. If you don't want to choose just one paver color, we recommend including other soft colors to mix things up.


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Second, we have a natural-looking beige paver idea that goes perfectly with a brown house. Typically, earth tones and neutral colors do a nice job of lightening your home's entrance without being overly colorful. We especially like how the pavers in this driveway are similar in color to the home's stone siding, which creates a good theme.


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Next, we have an orange or copper-colored paver idea that adds plenty of charm to a brown house. As we mentioned, brown homes tend to have a rustic feel to them, so an orange driveway is a good idea if you want to continue that vibe. We recommend following a similar look to this example, incorporating a darker border around your orange pavers.

How Do You Match Pavers To Your House?

In general, matching your pavers to your home is as easy as finding a common color scheme. With that said, you don't necessarily have to match your pavers exactly to your home's exterior color.

Like our examples above, many houses choose to go lighter in color for their pavers and incorporate similar details around their home's exterior design. If you are having trouble with this, try locating a feature on your house's exterior you like, and use a similar color for your pavers.

Should Your Pavers Match Your Home's Color?

Although keeping things similar is a good idea, no, we do not think your pavers need to match the color of your house. Most often, it comes across better to spice things up with your driveway pavers, so your home doesn't look too bland.

When working with brown, we recommend earth tones like beige or orange because of how seamlessly they look with this home color. On the other hand, adding gray pavers is an easy way to modernize a brown house, so that is something to consider.

What Color Should My Pavers Be?

Lot of white decorative bricks in box

When it comes to what color your pavers should be, we suggest going with something simple. If your house has a deeper brown color, try choosing lighter gray pavers to break things up. If your home is on the lighter brown side, we think a beige or multi-colored paver design is a good idea.

For those with a rustic log cabin aesthetic, we think orange pavers are the way to go. Of course, each home has different needs, so choose whichever paver color you think feels best.

What Is The Most Popular Paver Color?

Popularity-wise, gray pavers seem to be the hottest driveway trend as of now. Typically, gray is a popular color in home design because it feels modern but not so sterile. Even if your home has an eclectic cabin vibe, we think gray pavers will only make it feel more current without taking away its charm. If gray pavers are not your thing, beige is another popular option and will go with most exterior home colors.

Can You Spray Paint Pavers?

For those wanting to change their paver's color without replacing them, yes, you can spray paint them. Generally, this is an easy process and doesn't take too much prep, as long as your pavers are in good shape.

Usually, painting pavers a new color will take a few days in total, so make sure the weather and your schedule are clear. Of course, you can stick to rolling your paint on, but we found that spraying leaves your pavers looking better and takes less time to complete.

How Do You Spray Paint Pavers?

To start, you will need:

  • Paver-safe paint
  • Spraying gun
  • Paver sealer
  • Pressure washing hose
  • Paint roller

Before you spray any new paint, make sure to pressure wash your driveway to remove any excess dirt or debris. Next, fill up your paint sprayer and evenly coat your pavers until they have their new color.

Typically, your paint should dry in 24 hours, so wait to add any sealer until then. Once everything is dry, you can paint or roll on your sealer, and then we recommend waiting an additional 48 hours before walking or driving on your pavers.

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What Is The Best Brand Of Pavers?

Floor brick wall background

When it comes to what brand makes the best pavers, Belgard, Cambridge Paving Stones, and Unilock all come highly recommended. Although these companies all specialize in pavers, each one offers its own unique collection of paver styles and techniques.

Out of the three, Belgard does have a generous lifetime satisfaction guarantee that we recommend considering. Regardless of what company you choose to go with, make sure they have a long-term product warranty and good reviews from verified customers.

How Much Does It Cost To Add Pavers To My Driveway?

Typically, driveway pavers cost between $10 and $50 per square foot. For a standard 16-foot by 38-foot driveway, you can expect to pay between $6,000 and $30,000 for your paver project.

Although this is a high price tag, if your pavers come with a lifetime warranty, we think the cost is worth it. With that said, paver cost and installation vary depending on availability and location, so budget accordingly. Most times, you can finance a project this size, so check with the company you are using to see if they offer a repayment program.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you currently have pavers or want to add some to your driveway, keeping them cohesive with your brown home is essential. From what we found, a few good colors include gray, beige, and orange-colored pavers.

On average, it costs between $6,000 and $30,000 to install pavers into your driveway, so this is a significant undertaking. Regardless of where you live or what color pavers you choose, make sure to do your research and keep an eye out for companies offering lifetime warranties and repayment plans on their products and services.

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