What Color Rug Goes With Cherry Furniture?

Not only is cherry furniture beautiful, but it works well with many colors and styles. If you are trying to decorate a room that features cherry furniture, you may be wondering what color rug you should get. We have done the research to give you the best ideas for a perfectly coordinated rug! 

Because cherry wood has warm red undertones, warm colors are a good match for cherry furniture. However, you can create a contrast with cool colors as well. If you want to play it safe or don't want to use bright colors, neutrals are acceptable. Here are some of our favorite color suggestions: 

  • White 
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Black

How will these colors look alongside your cherry furniture? Take a look at the examples below for more inspiration and learn how to incorporate these colors into your rooms with cherry furniture. 

A rustic inspired foyer with wooden stairs and banisters, and hard wood flooring, What Color Rug Goes With Cherry Furniture

Best Rug Colors For Cherry Furniture 


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Bedroom incorporated with a vintage style, a craftsman made bed, hardwood flooring, white rug, and cream colored walls

White is a neutral color, so it is a safe choice with any room or style. The brightness of white also creates a nice contrast when paired with cherry wood furniture's dark hue. In this bedroom, a darker beige was used for the bedding. Also a neutral color, it worked alongside the white to create depth and balance. You can use bedding or throw pillows and blanket for a living room, in the same shade as the rug would equally as appealing. 

If you enjoy the contrast of white and cherry, keep in mind that you don't have to limit yourself to only pure white shades while rug shopping. Shades such as ivory or cream will achieve the same contrasting look. 


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Modern vintage style living room with dark brown sectional, wooden flooring, floral area rug

You might feel tempted to avoid a red rug for fear that it would blend in with the reddish tone of cherry. However, this rug, a lighter shade of red, bordered in cream, works well in this living room. The rug's pattern contributes to the old-fashioned but luxury style of the room, and the thin cream border helps the rug stand out from the dark wood floor.

If you choose a red rug and have dark wood floors, choose a lighter or more vibrant shade to not get overlooked in the floor's dark hue. You can also choose a patterned rug that has red in it. This way, you can enjoy the benefit of enhancing the cherry wood's undertones without having to worry about finding a compatible shade of red. 


A cherry maple wood crafted babies crib with pillows and teddy bears

Pairing lighter colors with darker hues is a great way to brighten a room. However, this room with cherry furniture, beige carpet, and grey-brown walls illustrates the benefit of creating a darker color scheme. Because each element has warm tones, they work together to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

This room's design is particularly well done because the top half of the wall is cream and plant green, which makes the room feel light and airy, but uses dark and warm colors on the bottom half of the room, creating warmth and comfort in the area where the baby would sleep. 


A work area with wooden paneled, cabinetry, laminated flooring, and a patterned rug

In this image, the blue rug steps away from pairing warm with warm, favoring the contrast between cool and warm instead. Because this room is floor-to-ceiling wood and brown, including the furniture, it can come across as a bit stifling. The cool steel blue gives the eye a much needed break from all of the wood. With the help of the white ceiling and windows, the blue rug also gives the room a more open and airy feel.


A rustic inspired foyer with wooden stairs and banisters, and hard wood flooring

Cherry wood is already dark, so it might surprise you to see black as a suggested color. While it is true that you should use caution when pairing multiple dark hues together, cherry and black are a match made in paradise. Black contributes to cherry wood's signature classy and elegant persona. If you want to brighten this pairing a bit, choose a patterned rug instead of a solid black one. 

Is Cherry Furniture Out Of Style? 

Cherry wood has been used in furniture since the 1800s, and you will find no shortage of cherry furniture in antique stores. Because cherry furniture has been around so long, it is easy to see why one would think that cherry furniture is out of style. However, the opposite is true. Like the infamous little black dress, cherry furniture is timeless. It is unlikely that cherry furniture will ever go out of style. 

Should A Rug Be Darker Or Lighter Than Furniture? 

Your rug can be darker or lighter, depending on your preference. If you have dark furniture, you may choose a lighter rug to create a contrasting effect. On the other hand, you may choose a darker rug if your furniture is light. You can also choose a patterned rug, which may include different colors. Your patterned rug should include the color of your couch unless the rug or the couch is a neutral color.

Does A Dining Room Need A Rug? 

It is not mandatory to put a rug in your dining room. However, you will find that many design experts will recommend it. As long as the rug you choose coordinates with the style of your dining room's décor, it will be instrumental in pulling your desired look together. A rug is also practical because it can protect your floor from scratches and spills. 

Take a look at our article, "Should You Have A Rug In The Dining Room?" to learn more. 


Consider yourself lucky if you are using cherry furniture to furnish one or more rooms in your home. Not only is cherry furniture elegant and timeless, never going out of style, but its versatility makes it easy to decorate with as well. Whether you want to use color to enhance your cherry wood tones or prefer neutral colors, it is easy to incorporate cherry furniture into any look. 

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